Sunday, January 14, 2018

Northern Guard's Saskatchewan Problem

On December 21, Nick Gallant posted the following video, much of which was focused on lil' ARC.

Sooooo, our articles showing the Northern Guard to be unapologetic bigots attracts people to the your "club" eh?

I'm not entirely certain you're aware of how you've contradicted yourself by that claim alone.

Moreover, for almost the first four minutes of the video you feel the need to admonish your members to NOT post death threats directed at the Prime Minister and Muslims. It all sort of suggests that the crowd you're attracting are, perhaps, aren't exactly quality people.

I mean, talk about the company you keep.

This lead me into my overview of the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Northern Guard, or at least what was once the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Northern Guard.

A while back, ARC was introduced to this fella:

Uhm.... are children's plastic guns supposed to be intimidating?

Darren Jones was, at least until late December or early January, the vice-president of the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Northern Guard:

I should also note that Darren Jones actually has three profiles that ARC knows about, including the three that used to act as administrators on the Saskatchewan Northern Guard Facebook group

He also had a beef with the former Moose Jaw Chapter leader of the Soldiers of Odin (and one time would-be Saskatchewan Aryan Nations leader) Jody Issel which I personally got a bit of a kick out of as Jones gives ARC a bit of a shout-out:

Jones is also not much of a fan of the police....

.... which might be in part due to a past involving the legal system as a guest of one of Her Majesty's finest long-stay hotels with bars:

Now National President and founder of the Northern Guard Nick Gallant has repeatedly spoken about how stringently he "vetts" new members and the leadership team. Nothing untoward would get past the steely gaze of Nick Gallant, right?


Uhm, is this a post made by your Saskatchewan chapter VP supporting the neo-Nazis marching in Charlotteville Nick?

And what exactly are those flags in the background?

Don't deny it. You always knew where this was going.

Yep, our new friend Darren Jones has a bit of an affinity for white supremacy:

More specifically, Jones really seems to be a fan of the Ku Klux Klan and implies that he might be a member of the hate group:

His adult son, also a Northern Guard member, proves that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree:

Now ARC isn't certain who the President of the Northern Guard chapter in Saskatchewan is (or was), though there is an indication that this guy may be a contender:

Eric St. Cyr was also an administrator on the Saskatchewan page:

St. Cyr was profiled on this blog in relation to his own affinity for the KKK:

Then there are posts such as this that St. Cyr made while in a leadership role within the Northern Guard as an administrator for the National and Saskatchewan Facebook groups and perhaps as Saskatchewan chapter president:

Of further interest, Darren Jones, his son Cody, Eric St. Cyr, and his wife all are mutual friends with this guy:

Some of our long time readers will be familiar with Chris Waters, but for those who may not be, he was the head of a Klan chapter in Saskatchewan and someone who participated in "White Pride" marches in Calgary with the Aryan Guard:

Now readers have been noticing that I have been using the past tense in reference to Jones' leadership within the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Northern Guard. In fact, likely as a result of a story ARC published December 18, 2017, Nick Gallant finally appears to have made some changes. On January 10 Gallant posted the following video to his open profile:

Apparently Gallant had received some criticism concerning the Saskatchewan chapter's links to the Ku Klux Klan which resulted in the removal (as he states) of 200+ members.

But this doesn't really make him a hero.

Gallant knew of the racists within the Northern Guard long ago ans did absolutely nothing about them. The Facebook group for the National Chapter is still filled with bigots who we have discussed on this blog numerous times already.

He further complains that he shouldn't be blamed for the Saskatchewan chapter and touts the dismissal of 200+ members as proof of.... something?

But here's the thing. Gallant is the leader and founder of the gang. He's ultimately has the final say who is and who is not part of the gang. He was an administrator of the Saskatchewan Northern Guard Facebook group with Jones and St. Cyr. So were other members of the national leadership:

What kind of leader doesn't accept the blame for problems that have occurred within his "club" when he has theoretically complete control over who joins it as well as oversight of all the chapters in the country, especially when other members of the Northern Guard knew about Jones:

At best he's an idiot. At worst, he's complicit.

It also doesn't help your case when you are discovered to be members of Kevin "No Show" Goudreau's group:

Come on Nick!

Don't piss on us ant tell us that it's raining.


Anonymous said...

This is Issel. NO im not up on any charges.
ARC, you are wise enough to know this and would have done a story on it by now if that were the case.

Kurt Phillips said...

That's true, and ARC certainly has not made the claim that you are up on any charges.

That said, you bet ARC would have written an article if that were the case. :)