Wednesday, September 29, 2010

December Volksfront Event in Calgary: Is C18 Invited?

To tell this tale, we're going to jump between Stormfront and Blood and Honour / Combat 18 (B&H/C18) forum discussions.

A month ago yesterday, a Canadian Stormfront member posted a message on Stormfront regarding a shindig that Volksfront Alberta is organizing for December:

While Volksfront itself has been around for a few years, but they're sort of the new kids on the block in Calgary. Of course given their affiliation with the Blood and Honour faction opposed by the Combat 18 affiliated faction, their presence in Calgary might be seen as problematic by the Aryan Guard, most of who's members have put on a C18 patch.

"O'neil bc" was, and still seems to be, very much involved with Volksfront in British Columbia. We don't know if he's in any leadership capacity, but that's not all that important now. The group in Calgary appears to have Scott Sinclair running the show. Sinclair is from Manitoba but has spent time in the Atlantic provinces with the boneheads out there and has been in Calgary for some time now.

So, how did the C18 affiliated Aryan Guard respond on the B&H/C18 forum? Surprisingly, the initial response was favorable:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Richard Martin: Aryan Warrior /sarcasm

On September 16, Richard Martin and Shane Gill were sentenced to 9 and 6 months in jail respectively. Here's a reminder why they were sentenced to lengthy terms behind bars:

Earlier that month, on July 3, the woman had been sitting in her living room when she heard a man outside making gunshot noises. She looked out her front window and saw her neighbour, Martin, on the sidewalk making gestures with his hand as if he were shooting a gun at her house. 
Nine days later, the woman heard Martin and another man in the parking lot outside her bedroom window. They were loudly singing songs with racially offensive lyrics and yelling, "Go back to Africa."
The woman filed her first police report the next day. Two days later, as she and the 11-year-old girl were walking to the local variety store, they were confronted by Martin and Gill. Martin again made the gunshot noises and the sign of a gun in her direction. 
When the men began to spew their racial slurs, the woman and child turned and headed for home. The woman told police Gill was close behind them as they ran inside the house and locked the door. Gill then began to pound on her door. 
Once inside, the woman, the young girl and the child's mother moved to the middle of the home for fear that the men would break windows. After police arrived and took a second report, the two women took turns sitting guard on the porch through the night in case of further trouble.
And as a result of his profound bravery in intimidating two women and an 11 year old child, Martin's friends consider him to be a prisoner of war:

Paulie on the Campaign Trail

We have to admit that we are torn when it comes to covering Paulie's futile mayoral campaign. On the one had, we find it funny as hell that he's going to be thumped by an 89 year old woman and that there has been absolutely no mainstream coverage of his efforts. On the other hand, we're providing him with publicity by writing about him.

Aw, what the hell!

Paulie attended the candidates forum where he was able to explain his views to a multi-ethnic crowd who, surprisingly, were not all that receptive to his message. However the best part is how catty he becomes when he writes about how the elderly incumbent picked on him:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Get Over Yourself "Travis"

Oh, silly, silly boy.

Your name is Bernie Miller.


Hell, we've known who you are, as well as Eric, Bill, Jonathan, Trevor and others, for months.

Did it occur to you that maybe the reason why we haven't written much about you is because there's nothing much to say about you? Sorry, but your significance is pretty much nil at this point.

We do like the Kevin Goudreau avatar though. That sort of made us laugh a little.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh, Richard Martin, You Are A Special Kind of Stupid: Part III (The Sentencing)

Richard Martin, pictured here with Paul Fromm and who plead guilty yesterday to charges related to ethnic intimidation, was sentenced to 9 months in prison today which will be followed up by three years probation upon his release (the other guy, Shane Gill, received 6 months). With the time he has already served, Martin will be behind bars for a little under 8 months.

Looks good on him.

Now, for those who might claim that he's in jail simply for saying a few bad words, consider the following:

1. He systematically intimidated a woman, her child and her mother, apparently for weeks.
2. He intimated he would shoot them on a number of occasions; whether he had the ability to carry out the threat isn't relevant, but the terror he intended to result from his threat is.
3. He and Gill followed this woman and her child to her home and started banging on the door.

He might have gotten off on arson and vandalism charges, but at least he's getting put away for a few months.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paulie Endorsed By H. L. Mencken's Magazine? Not So Fast

We'll preface this entry by stating it really is important to stay awake in history class. You never know when what you learn will become important for practical purposes.

We wrote a few days ago about how Paulie wasn't having a hell of a lot of luck drumming up mainstream media attention for his campaign (perhaps, being burned by covering his protests of Tamil refugees as if he were a legitimate person of interest and not the Pied Piper of the Canadian bonehead scene, they opted not to write much about a man who will be crushed in a municipal election by an 89 year old woman). Not to say that no mainstream news source will give him a forum, but it hasn't happened yet. Until now, Paulie has had to be content to brag about appearing on an Internet radio program hosted by another failed politician and confirmed racist himself.

Until now.

Imagine our surprise when Paulie announced on Stormfront that he had been endorsed by no less than the H. L. Mencken-founded, "American Mercury" magazine:

Oh, Richard Martin, You Are A Special Kind of Stupid: Part II

Remember the story about Richard Martin and another schmuk being arrested for ethnic intimidation?

Looks like Martin won't be moving to Calgary to join his friends Andrew Benson an Mike Gaio any time soon:
Racists going to jail for taunts
Barbara Brown, Wed Sep 15 2010 
A pair of hate-mongers will be sentenced Thursday for threatening behaviour and racially motivated harassment of a young black woman who lived on their street. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Curious to Know How You'll Explain This, John

Remember a few months back when the Aryan Guard, in the midst of their feud with W.E.B, posted some pictures of Reitmeier and Johnson cavorting with people were, shall we say, not exactly the Hitlerian vision of Aryan:

Yes, this one is especially interesting. We remember the folks on the Blood and Honour (C18) blog making comments about Reitmeier and his choice of photographic partners. We also seem to recall Marleau writing a thing or two about it. Suffice it to say, they were none too pleased as accusations of "race traitor" were posted.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fromm and Winnicki: Their Respective Quixotic Campaigns Thus Far

We wonder if Paulie is going to grow jealous of Winnicki?

We reported that Tomasz Winnicki announced on both Stormfront and VNN that he was running for mayor of London. That same day, Paulie made his announcement on Stormfront and his Facebook page that he had filed papers to run in the Mississauga mayoralty race.

So, who's announcement has garnered more media attention? Not Paulie.

B&H vs. B&H(C18): Stormfront Moderator Takes A Side

There is a context for this latest pissing contest which we will comment on in a few days, but in the meantime we thought we would contribute we can to sowing further dissension by providing a bit of a prologue.

We've written in the past about the mostly online arguments between the two rival Blood and Honour factions, the one aligned with Combat 18 and the other with the Hammerskins and Volksfront. The latest chapter as it pertains to the situation in Canada began on Stormfront a week or so ago and includes the following exchange, beginning with John Marleau announcing the launch of a new Blood and Honour website his faction created:

This announcement resulted in an exchange begun by Shawn MacDonald
--> (Model) who belongs to the rival Blood and Honour faction. Surprisingly, he's not so keen on anyone associated with Combat 18 claiming the Blood and Honour title (thread has been edited for content):

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tom Wants to Be Mayor

No, we're not talking about some new Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim spin-off on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim though we know such a show would be awesome!

In fact we're talking about a man deciding to run for mayor and who may very well be even more unelectable than Don Andrews is in Toronto when he runs for mayor:

White supremacist running for mayor

Last Updated: September 8, 2010 9:43am
An avowed white supremacist who has called himself London's "biggest hater" is running for mayor.

Tomasz Winnicki joined the race Tuesday for the city's top political job, a move that likely holds little political significance for London but will no doubt shock many in the Forest City.

Winnicki's hate speech has been the frequent focus of Free Press reports in the past, and he's been at the forefront of the city's white supremacy movement.

He's appeared at rallies and loaded websites with profanity-laced diatribes about blacks, Jews, other non-whites and non-Christians.

Reached Tuesday night, Winnicki agreed he's a controversial figure.

"Controversial? Absolutely," he said. "(But) anything is controversial now.

Just about anything -- they say this guy's controversial, that guy's controversial.

"You can say that about anybody."

Winnicki, whose Wikipedia profile states he's 35, made dubious history in 2006 when he became the first white supremacist in Canada jailed for breaking a court order to stop posting hate messages online.

The controversy made Winnicki something of a hero to white supremacists across North America.

Winnicki served some time in jail before appealing the sentence.

Canada's human rights tribunal also ordered Winnicki to pay $11.500 in fines and compensation.

There are now 13 candidates for mayor, but observers have noted only two could be considered legitimate contenders: incumbent Anne Marie DeCicco-Best and ex-MP Joe Fontana.

Citizens have until this Friday to file nomination papers to run for mayor or in a ward.

E-mail, or follow patatLFPress on Twitter.
Sure, there are lots of people who are deemed controversial, but what Winnicki doesn't want to seem to accept is that there's sort of a sliding scale of controversy. For example, in a country that cherishes our particular brand of health care (warts and all), a politician coming out in favor of a, "for profit" system would be deemed controversial in Canada and might have difficulty attracting votes in some parts of the country (though that person might be supported in other parts of the nation). While we wouldn't support such a policy, to make such a policy statement isn't light years away from mainstream political discourse. However, if you believe in deporting non-White Canadians for no other reason than their ethnicity, believe, support and perpetuate anti-Semitic hatred, publicly claimed that men are inherently more intelligent than women, well... you're sort of what we would call a fringe candidate here.
But perhaps we're being too hard on Winnicki. Maybe he has some legitimate ideas worthy of consideration:

Uhm, we're not sure that creating a shadow currency is really in the mandate of municipal government.
Oh, and that's right. It's because they want to censor comments made by your supporters that none were showing up. Yes, that has to be the answer, though we note that you having posted the link on VNN has allowed for your buddies to post their views. Too bad they can't vote.
Oh, how we would LOVE to attend the all candidates' forum!

Paulie Running For Mayor of Mississauga. Oh, Such Fun!!!

So now Paulie is running for mayor, at least according to a recent post on Stormfront. We enjoy reading Paulie's press releases that he writes for himself, all of which are are filled with praise of his grand accomplishments. Here below is his press release from Stormfront, with a few comments added for context:

PORT CREDIT. Nightly radio broadcaster [on Stormfront] and immigration expert [just because you call yourself an expert doesn't make it so, Paulie] Paul Fromm filed nomination papers for Mayor of Mississauga this afternoon.

Monday, September 06, 2010

60 Days For Just a Racial Slur? The Outrage! We're Going to Call Our MP! What About Free Speech! This Is Tyranny! This Is... Oh, Wait... Never Mind

Tom Winnicki, despite his claims that he possesses a vastly superior intellect (he's certainly smarter than women, so he believes) really isn't all that bright. Case in point, his recent post on both Stormfront and VNN:

Yes, this poor woman is being sent up the river because she used a racial slur. So much for democracy and free speech! Right?

Or, perhaps she was sentenced for her part in a racially-based assault in which she and her boyfriend verbally attacked an African man and then blasted him with bear spray?

E-mail sorrow for racist taunt

Last Updated: September 4, 2010 6:55am

EDMONTON - An Edmonton woman who admitted in court to taunting an African immigrant with racial slurs at a 7-Eleven store and then blasting him with bear spray has spoken out. 

In an e-mail Friday to the Edmonton Sun, Lacey Dawn Snyder complained of the "embarrassing" coverage of her guilty plea and said it was like being repeatedly stabbed. 

Friday, September 03, 2010

Aryan Guard Member Pleads Guilty in Vandalism/Hate Crime Case

Back in November and just before the attempted IED attack on a member of WEB and his then girlfriend, we discussed the anti-Semitic vandalism that took place against several Jewish centres, a mail box and at least one home. Although the surveillance pictures didn't provide us with a lot to go with, we were sent a note from a trusted source that at least one of those people was a member of the Aryan Guard. We later learned that it was the same 17 year old who had fled Calgary along with Kyle McKee who was a prime suspect in the IED attack that occurred a few days after the vandalism took place. McKee was captured in Winnipeg in December (and returned to Calgary a little later) to face trial. The 17 year old was taken into custody in Winnipeg on the vandalism and hate charges in March 2010.

Today that individual plead guilty:
Calgary teen's hate crime conviction a 1st 
Last Updated: Friday, September 3, 2010 | 11:59 AM MT
CBC News
A teen who admitted spraying anti-Jewish slogans in southwest Calgary is the first person in the city to be convicted of a hate crime, according to police. 
Anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas were spray-painted on a Holocaust memorial and a synagogue in Pump Hill and Woodbine in November 2009 — crimes captured by video surveillance cameras.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Intimidation: Paul Fromm Approved

We continue to follow Paulie's efforts to use the arrival of Tamil migrants as a means of sowing xenophobia in Canada. In reality, not many people are really paying that much attention to the Tamil refugees in spite of Paulie's best efforts, but that's neither here nor there right now.

As our dear readers know, Paulie is a shameless self-promoter. Be it in the mainstream media, or via sites such as Stormfront, Fromm has been telling everyone who will listen that he and the people he's associated with are merely looking to maintain Canadian sovereignty as the hordes of unwashed, brown-skinned barbarians are banging at the front gates.

Paulie is even claims concern for the Tamil community already in Canada: