Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Aryan Guard Fallout Regarding Our Articles.

First we'd like to forward our readers to an article on the blog "Firebrand" which discusses how the right-wing mainstream media in Canada have abandoned any pretense of journalistic integrity in their effort to re-brand Paul Fromm as a "civil liberty advocate."

Thank you to the person who forwarded to us this link.

It has been a week since we published the last of our three part series on the impending collapse of the Aryan Guard. We wondered what the effects of the articles had been thus far. Thomas Trenerry was the first to comment on the story, leaving the following message on the YouTube profile of one of our more active members:

We are gonna find you. 

And give you a reward for being the world's dumbest person. Grow up kid. You live off of basic Marxist propaganda. You post things about "Neo Nazi's" attempting to be someone. But really you spend most of your time on a computer probably in your mothers basement. And spewing nonsense to onepeoplesproject. Actually kind of sad. You need to get a life.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yesterday, we reached 20,000 views.

Thank you for making us one of your sources of information on the racist right in Canada

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Decline of the Aryan Guard: Part 3

The previous article on the Aryan Guard focused on the infighting between members and those who have abandoned the racist gang. The final article of this three part series will feature the criminal behaviour of the Aryan Guard.

Jan Korinth
Thomas Trenerry
Dallas Price
Kyle McKee
As we have reported in the past on this blog, members of the Aryan Guard are no strangers to the criminal justice system. Thomas Trenerry has spent time in prison on criminal charges and had his sentenced increased as a result of a prison escape. Kyle McKee and Dallas Price have criminal convictions and were both implicated in an assault using weapons in 2006. Later that year, Robert Reitmeier was charged with attempted murder in the case of a beating which left a man in his 40s unconscious (we don’t know if the man survived the attack or if he remains in a coma, though charges against Reitmeier appear to have been stayed). R.N was convicted of various crimes early this past year and appears to either be on probation. One of the founders of the Aryan Guard, a person who’s name is Jan Korinth and who posts online as “boywhite” was arrested and placed in the Calgary Remand Centre not long after he moved from BC to Calgary. After some efforts to try and make bail for his release, the Aryan Guard has failed to mention Jan’s name since and his current fate and whereabouts is currently unknown.

The Decline of the Aryan Guard: Part 2

We continue with part two of our part three series on the continuing collapse of the Aryan Guard.

The troubles of the Aryan Guard in recent days have been evident, but even we didn’t realize just how bad things were getting for them until the third week of September. We’ve discussed some of the infighting and rifts between people previously associated with the Aryan Guard such as Melissa Brow and "rippler2k3", but in recent days we’ve been hearing rumours of youths getting tired of the Aryan Guard and leaving as well as some of the worst infighting among Aryan Guard members (or former members depending upon whom one listens to) that we’ve seen yet. We’ll begin first with those who are rumoured to have left the Aryan Guard.

The first individual associated with the Aryan Guard whom we had heard had left the organization is a bonehead going by the initials B.L. We’ve noted that B.L.’s mother is someone who appears to be a progressive and, as such, likely never approved of his involvement with an overt racist gang. Seems we were right, as B.L.’s involvement with the Aryan Guard resulted in a rift between himself and his family to the point that they wouldn’t have anything to do with him so long as he continued to be involved with the Aryan Guard. Estrangement from his family appears to have given B.L. cause to reconsider his involvement with organized racism and he has, if the rumours are true, decided to leave the group in order to try and reconcile with his family.

The second individual rumoured to have left the Aryan Guard is M.J., an Aryan Guard groupie / oi toy. M.J. had been involved with the Aryan Guard for at least a year and was a member of its women’s auxiliary the Valkyrian Legion. She was also involved with Aryan Guard member Tyler Sturrup, a relationship that called into question both her judgment and good taste. Well, word on the street from a reliable source was that Miss. M.J. soon became bored with her involvement with the Aryan Guard and decided that she would rather get drunk and suck on a pacifier at raves than get drunk and suck on… well, Aryan Guard members. This rumor appeared to be confirmed when, “AryanBroad” posted the following comments on Anti-Racist Canada:
Just for the website's knowledge,
I wanted to inform everyone
[M.J.], is not dating Tyler Sturrup and the stupid Bitch hasnt been around for the last 2 months or so. Along with Tyler is back in jail

[M.J.] broke up with Tyler at the end of August, Im not to sure when. The reasons from what I understand is because he is an idiot and went to Jail a second time. The other time about him going to jail was about "robbery" and breaches. This time the same thing for the Breaches. Where [M.J.] is? From what the Aryan Guard and WEB understands is she is back to her old group and Raving. If she were to come back we would be suprised.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Decline of the Aryan Guard: Part 1

This article, the first in a three part series, will act as a summary of what most already know about the recent troubles of the Aryan Guard. We will be publishing additional articles during the next few days. Consider this first article to be a refresher on the more recent Aryan Guard antics and an appetizer for the main course to come.

On March 21, 2008, between 25 and 40 members of the Aryan Guard, Western European Brotherhood (W.E.B.), Klan members, unaffiliated neo-Nazis, and National-Socialist Party of Canada leader Terry Tremaine marched in the name of “White Pride” (a euphemism for White Supremacy, intimidation, and ethnic hatred) on the day designated by the United Nations as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The spit in the face of Calgary civil society, organized by the Aryan Guard was opposed by 100s of anti-racist activists in Calgary. Though vastly outnumbered, that the Aryan Guard and their allies were able to march in the first place and to gather such a relatively large number of like-minded individuals indicated that they were a growing threat in the community.

As it turned out, and in spite of later gimmicks such as advertising they would pay the damage deposit for any “White Nationalist” who moved to Calgary to join them and the hosting a “Free Speech Conference” which saw Paul Fromm, Terry Tremaine, and Bill Noble as the keynote speakers, the March 21 rally appears to have also been the peak of the Aryan Guard. Since that date it has been evident that things have started to go down hill for the Aryan Guard, but even we were surprised to learn just how much trouble the racist gang of thugs were actually in.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Imminent Collapse of the Aryan Guard Expected Sooner Than Originally Anticipated

We're in the process of validating some information that we have received from a variety of sources in the last couple of days, however we will provide our readers with a little tease.

Whether or not the gang continues to exist as a name, the Aryan Guard appears to be in significant trouble and is hemorrhaging members and supporters. We suggested the Aryan Guard might be spent as a player on the racist right within a years time. We just might have to move that time line up a bit.

Expect a full report in the next couple of days. In the meantime, any racist planning on moving to Calgary and hooking up with a vibrant, "white nationalist" organization might want to consider unpacking their bags.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update: Tyler Sturrup, as well as some odds and ends

We received a comment on our article dealing with infighting within the Aryan Guard, particularly between M.J., Kendra, and John (Richard) Marleau:

AryanBroad said...
Just for the website's knowledge,
I wanted to inform everyone [M.J.], is not dating Tyler Sturrup and the stupid Bitch hasnt been around for the last 2 months or so. Along with Tyler is back in jail

Perhaps "AryanBroad" might consider expanding on this comment? When did M.J. stop dating Sturrup and why? For what reason is Sturrup in jail? Why was he in jail some months back as well?

At least part of this story was confirmed by Marleau himself as well as another individual who will remain unnamed because of the individual's age:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heil Ian Stewart Donaldson! [sic]

This past Friday many boneheads commemorated the 17th anniversary of Ian Stuart Donaldson's own self-curb stomp. And as such we thought that we would use this opportunity to again act in a childish manner and make fun of his worshipers.

A few weeks ago Richard Marleau posted the following message on an anti-Aryan Guard Facebook group:

Efforts to access the Aryan Guard website now takes one to a brand new Blood & Honour Canada website, this one of the C18 faction. And while the announcement was shot down on Stormfront, Marleau found a very receptive audience when he announced the new website on the Combat 18 forums:

Marleau is like a proud papa here. However he's a proud papa who forgot the name of his child:

Yep. The people who look up to Ian Stuart Donaldson as if he were a martyred demi-god couldn't spell his name correctly on a website that is, in large part, a response to his memory.

And that's not all they had to fix:

Now we're certainly in no position to comment on spelling and grammar, but then again we aren't also purporting to be of a superior race. Besides, they fixed it. Further embarrassment averted.

Except that if you continued reading, you'd find this after the criticism concerning the incorrect spelling of Ian Stuart Donaldson's name:

Less than 60 posts later, they fuck it up again.

Is this petty of us? Sure. Can we live with the knowledge of our occasional pettiness? You betcha!

If our dear readers are wondering about the remainder of this thread, stay tuned. We so love internecine conflicts between rival bonehead groups, even if they only remain online.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Willis Is Not A Nazi: Part 2

It would seem that the Aryan Guard is still trying to convince you, our dear readers, that Willis is not a Nazi. As posted on Stormfront by Temperalles on September 3, 2008:

Now there's a bunch of tards on some site called '' trying to say Willis is a Nazi because he's in a photo throwing a straight-arm salute. Well I guess all the ancient Romans were Nazis as well.

It occurs to me there's just enough people out there naive enough to buy the fallacious deduction put forward by the Reds, so I thought I'd point out that National Socialists are not the only people to use the straight-arm salute. Because it is a gesture which goes back much further in history than the NSDAP of less than a century ago, non-National-Socialists also use it, often as a symbol of White Pride, other times merely as a salute. Just like the Triskelion on the flag behind him, it's a symbol with broad heritage overtones, and by no means of specific enough symbology to boil anyone down to any particular ideology.

My God, if the Roman salute were a Nazi symbol, you'd never see a Third Positionist using it... and they do all the time.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Marc Lemire: Retreat on Key Accusations

In the spirit of collaboration and not reinventing the wheel, we'd like to send our readers to BigCityLib Strikes Back to read the following article:

Lemire Retreats! Speechies Get Stiffed!

To sum up, Lemire has very quietly admitted that Mr. Dean Steacy and other CHRC members did not post racist materials on his website's message board. Further, he is no longer claiming that the CHRC hijacked the wireless Internet service of an Ontario woman as previously claimed.

We wonder if Mr. Levant, the "National Post," Mr. Steyn, etal will publicly apologize to Mr. Steacy for their libelous claims?