Monday, December 07, 2009

He Will Not Be Mourned

Today, boneheads across North America are commemorating the immolation of neo-Nazi terrorist and murderer Robert Jay Mathews 25 years ago. In the spirit of the day, we thought that we would also recognize the day in the only way we know how:

What? Too soon?

Update: Hmmm, touched a bit of a nerve, have we? Good.

We'll feel sorry for Robert Jay Mathews the moment the surviving members of The Order express remorse for the murder of Alan Berg.

And as for the claim that Mathews was murdered, the fire that was set was a result of the grenades and ammunition he has amassed. Even then he had ample opportunity to get out of the building. He chose to remain inside the burning building, firing at the police the entire time. He made his choice. It was an especially stupid choice.

We'll mourn for the victims of Robert Jay Mathews and The Order. We will not mourn for him.

Have a lovely day.


TorontoSHARP said...

Let me be the first to say, and you can quote me... Bwhahahahahahahahahaha!

@ndy said...

Stop it! You're breaking my heart!


Anonymous said...

I find the whole burning to death think hilariously ironic, a prelude to hell perhaps?