Sunday, January 24, 2010

Richard Martin In Jail. Girlfriend Out On Bail

It's been a while since we've discussed Richard Martin (whom we lovingly refer to as Lurch). Our readers were first introduced to Martin as a result of his vandalizing a store in Toronto and posting the pictures on Facebook. Later, his friends tried to defend him. So we laughed and made fun of them. Twice.

We had sent the information to the police in Toronto, but we're not sure if they did anything. And who could blame them? It's not as if we sent them pictures of Martin in the act of setting fire to a flag at the business. Oh, we did do that? Our bad.

Well, an alert reader let us know that Richard is currently in jail and asked if we knew why:

A little digging around on "Izzy's" profile lead us to this post:

If our readers have any more details, we'd be very, very interested in learning more about the circumstances behind Martin's current incarceration.

Have we mentioned that he's yet another person in legal trouble who is associated with Paul Fromm?


Anonymous said...

FYI, assuming his matter is in Toronto, if you call the clerks' offices at the various Toronto court houses you can ask when Martin's next appearance is.

Old City Hall court: 416-327-6171
College Park court: 416-325-8950
Old Finch court: 416-314-4209
Scarborough court: 416-325-0983
New Finch court: 416-314-3962
Jarvis court: 416-327-6876

A lil' birdie is sharing you with this. A (young) "legal eagle" some might say. ;) Good luck!

nos200 said...

Oh, we simply couldn't pass up this opportunity. We're sure the above anonymous comment will drive the speechies nuts!

Hmmm, who is this little birdie? Likely not who you think it is, but it certainly will be fun to watch you all fall over yourselves in righteous indignation over it.

Let the games begin!