Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don Andrews Courting Public Humiliation By Running For Mayor. Again

Don, Don, Don.....

We'd asked if you had any dignity remaining after your other public humiliations, but we're afraid that would have been a rhetorical question.

Yes, Donald Andrews, "leader" of the Nationalist Party of Canada, is running for mayor.

I registered as a candidate for Mayor of the City of Toronto on January 8th. I fancy the number eight as my lucky number

Hold the presses! Actually, that's one of Donnie's big complaints. Seems the Toronto media isn't taking Mr. Andrews' run seriously and he is righteously outraged!

We wish to protest to you and your newspaper the injustice of failing to mention the candidacy of Don Andrews for Mayor of Toronto in your coverage of the Toronto 2010 Municipal Election.

It is the height of unfairness and bias when the news media only focuses on one or two "approved" candidates and deliberately misinforms the voters by censoring or omitting coverage or even mention of all those who legally register as Mayoralty candidates.

We ask that you publish a full and complete list of all candidates for Mayor of Toronto and update it when needed, so that all voters are fully and fairly informed.

Toronto, Ontario
January 9, 2010

Don Andrews is quite familiar with another individual who frequents these pages. Don and Paul Fromm both go way back together and founding members/founders of the Edmund Burke Society, later the overtly neo-Nazi Western Guard. While a member of the Western Guard, Donnie was sentenced to two years in prison for conspiring to murder members of the Israeli soccer team and was the first person in Canada to ever be charged for willfully promoting hatred in 1975.

But whereas Paulie gets to hobnob with White Nationalist luminaries like Kyle McKee, Kevin Goudreau and Terry Tremaine, poor Donnie has almost been forgotten. Except for his (or his little buddy Bob Smith's) pathetic election campaigns.

Keep on reaching for that rainbow Donnie!


TorontoSHARP said...

I wonder if it's too late to ask Enza Anderson to run...

Anonymous said...

Good luck...

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those DIY Geocities-style websites. Big throwback to the early 1990s. Which, as a coincidence, is the last time Don Andrews had any political relevancy.

Anonymous said...

Well, he does have a point. When I was a small-town journo, every candidate in an election got their 6 column inches and a headshot, regardless of how far on the fringe they were. It helped identify the crazies.

Oh, and Enza is running for Kyle Rea's seat. Err, empty council position...