Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Aryan Guard Fallout Regarding Our Articles.

First we'd like to forward our readers to an article on the blog "Firebrand" which discusses how the right-wing mainstream media in Canada have abandoned any pretense of journalistic integrity in their effort to re-brand Paul Fromm as a "civil liberty advocate."

Thank you to the person who forwarded to us this link.

It has been a week since we published the last of our three part series on the impending collapse of the Aryan Guard. We wondered what the effects of the articles had been thus far. Thomas Trenerry was the first to comment on the story, leaving the following message on the YouTube profile of one of our more active members:

We are gonna find you. 

And give you a reward for being the world's dumbest person. Grow up kid. You live off of basic Marxist propaganda. You post things about "Neo Nazi's" attempting to be someone. But really you spend most of your time on a computer probably in your mothers basement. And spewing nonsense to onepeoplesproject. Actually kind of sad. You need to get a life.

Why do they project their own inadequacies onto others? None of us here are communists and all of us are gainfully employed. Can the same be said of the Aryan Guard, Tom?

After Trenerry left the message above, we thought we would revisit the subject and check in with our sources to see how the fallout was affecting the gang, if at all. We'll start first with our comedy trio of Jessie, John and Thomas on the Blood and Honour Forum. "Aryanprincess1488" starts things off with a not very subtle dig at Tom Trenerry:

Of course, you know that Trenrry wasn't going to let that go.

Ladies and gentlemen stop the presses! That was, at least for a member of the far right, a lucid, mature and well-reasoned criticism of ""Nazi Mom"." Bravo sir! And, we should also note that based on Trenerry's accusations, there may very well be more reasons for removing the children from "Aryanprincess1488's" custody than just her beliefs.

The revelation that their previous discussion made our pages certainly did surprise Jessie.

Marleau adds his voice to the original post by "Aryanprincess1488."

That person Marleau is talking about would be Trenerry, who in predictable fashion responds.

So Trenerry suspects Marleau of being the leak now?

Yes Thomas, as we have said over and over again, there is a leak (two actually) and that leak continues to be a trusted and active member of the Aryan Guard. We also said you will not be able to figure out who it is.

Trenerry continues.

Trenerry needs to learn about all of the features of his computer. We'll leave it at that for you. But thanks for the plug for our website Tom.

Jessie continues.

Yes, we bet you're very curious about how that happened, aren't you Jessie. Don't blame your ex though. She had nothing to do with it. No, we suggest looking much closer to home now.

You still have no idea, do you Thomas. There are infiltrators all over. You're very close to a few and they continue to pull the wool over your eyes. We bet you're wondering who those friends could be.

Process of elimination Jessie. Who did you tell that you were moving to Calgary? Should be easy for you to figure out the mole, but you might not like what you discover.

That must have crushed John, a man with a hard on for Combat18 to the point of getting tattoos. You've been called out by one of their members Marleau. Did that upset you?

We'll translate: "But he started it!"

And so Kate mercifully ends this ugliness for the time being.

The next set comes directly from the Aryan Guard's website and is perhaps more serious. Poster "dark-kaos" inquires about the Aryan Guard in Vancouver (the racist gang have made no secret about their desire to expand into other provinces) which leads to an online confrontation between Bill Noble and the "A" brothers (D.A. and his younger brother E.A.):

This is more serious because of the threat of a street-level power struggle that could lead to violence. While we will not cry if neo-Nazis bash other neo-Nazis, we are concerned with the crossfire, so to speak, which could result in harm to ordinary citizens.

We will continue to update our readers on the fallout over our series of articles.


Anonymous said...

There will be no beatings in British Columbia, should the Aryan Guard choose to "expand". British Columbia is a soft foothold for the renegade Blood and Honor and Volksfront, led by none-other than a person we will call "Kevin", who had fled Eastern Canada due to his connections with CSIS, and his father, a JOG police agent.

Let the comedy ensue.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt be suprised if the leak was bill noble himself. I wouldnt be suprised if all those guys send in their own posts, theyre such attention whores.

One thing about this blog is right, the right wing have rejected the Aryan Guard and all their bonehead members.

Victory will not be won by infighting and skinternet warring.

Long live Brotherhood 28, Ian Stuart's Blood and Honour!

Anonymous said...

friggin trennery is a pathetic excuse for a hobbit who lives by himself and cries for help with his rantings and bipolar paranoid schizophrenic musings formulated in the seg1 cells of whitehorse correctional centre in the backwood hicksville of the yukon