Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shocking Update!!!!!!!

Some time between April 26 and May, Tyler Sturrup was arrested and was held in custody by the police. For close to a month.

Wait. Did we say shocking update? What we meant was run of the mill ordinary news when it comes to the Aryan Guard. Our mistake.

Okay, we have to admit that we missed the boat on this one so this isn't exactly breaking news, but we are including this now as it's one more nail in the coffin.

We can add Tyler to the long, and ever growing list of Aryan Guard members who we know have spent time locked up behind bars or who have otherwise run afoul of the law:

Kyle McKee, Dallas Price, Robert Reitmeier (who has recently spent more time in jail this year), Thomas Trennery, RN, Bill Noble, and others.

For all their crying about 'non-white' crime, we think one would be far more likely to be victimized by the average Aryan Guard member than any ethnic minority one might meet on the street.

We presume that Sturrup is out by now and in the loving arms of his girlfriend M.J., a lovely young lass who likes to post nasty little messages here (under the Nom de Guerre that will remain without mention as of this September 17, 2008 edit). We'll have more later as we continue to document the simultaneous destruction from outside forces and implosion from within of the Aryan Guard.


Anonymous said...

I honestly do not understand on why you guys can not get a life. You do not see any of the white supremists in Calgary making blogs about you guys. Trying to destroy people's images for there beliefs is absolutley retarded.

noonespecial200 said...

Actually there is a blog started by the Aryan Guard about us. It was started in response to our articles about them. We especially enjoy the complaint they have about our highlighting their criminal convictions and their laughable excuse that in this day and age most people have criminal convictions.

They aren't helping their case.

We're not trying to destroy people's images of them. The Aryan Guard is doing too good a job of that themselves.

Anonymous said...

So if you are not trying to destroy the Aryan Guard's images than what are you doing using picture's and last/first names. This whole blog spot is used for the stupid drama whores that like to start shit amongst people. Aryan Guard is very quite when ever it comes to ARA or Antifa. They dont care. its not like they have an up to date website about all of you guys.

noonespecial200 said...

Hey, we're just reporting what they're doing. If you're embarrassed by their behavior, then maybe it says more about them then it does about us.

And as for the Aryan Guard not starting anything, word has it that one of them tried to get into it with the ARA this past Tuesday. How is Willis' jaw, anyways?

Anonymous said...

Tyler Sturrup is originally from Hamilton, ON. His mother was a crackhead, he was a jobless, felon, gang member who drank all day and got in fights... Sounds like a Jane n' Finch gangsta... But no, it's a guy who believes he's qualified to talk about "White Pride"... Truth is, most white people consider Tyler Sturrup to be white trash... Same with buddies... It doesn't matter what race you are, there's trash and non trash. Tyler you are trash. Enjoy your life sentence for killing some old Italian guy. I wonder how far into your 20 year sentence until you realize that you actually enjoy anal rape.