Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Brief Message For Nick Gallant of the Northern Guard

Nick is triggered.

He's pretending that he isn't, but he really is.

Nick is upset that ARC has once again shown the kind of character that would be attracted to the Northern Guard. In the video he suggests that the trouble with the Saskatchewan chapter of the Northern Guard was due solely to one individual. Of course that isn't true as there was another member in a position of leadership who had links to the Klan and who is still very much a member in good standing having been re-added to the national page on January 9:

It also begs the question as to why Gallant would need to boot 200 other members if only one person was a problem, but then I really don't think logical consistency is among Nick's stronger mental attributes.

In the video posted above, he also claims to "know" the writer of this blog (your's truly). Based on his and the messages ARC has been receiving, it is very clear that none of them do, which is certainly a shame.

Most importantly however, Nick has said he will be creating other videos. In another video he claims that he will do this because he feels we don't like it when he posts videos of himself.

I would like to assure Nick that this is most definitely not the case. I for one really enjoy his videos and genuinely hope for more.

You have a LOVELY day. ;)

JAN 19 UPDATE: Gallant just posted a 20 minute video about ARC and how ARC isn't triggering him.

ARC is living rent free in Nick Gallant's head. 


Hanna Alexander said...

I love how he makes claims about how much he doesn't care or feel bothered by the articles but then feels the need to record a video explaining himself and his group.

Every time these these types post videos it sounds like some high school kid who's trying to organize a fundraising event.....

I'm glad they show there faces makes them easier to spot.

Alastair Baird. Renfrew, County said...


Anonymous said...

Tracy Park -- also known as Zoe Blunt of Port Renfrew bc = ARC

Kurt Phillips said...

Well that's a new one. I'll add Zoe to the list of people you all believe write for this blog but don't.

Fyi, none of you have ever been close to guessing my, or the other writers (when there were other writers) identities. You haven't even been close.

I know that you won't believe me, but that can't be helped.