Monday, January 25, 2010

You Think We're Getting Under Their Skin? Boneheads Talk About the ARC Collective

Well, "talk" might not be an apt term. Cry, whine, bitch, drool, utter monosyllabic grunts, draw stick figures with big "x" marks over them.... these might all be more accurate.

First, we received a note from one of our fans who goes by the name "Scarborough":
anti racist canada is a joke all talk to action get all the imformation u need to do somthing and just dont i dont get the whole point of this you are all fucking morons last time u guys came to scarborough posting pics you fled like babys pull up your socks boys get a new game plan cuae youo are acomplishing absolutly nothing but invading privacy or people fucking communist pigs

It's Mike Gaio, isn't it? Come on! It's got to be Gaio!

Shall we dissect? Yes, we believe we shall:

anti racist canada is a joke

Naw, you want to hear a joke? Did you hear the one about the bonehead who was made to sit in a puddle and slap himself? You have? Well then, we won't repeat ourselves then.

all talk to action get all the imformation u need to do somthing and just dont

Except write exceptionally witty responses to witless boneheads.

i dont get the whole point of this

Ridicule. Fun at your expense. Feeling better about ourselves because no matter how shitty our day may have been, we can look here and thank every god or goddess in every pantheon that has ever or will ever exist that at least we aren't you. You know, just for kicks.

you are all fucking morons

We'll just wait to allow the irony of this statement sink in for a little while.

last time u guys came to scarborough posting pics you fled like babys

Was that before or after the puddle incident?

pull up your socks boys get a new game plan cuae youo are acomplishing absolutly nothing

Jesus, are you writing in Esperanto now? Can we buy a vowel Pat? Or at least rearrange the letters in a way that would at least approximate English?

but invading privacy or people fucking communist pigs

The only communist pigs we know of are featured in Animal Farm and, while we don't know that you do on your weekends, but we sure as hell wouldn't want to engage in unnatural congress with barn animals.... though it would seem that Izzy would.

Okay, enough of that.

On Stormfront, "Black Sonnen" (who is surely, definitely, not Natalie S. Nope, not her at all) has developed some very interesting theories about the ARC Collective:

So, we are a well funded team of elite ADL or JDL operatives, but no one pays any attention to us and for all our funding, we've opted to use a free blog service?

Let that bit of logic rattle around your brain for a while.

In Blood & Honour forum news, user "14aryan88" has had enough of us parasitic bastards. Ouch! That sort of hurt you big meanie!

User "14aryan88" goes by the name "aryan1488" on the Aryan Guard forums but his mama named him Bernie Miller.

So, remember that message you sent to us bragging that we'll never figure out who you are? How's that going for you Bernie?

Of course, we couldn't end this article without a grand finale, and who but the "Aryan God" himself will best be able to provide that to us. Seems that Kevin Goudreau didn't like our last article in which he was featured:

This is merely the most recent of his rants regarding the ARC Collective. And as entertaining as it is, it pales in comparison to some of his other rants during the last couple of days:

So Kevin is offering to meet gay men in dark alleys? Uhm, that's not really how it works Kevin? We spoke to our gay friends and they told us that's not an appropriate first date. Or any date for that matter. They suggest if you're interested in a guy, that you should find out what he's interested in. Take him to dinner or a movie. Share your inner feelings. They also told us that none of them are interested in anonymous sexual encounters with strangers in dark alleys, but, even if they were, you would certainly not be counted amongst those whom they would consider. You know, on account of you being bat fucking insane and all.

Oh, the name that was blacked out. That's the "Nazi Mom" of the Winnipeg child custody dispute again. Seems that Kevin has some unresolved issues with the "Nazi Mom" stemming from when he was stalking both her and Alicia Reckzin. He might also be upset that a conversation with her was recorded and posted by Bill Noble to YouTube so that all could bask in Kevin's Dec-like splendor.

In fact, Kevin is not through with "Nazi Mom" or Ms. Reckzin:

So to recap, Goudreau:
  • Says were stroking his ego (in light of his dark alley reference, that takes on an altogether different, and decidedly creepy, connotation).
  • Claims that we're increasing his membership, which could only mean that someone has stopped taking his anti-psychotic medication.
  • Calls the "Nazi Mom" a pig and then intimates that someone will soon shoot her.
  • Note that he has an infiltrator on his Facebook profile. Wow. The broken clock has finally gotten one right.
Did we mention that Goudreau and the "Nazi Mom" are friends with Paul Fromm?

Last, but certainly not least, the status update did result in perhaps the most ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious exchanges we've seen yet from Goudreau. In fact, we're trying to decide who is the most pathetic, Goudreau for his outrageous, transparent falsehoods or the person who seems to believe them. No commentary. Sit back, relax and enjoy:

How could we possibly follow that up?


Anonymous said...

Why do you think Black Sonnen is Natalie? He's talking about his skinhead days in Portland?

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear lord WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT GUY? I can't believe people actually listen to him with that being said it is utterly hilarious!

Aryan Avenger. LOL said...

I just read that Kevin thought a black woman drugged him, then tried to rape him at HIS own party?

So Kevin, being the uber-Nationalist that you are, why the heck are you partying with black people? Or are you going to use the excuse "somebody else brought her", in which it could be replied as : "Why the heck you partying with people who have multi-racial friends?"

Oh oh oh wait. I forgot, you were after all banging that Jewish girl, Reckzin (sp?).

Guess your wedding vegetables aren't racist. Kevin, you are a joke, you are joke within bonehead circles.

AuntieFA said...

You guys should do what I do with written threats and semi-insulting material: grade them, the same way your English 30 teacher would, and send it back. It usually gets the hampster wheel turning backwards.....

Newsflash: All the Thorazine and Halperidol in the world cant fix these boneheads. Some broken things cannot be fixed....

Thanks ARC for another outrageously amusing article :)

Anonymous said...

Keep the heat on the boneheads!!
I think your doing a fine job...
but I need to stop reading your blog so much. Its filling my soul with hate for the nazi scum and I don't like how it feels. I cant imagine how these boneheads can live with all that hate inside of them. You are doing an important job, thank you for what you do!

Anonymous said...

If you guys are a well funded operation, can I receive compensation for contributing to the user activity on this blog? lol

Anonymous said...

To other Anon- Black Sonnen is Natalie. For sure. Same profile pic, and for someone from Twin Falls she mostly comments on Canadian stuff. She was also one of the first to jump to Reitmeier's defense when the pic of him and Cage came up ("Skinheads can have a sense of humour," she said). The "My skinhead days in Portland" stuff is her trying to hide her identity. Fortunately for us, she's way too stupid to do so effectively.

See you around school, Good luck keeping who you are under wraps. After all, even if you do succeed in throwing off the attention you're getting, it just goes to show that your racist beliefs are something to be ashamed of, and that you'll never get anywhere in life by blaming your problems on people who happen to have a different colour of skin than you. You're such a loser.

Anonymous said...

no wonder his panties are in a bunch, looks like goofy and aryanna (is that her real name?? my lord.) might be having some problems? maybe she didn't want to live a docile life where the only purpose of the ns white woman is to procreate white babies with dummies.

or maybe not. from her facebook profile it looks like she has ZERO identity separate from this psychotic albatross. too sad.

but seriously. all those stories, goudreau? sounds a bit more like FANTASIES to me...

my favourite thing is how these guys flip out about ARC on their forums for being violent, while nearly always punctuating these *exhilarating* crescendos of stupidity with a gun-toting smiley.

"all talk to action" indeed, scarborough ;) it's way more fun to watch goudreau post online about how he's going to shoot other nazis in the head. please, take care of each other.

umm, popcorn. stat.

Anonymous said...

@Anon7: Considering the politics between AG and WEB, why do you think Natalie would be defending a member of WEB?

nos200 said...

Boneheads aren't always known for their consistency.

Anonymous said...

the writing styles are different as well.

nos200 said...

Considering some of our members have over 1000 posts on Stormfront over the past three years, it's not that hard to change your writing style to suit the purpose at hand. We just make more spelling mistakes and use poor grammar.

And to answer the inevitable accusation, nope, nothing that we have posted would be suspect under section 13 or the criminal code. We know the line, and we don't even approach it.

BK. said...

While Natalie seems pretty fucking crazy, I don't think she's entirely stupid. And anyways, it's pretty frickin' easy to change one's writing style and throw in small details (like the Portland bit) when posting under a fake account.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Goudreau at 7:55am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
"Irrelavent its entrapment and you made me do it and gave sexy replies. Iv saved everything and [Nazi Mom] loves me now so get lost.your a sore loser!"

Nazi mum loves him... so why all the hate?

Kevin Goudreau at 8:13am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
"Ill testify with the black chick to crucify you!"

hummm there's some white pride for ya

Kevin Goudreau at 8:09am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
"Your facebook games are being anylised as we speak lol your so blond!"

You're so blonde? I thought that was a good thing? Blonde hair blue eyes?

am I wrong? I thought that was Hitler's "wet dream" no?

And there is a thing called spell check doofus, USE IT!

Anonymous said...

Kevin G. is wingnut. Read his post on Stormfront, entitled "What will you do for your race?"

Kevin, have you forgot you were dating a Jewish anti racist? So far, you have done jack all for your race, if anything you are doing things you are suppose to be against.

You're a moron. Least Noble will have some company.