Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh, how we so enjoy Wikileaks

Seems some enterprising young scamps have taken it upon themselves to hack into a few online racist websites, including Blood and Honour, Volksfront and White Revolution among others and offer it up to the curious public. The information is scheduled to appear on Wikileaks soon.

That got us to thinking. Wouldn't it be interesting if someone posted the same information on, let's say the Aryan Guard forum member list? Sadly, that site is completely secure due to the diligence of one Bill Noble.

Except, of course, when he left a massive hole in the security fence that allowed anyone to learn and copy the email addresses of every person then with a membership on the forums.

Did we collect that information? Oh, we'll never tell. ;)


Anonymous said...

The Real Blood & Honour/Combat 18 site was hacked over a year and a half ago. That info has all been posted.

nos200 said...

Yes, it was. If it's the same site that was hacked this time then we presume the during the past year and a half that more data would have been generated.