Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Generation Identity Canada Rebrands As ID Canada: Flyering Campaign This Past Monday

When ARC published the article identifying Stormfront member Tyler Hover as the head of Generation Identity Canada, we also included a screen shot that suggested that there would be a media stunt that would occur this week:

On Monday it would appear that this media appearance would be in the form of more flyering in a few cities (Ottawa, Sudbury, and Edmonton are the ones we know about) and displaying a small banner on an overpass in Toronto:

"Just this morning I saw two posters of the image attached on 104 ave in Edmonton near the Loblaws there (121 st). Friends around the university and elsewhere in the city haven't seen copies anywhere. I walked around a bit and could only find the two of them. When I walked by later in the day it looked like someone had taken their keys to the posters so they're mostly illegible now. Darn. ;)"

UPDATE: Meet Mark Stewart, the Toronto chapter leader of ID Canada who participated in the banner drop that took place in the city on Monday:

ARC readers who provided the information noted that these appeared to be Generation Identity Canada flyers that had been modified. This is an accurate assessment in that Generation Identity Canada has rebranded itself:

ARC has found a few interesting people associated with ID Canada, formerly Generation Identity Canada including Shawn Beauvois-Macdonald who is/was connected to La Meute and who participated in the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally (he may hold a position of leadership within ID Canada), "Katrin Kujo" (real name Kate Ollers) who participated in Ronny Cameron's anti-Muslim event in October, and "Winston Smith" (real name Jesse Sanderson) who also participated in Cameron's event as well as being busted hanging "alt-right" flyers at the University of Toronto. He's pictured below  in the green hat alongside Jordan Peterson and Lauren Southern:

I'm sure over the coming days and weeks we'll learn much more about the membership of ID Canada.

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