Saturday, March 28, 2020

Racist Poster Campaigns Gaining Momentum Across Canada Thanks to Telegram

A recent article from Omar Mosleh detailed a number of racist poster campaigns across Canada, focusing on the latest shift from ID Canada towards ecofascism. From The Base to Proud Boys to ID Canada, to more generic (on the surface, anyway) posters and stickers, the issue has grown - and it proves that the international fascist movement is collaborating with each other.

Prior to the internet, flyering and postering was the norm. In 2020, with platforms like Gab, Telegram, streaming service DLive, and others, one would think a more effective method would be solely online, yet fascists around the world are opting for relatively low-tech recruitment and radicalization methods while organizing on, and driving people to, the fascist-friendly platforms that will have them. These campaigns serve as a calling card to others; at times a dog-whistle and other times overt. They are a way to signal to like-minded people and antifascists/anti-racists alike - "we're in your community."

Based in the UK, the Hundred Handers, have been around for some time, but have recently made the news for co-opting Extinction Rebellion branding as their own to promote ecofascist and hateful content. This is nothing new for them - since January 2020 they have been co-opting XR branding and putting up outrageous stickers and posters to reduce XR's credibility. Their latest archive has 11 XR fakes.

A Hundred Handers post from early January on Telegram

A Proud Boy-run Canadian Telegram channel has also promoted this tactic, within a post of this specific incident. The irony of "Prosemitic Groyper" referencing the "logical evil conclusions" of leftist efforts while ignoring the fact that calling for a "white" country means either mass deportation or genocide isn't lost on us.

The Hundred Handers been kicked off Twitter, but claim they don't care - Telegram is much more effective. 

Their MO is to release an "archive" of stickers every month. Included is regional/country specific stickers as well as "unaffiliated" stickers, such as "It's Ok To Be White," and others. It's unknown at this time how many IOTBW have been distributed by their following. They also target feminists, the LGBTQ+ community, run-of-the-mill conservatives, and others. Some of their stickers reference the JQ (Jewish Question) and "Blood and Soil." Others are rather benign, and include a QR code. Many are in other languages, such as German and Spanish. 

They have produced Canada specific content - including the demographic poster recently found in both Whitby, ON in early February and Saskatoon, SK in early March. The poster is titled "The Great Replacement," and is found in a folder titled "Canadian Demographics" in their March archive - an indicator that there is enough support here to warrant country-specific content, along the lines of Italy, Germany, and Spain. 

There are other examples, too. Recently stickers attributed to them were found in the Port Credit Go Station, which they erroneously attributed this to France on Telegram. We were able to confirm from the ad in the background that this is, in fact, in Port Credit. Also, the ad language and the train schedule is in English. 
The erroneously attributed post on Telegram 

Even more recently, stickers attributed to the Hundred Handers, and referencing The Noticer were found in Edmonton: 

The Noticer is an antisemitic, white supremacist Telegram channel that exists to antagonize and harass Jews, and they appear to have officially collaborated with Hundred Handers.

Hundred Handers often troll and mock people for calling them racist, and on a YouTube live stream have stated they give tips and make efforts to "stay on the right side of the law," and anything that goes beyond that are "bad actors" trying to impersonate them. This isn't surprising - fascists will always accuse their opposition of doing exactly what they do. 

One major problem that often occurs with these postering and stickering campaigns is that in a blind attempt to portray "all sides," media will provide these groups a platform. As a result, groups like Hundred Handers have declared that media is doing promotion for them.

Comments in the livestream in which the Hundred Handers participated on YouTube

Hundred Handers, pleased with the media attention

The Hundred Handers are one of many fascist groups happy with the attention they're provided by media. The Proud Boys were thrilled when CTV aired their full, offensive, and outrageously fallacious statement - unchallenged.

Proud Boys, pleased that CTV ran their statement during a story about their posters

This serves as a stark warning for media - by allowing a statement without challenge, you are providing them a platform.

On Telegram, the Canadian Proud Boys channel (likely run by Tim Kelly) regularly shares their postering and stickering campaigns - and boosts others, such as ID Canada. It seems ID Canada is quite reliant on the Proud Boys boosting their efforts, since their own Telegram channel is rather stagnant at a whopping 38 members.  

There is a secondary Proud Boy affiliated Telegram channel, run by Tim Kelly (aka "Rick the Man") and "Blayze," another Proud Boy, and whose members include Dean Clifford, Joey DeLuca, and Andre Chiasson.

"Blayze," one of the admins of the offshoot Telegram group along with Tim Kelly

The group has also promoted the Hundred Handers, an international, loose collective of white supremacists that put up posters and stickers in various countries around the world. The first mention of Hundred Handers in the Proud Boy offshoot Telegram group was on March 23, 2020, however instances of Hundred Handers has been spotted around Canada in the months prior. 

A promotion of Hundred Handers with content obscured 

The offshoot Canadian Telegram group itself is a mish-mash of Canadians and some Brits, with a few of the most prolific users sharing antisemitic and racist content while complaining that people call them racist.  

A post featuring The Noticer, an antisemitic channel that collaborates with Hundred Handers

As always, if you come across posters or stickers, please cover them up or remove them, if it's safe to do so. Also, please keep in mind that efforts have been made to spread fakes targeting both other organizations and antifascists.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Derek Harrison Justifies Violence Against Women in Transphobic and Misogynistic Video

In a video uploaded to YouTube on March 22, Derek Harrison (Rants) of Plaid Army framed a new clip as a being about "personal responsibility," showing what Harrison claims to be examples of people who did not take personal responsibility and therefore are at fault for what happened next. Harrison, however, uses this narrative to spread transphobia and misogyny.

Before we get to the video itself, the comments are fairly standard:

Jeremy Mackenzie showing support for a video defending violence against women and transphobia

And London, Ontario amateur comedian Dan Sleno, aka EdgyD, 
a newer member of Plaid Army, who we'll get to in a later article

That's true - it is an older video. Initially, it was posted to YouTube, which according to Harrison, deleted it. He then uploaded it to BitChute in February 2019.

I guess "personal responsibility" doesn't apply to Derek

Comments from the original BitChute upload:

That first comment. Yikes.


He uses this video to poke fun at people from previous viral videos, and introduces his "new pronoun," the clever and pithy "it," before showing a horrific attack in Australia by a trans woman in a gas station. The purpose isn't to highlight how the people in the gas station were to blame by not leaving when the woman with the axe enters, although he makes that claim too.

It's clear that the purpose is to incite hatred toward trans people, as if people who happen to be trans are expected to be exempt from the gamut of types of people across the human condition, including sometimes violent ones. This is nothing new. Examples of bad, outrageous, or violent behaviour are often used to paint trans people as a whole. Harrison just plays into that.
Harrison continues on, showing a video of an attack by a man on two women in LA (which he erroneously refers to as being in New York.)

He states:
Now most people right off the bat are saying 'that motherfucker shouldn't have been hitting girls and you shouldn't hit women.'
No. Girls? That's your fault.  
If either one of these girls had ever been hit or struck before on their life they would not go after a man that size. Do you really think this guy just started laying bitches out at the hot dog stand or do you think there was something before that?

Just saying, that's your fault.

Watching these two little chihuahuas trying to attack this rottweiler reminds me of another clip I've seen. What do you think's gonna happen to it? Now you want to act surprised?

The actual story from NBC Los Angeles:
The woman, whom NBC4 is not naming to protect her identity, was out with her friend when they stopped for street hot dogs. She said they noticed a man being rude to a hot dog vendor over the $6 cost. She said another vendor offered the man a free hot dog, but when he did not stop, the woman and her friend spoke up. 
"Me and my friend said something like, 'Just leave.'" The woman said he punched both of them at least once before additional blows were recorded by a bystander's cellphone camera...
Harrison thinks that speaking up and trying to get a rude customer to leave a hot dog vendor alone and take his free hot dog is deserving of being beaten up - if you're a woman.

The last part of the video is Harrison showing various websites - including the article cited above:

Harrison knew the context of the story - he just decided that the women are at fault because women shouldn't step up to a big man, even in situations where it is reasonable to do so, and if they get assaulted, that's on them.

It's a disturbing message from a man with a university-age daughter.

Monday, March 09, 2020

Toronto Protest For Greece Draws Far-Right and Neo-Nazis

On March 8, 2020 AHEPA Toronto held a rally in support of Greece's refusal to allow asylum-seekers through the Greek border. Their position, as indicated in an email campaign they've encouraged supporters to participate in, is one that has appealed to far-right ideologues:
...pressure has been exerted on Greece's eastern land and sea borders with the purposeful round up and transport of thousands of people seeking entry into Greece and, ultimately, the rest of Europe under the guise of being refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.
It's not surprising that they've latched onto this cause, however for those not familiar with the background, we recommend the following two explainers:

Paul Fromm attended the event, with Lily and Josh Chernofsky. All three flew red ensigns flags.

Lily at the rally 

Josh Chernofsky at the rally

Chernofsky has previously expressed support for American neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front, and indicated his desire to see rallies of a similar nature in Canada.

A Telegram screenshot where Chernofsky ("J Snowden TO") replies to a post from Tim Kelly ("Rick The Man") about Patriot Front

A reply from Chernofsky to Dean Clifford, calling the Patriot Front march on DC "beautiful"

Gus Stefanis, failed federal candidate for the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party (which has recently put out a call for "roman salute people," and whose leader, Patron, is currently facing charges in Regina for assaulting two women) also made an appearance, complete with a CNP hat.

Yes, the CNP is a neo-Nazi party

Stefanis with a Greek flag, replacing his usual red ensign, at the rally 

Stefanis has not hidden his feelings about the situation, having recently liked comments on his own feed about murdering the asylum-seekers en masse.

A comment from Dane Dainard on Stefanis' wall praising Golden Dawn 

Stefanis liking comments about open firing on the asylum-seekers

Stefanis liking a comment that states "Open fire, this is war" 

Ronny Cameron also livestreamed the event, in addition to taking advantage of the open mic, using the opportunity to preach about European solidarity:

We also meet Helen Carlson: 

Still of Helen Carlson from Cameron's live stream

Remember that comment on Stefanis' wall praising Golden Dawn?

He also met other far-right ideologues - George, and an unnamed younger man (George's son, perhaps?) They discussed and praised Paul Ray Ramsay (ramzpaul,) Jared Taylor, and David Duke, with George referencing how he watched Happy Homelands, a series by Ramsay, the previous night. 

Cameron, who previously spoke with two men who were uncomfortable with his particular brand of white supremacy and felt refugees should be permitted through the "right process," decides what they really meant was they're just anti-immigration period. They just don't know it yet. 

He continues to explain his purpose on Facebook is to persuade people who are anti-"illegal immigration" to be more like him. 

The saddest part about this? Eventually even the Greeks won't be white enough if these people get their way.

Monday, March 02, 2020

February 2020 Bits and Bites: (Fake) Posters, Win Nay is Embarrassing, Robert Jones Escalates, and Tim Jones Goes Mask Off

February has been a ride. We're still working on collecting the worst of the worst with the far-right's response to Wet'suwet'en, which we'll publish in other article(s) as it deserves. For now, here are some highlights from the last month.

A video was posted to YouTube by Hamilton Ed (last name unknown), who is a staple at the Yellow Vest and other far-right rallies around the city. The posters were promptly ripped down by some stellar Hamiltonians, and police were called, who advised Ed that people had as much right to rip them down as he had to put them up.

Screenshot from YouTube comments

"Diversity hire," huh. And about those posters Ed...

* * * *

Leigh Stuart found some rather silly posters in Kitchener-Waterloo apparently attributed to Kitchener-Waterloo Against Fascism, which seemed a little strange.
 Here they are in full view: 

These posters are exactly what one would expect from someone who 
was anti-antifascist pretending to be antifascist. 

If this strikes you as odd, you'd be right. 

We reached out to folks involved with Kitchener-Waterloo Against Fascism and confirmed that they did not produce or put these posters up. In fact, they scoffed at the poor workmanship and design of the posters. 

Now, we don't know exactly what transpired, but these are obviously fake and it's possible someone took a cue from Ronny Cameron

* * * *

Everyone's favourite hate group hopper Win Nay continues to be...interesting. We thank Edmonton Against Fascism for their tireless contributions. 
 This led to a bit of a feud: 
Where a ...duel?...was discussed. 
 * * * *
Robert Jones, former Proud Boy Grown Ass Man, has upped his extremist ante, re-joining Twitter to share some siegepilled garbage and describing himself as a neo-fascist, with a skullmask and a sonnenrad. 

Jones, who would increase the average age of Atomwaffen by 7 years all by himself, has evidently become further radicalized since his days with Proud Boys, Northern Guard, and Soldiers of Odin

Boomer Division reporting for duty. 

He's gone full antisemite. We're wondering how Meir feels about this, given his previous relationship with the JDL

And is engaging George Burdi's (RaHoWa, Heritage Front) new folk music partner, Cat Weiss:

It's safe to say that the radicalization pipeline worked on Jones. 

 * * * *

Tim Jones, of Nova Scotia and previously/currently of Northern Guard, has recently showed off his fancy new vest from yet another "motorcycle club," Rogue Brothers, that features some interesting patchwork: 

And that's a wrap on February, 2020.