Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paul Fromm and the Company He Keeps: Kevin Goudreau

So the racists are continuing to behave as expected in the aftermath of the catastrophe in Haiti (again, we urge our readers to continue to support aid agencies who are raising money for Haitian relief). They also continue to put their feet in their mouths. Case in point a Stormfront member maligning not only Haiti, but also the Dominican Republic and every other nation in the Caribbean:

This particular post reminded of someone. We couldn't put our fingers on in it immediately, but then we remembered a recent Paul Fromm photograph.

Here is Paulie sunning his svelte, tanned torso after having been beached on the shores of the Dominican Republic. Our best guess is he was trying to avoid anyone named Queequeg and, according to "patientman" perhaps looking for a little something more?

Actually, while we might have a bit of fun with this, we really don't believe that Paulie would travel to the Dominican Republic to participate in the sex tourism industry; we think he'd be flustered and scandalized by such a prospect. That, and we think that most women being paid for sex have higher standards. However, his vacation in a "non-White" nation does highlight his hypocrisy concerning non-European travelers and immigrants to Western countries.

But, that's the Paulie we've come to know and loathe.

As he does whenever a major (or minor) event occurs in the news, Paulie is now trying to use it to further his own racist agenda. His recent posts on Facebook and Stormfront have been rife with anti-Hatian hatred, including this particular gem:

So craven is Paulie in his efforts to diminish the suffering of the "primitives" in Haiti as he derisively refers to them and to appeal to the base nature of some individuals that he's created a Facebook group to promote his case:

Now Paulie has claimed that he doesn't hate anyone, but then he attracts people like this to his group:

Ah, crazy Kevin Goudreau. Last time we really spoke about Goudreau he was alienating himself from everyone in the racist movement in Canada. Or so we thought. Seems he still has some friends, and one of those friends is Paul Fromm.


"But ARC Collective," We hear you cry, "Fromm thinks Goudreau is crazy and has said as such publicly! Even Fromm wouldn't foster a relationship with this nutbar!"

We hear you, and at one point would have agreed. In fact, not a year has passed when Fromm said this about Goudreau who had apparently come completely unglued after his breakup with Alicia Reckzin:

He's a serious whack job and has been for over 12 years. He's spouting fool drool.

However, things appear to have changed in their relationship.

"Oh please! Just because Goudreau posted a message on Fromm's Facebook group doesn't mean that they're buddies now. You're grasping at straws!"

Now, now, no need to shout. We have more evidence. Goudreau is also claiming to have spoken at a meeting organized by Paulie this past January 15:

Now, we can anticipate the next argument:

"Yes, but Goudreau is delusional! This is a guy who thinks he's going to win elective office, has a weird obsession with Facebook (yes, pot calling kettle black here, we know) and flies off the handle at ever slight, perceived or otherwise. Not to mention, he's creepy as hell!"

Yes, we get that. But that no longer seems to bother Paulie:

So in other words, a guy who said this and this is considered now to be a valuable ally of Paul Fromm.

Paulie, we knew times for you were rough, but we never thought you'd sink to this level. It would almost be sad if it weren't as funny as hell.


TorontoSHARP said...

I have no idea who has the smaller darker colder emptier heart, Big Fat Paulie, or Scrotumhead (Goudreau)

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm...what religion/faith uses the term "fight fire with fire" when referencing demons? Now...I could be wrong...I work full time ministry... but, Jesus says the exact opposite of that when accused of being in league with "beelzebul" to cast out demons, you know the famous line. A house divided amongst itself cannot stand (Lincoln used it in a speech, Mark 3:20-27 for any interested in the reference).

How does this guy get to give a talk anywhere? He must keep his notes under lock and key because his grammar is atrocious. Paulie must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel now. It would seem two of his impressionable young minds being in prison has lead him to perhaps another life to manipulate and suck dry like the vampire he is.

Anonymous said...

hahaha goofdreau is funny more please!!

Anonymous said...

I think we should ship out Paul Fromm and make more room for new immigrants.

Anonymous said...

I think the nazis hate Goudreau more than any anti-racist activist. That dude is on crack.

Y_I_Otter said...

If there's a Canadian WP loonie who, if you didn't pay attention to this stuff, would next appear on your nightly news for having done something really, really stupid, Goudreau's that guy.

People like Fromm will take whatever they can get. He wouldn't touch somebody like Kevin with a barge pole ideologically, ordinarily, because Goudreau's as loose as cannons get; but in the small-n nazi world his sort inhabits, Fromm will take whatever butts-on-seats he can get.

Lord knows, anyone with functioning critical faculties wouldn't have anything to do with Fromm, so he'll latch onto anyone, even an idiot like a Goudreau, who's willing to consider him some kind of racialist big-shot.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is a joke. Bill Noble and him should start a skinhead crew.

Ranadinn said...

I like these two. They do wonders for the anti-racist groups. With idiots like them spewing their hatred like that, with such extreme views. Forces those who would normally not speak out against racists to take a stand and say No.