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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Goudreau Goes Off the Rails

So it looks like the on again, off again, on again, off again, on again etc relationship between Kevin Goudreau and Alicia Reckzin is finally and most emphatically off for good and has been for about a month. And Goudreau did not deal with it well. At all.

A few points before we continue. We really don't care at all about either one of the sad, pathetic individuals involved in this case. Both are deserving of ridicule and scorn. However this turn of events over the last few weeks presents us with an opportunity to heap yet more scorn on Goudreau who has pretty much burnt every single bridge with anyone in the racist movement in Canada.

As for Reckzin, as crazy as some of his ramblings are, Goudreau did manage to hit on some truths regarding his past paramour. Reckzin has also made some comments regarding claims to having "contacts" within ARC. Let us be very clear about this, Ms. Reckzin. You have no contacts within ARC. You know not a single person who is involved with ARC. When you are claiming that you do have contacts, you are either willfully lying or have managed to mislead yourself. Regarding your recent questions for us, the answers are all no.

Oh, and we told you so.

As we care so little about these fools, we aren't going to bother with a long write up ourselves. Instead we'll post the content of a discussion we picked up on the Facebook profile of a person named Kelsey:

kelsey Wow. What a loser. You can't say goodbye? 5:44am - Comment - LikeUnlike - Show Feedback (53)Hide Feedback (53) Kevin Goudreau at 6:13am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Wow your dumb! your the last one to see through alicias lies! Youll see when you awake 4 reals me luv! Shes stealing Me Lucky Charmss again! That Gypsy!
Kevin M. O at 6:22am March 8
oh please!, would someone please duct tapes this boys mouth shut before he does even more damage to himself!
Kevin Goudreau at 6:24am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
You know id crush you like a bug! Zip it boy!
Alicia Reckzin at 6:25am March 8
Kevin Goudreau at 6:29am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
They all want me and iv got the ones back that you lied to! Hows the cocaine tonight?your gypsy nose running again? Or you doing Extacy again?! Witch is it?!
Alicia Reckzin at 6:30am March 8
Hahahahaha... are fucked up... Dont be thinking you are coming near me tomorrow cocksucker DONT
Kevin Goudreau at 6:33am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Youll suck my cock if i got you blow and everyone in Ottawa knows that! Kevin M. O at 6:34am March 8
Jeez Boy! Go back to sudbury
Alicia Reckzin at 6:34am March 8
Wow.. you alre really something. Watch your back goudreau... you are going to need to.
Kevin M. O at 6:35am March 8
charming, I can see why all the girls are running AWAY from you! lame ass excuse for a human.
Kevin Goudreau at 6:40am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Tell them when your sun found you dead and overdosed suicide attempt with coke and heroine! She smashed her new car flying on coke and booz trying 2 kill herself again? She sucked cock 4 cocaine after her husband left and was sick of it!
Alicia Reckzin at 6:42am March 8
OMG you are incredible and you better fucking be leaving ottawa soon
Kevin Goudreau at 6:48am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Your gone cokewhore!
Alicia Reckzin at 6:49am March 8
Bring your fuckingl army little man,,,
Kevin Goudreau at 6:49am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Iv told my people in low placess if they ssell it 2 you again theyre dead!
Kevin Goudreau at 6:51am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Iv got friends in high and low places to save our relationship and you and its 4 your own good!
Kevin Goudreau at 6:52am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
I have an army helping you! Dont you get that!?
Kevin Goudreau at 6:53am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
I love you! I wana save my queen! Retard!
Alicia Reckzin at 6:59am March 8
you are dead to me. DEAD. This gals wall that you are acting like a retard on is 18 years old. Why dont you attempt to find some kind of intellingence in that ego filled head of yours to stop this nonsense. No one is impressed, the only reason anyone is even interested is because you are turning this into a freak show. Now leave Kelsley alonem leave me alone and just go to bed for christ sakes
Kevin Goudreau at 7:04am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
You Murdered Scott Bristow bitch and you put the needle and killed your second husband with your drugs! Admit it the rest of the world! Lilmiss Courtney Love! (hot) by the way,thats how the devil gets us)
Alicia Reckzin at 7:04am March 8
you better get a fucking lawyer.......
Kevin Goudreau at 7:06am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
We had a date! Tomorrow! Why do you do this lying krapp! Just stop the lies! Its not cute anymore! Your a danger to yourself and everyone around you!
Kevin Goudreau at 7:10am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Check yourself in to the detox or nuthouse as usual!please dont kill yourself! This is Divine Intervention! Please! Let me help you! Im worried sick! Your mind is sick! Im begging you to stop this madness!
Kevin Goudreau at 7:12am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Im telling the truth so no lawyer can touch me!
Kevin Goudreau at 7:14am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
How does your medicine taste?! Like it?! Truth Hurt?! Iv got an army of witnesses to your lies! And who you relly are!
Kevin Goudreau at 7:17am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
I keep being and kissing your hotass but you keep playing your controlling games! You dont do that to a fiance and one you love! You lie 2 everyone about us and im sick of your bullshit!
Alicia Reckzin at 7:18am March 8
kevin scott killed himself, you were not a part of this city then. My second husband lives in Aylmer. Is this what you did to marianne and then of course you had to do time for criminal harrassment?.. you better get ready for round 2 cause you are very out of line. .... Now that I have spoken to all of your ex's kevin I can see your pathology quite well You really need help very badly. You are not a well man. You and your devine intervention, talking to my dead grandfather and now this and you have the nerve to call me a duggie that needs help? I was feeling sorry for you but I not longer am. You really are a joke.... and not a very funny one either.
Kevin Goudreau at 7:36am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Marianne and I still talk you dummy! Lmwao! She taught me to defend myself against you! Shes your older twin!
Alicia Reckzin at 7:41am March 8
i give up... you are really a loser fuck in the ass... see ya .. we did not have fun and I wont remember you fondly if at all.
Kevin Goudreau at 7:41am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Marianne was a whore not coke whore! Shes a fancy wine whore but i love my ones like you and you always trapp me like a black widow! Iv talked 2 my ex 10 times since i left her in toronto and is on my call display still so f you! Lmwao! Your cute when your mad and lose your lying and crying games like a wee baby! :p
Alicia Reckzin at 7:43am March 8
we will see if the police agree
Kevin Goudreau at 7:44am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
You will think of me 88 years from now and i will be your last thought b4 you pass away.
Alicia Reckzin at 7:45am March 8
Kevin Goudreau at 7:46am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
They will! Trust me they know her well!
Kevin Goudreau at 7:49am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Yeah and? Know they all will masterbate to me, your not as smart as you pretend to be.
Alicia Reckzin at 7:49am March 8
no kevin.. those are the messages that you have been sending me and [Nazi Mom] and now are going to the polic,e you know the ones with all the sexual references... . if jail is what you speak, then jaiil is what language I can talk.
Kevin Goudreau at 7:51am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
The coppers Hate you Trashia! You got a warrant 4 your arrest dummy!
Alicia Reckzin at 7:53am March 8
No I do not fuck your really are a very low burning bulb... Fuck.
Kevin Goudreau at 7:55am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Irrelavent its entrapment and you made me do it and gave sexy replies. Iv saved everything and [Nazi Mom] loves me now so get lost.your a sore loser!
Alicia Reckzin at 7:56am March 8
[Nazi Mom] loves you now.... I dont know but I bet your are going to have als fucking boots in your ass.
Alicia Reckzin at 7:58am March 8
you have everything... hey DUH go look around all of those text messages are all over fb... including where you brag about killing people and pissing in their wounds... no intrapment there wanker
Kevin Goudreau at 8:00am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Lmwao! I saved all voicemails from both of you and sexy yes yes yes messages 4 this occasion! Youll be arrested for fabricating evidence and obstruction of justice. Dont involve [Nazi Mom]! Stop using other people to play your sick games!
Kevin Goudreau at 8:04am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Lmwao! Your dumb! I set you up! I got the ok to have you arrested if i ask.
Alicia Reckzin at 8:05am March 8
Bill and [Nazi Mom] are on tape
Kevin Goudreau at 8:09am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Your facebook games are being anylised as we speak lol your so blond! cops hate drug dealers and anti-cop people like you, they know what you say and how much you hate them and what your like. You beat a black chick with the bat that i have hidden among other evidence.
Alicia Reckzin at 8:11am March 8
for abusing her child.. oh my arent I terrible. Ok fuckwad, see in court
Kevin Goudreau at 8:13am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Ill testify with the black chick to crucify you! Lol iv got your bat and you beat her 4 nothing in a coke deal gone bad and she didnt thow her baby! I knew it was recorded! I wanted to see whos who and now i know the traitors are. Your Anti or ex anti Lapdogs! Lmwao!
Alicia Reckzin at 8:16am March 8
Wow, you will testify with a black chick? The great white nationalist... DID EVERYONE HEAR THAT? hahahahahah. Knob
Kevin Goudreau at 8:17am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Your Nato clearance is going to be revoked if you dont stop this passive aggressive temper tantrum of lies and deceit!
Alicia Reckzin at 8:18am March 8
Hahahaha.... hahaha. Lies? You are the greatest liar I have ever met kevin.
Kevin Goudreau at 8:31am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
Your the worst liar! And everyone knows about your love of vaginas and why your trying to take my sisters!
Alicia Reckzin at 8:33am March 8
OMG.....hahaha It was not me that said I was going to lick anyone... Im done, its impossible to argue against your pethitic insecurity
Kevin Goudreau at 8:36am March 8 via Facebook Mobile
You wana have sex with them! Your bi-sexual! You love them sexually i see them as soldiers and politicians! You beat her with a bat on E and coke and she didnt throw her baby! You changed the story too many times and your a drunk and an druggie and im klean and sober.
Alicia Reckzin at 8:37am March 8
And crazier than a soup sandwich there nutter
At roughly the same time this was going on, Kevin had started harassing the Winnipeg "Nazi Mom" by sending increasingly sexually explicit text messages (pictures of which were uploaded to a website affiliated with the Aryan Guard). Hey, you have to be an especially vile creature to be able to do anything that would make us even slighly sympathetic towards "Nazi Mom" (who from what we hear is now living in Ottawa). One thing that we find interesting is that Paul Fromm apparently knew of Goudreau for at least the past 12 years, however it seems that although he knew what kind of person Goudreau was, he didn't seem to think he should warn anyone. On March 8, Fromm is quoted as saying:
He's a serious whack job and has been for over 12 years. He's spouting fool drool.
Then again that knowledge didn't stop Fromm from having his picture taken with Goudreau and Reckzin during the Ian Verner Macdonald civil case against Warren Kinsella or, we presume, warning Reckzin that Goudreau was a wack job: And with that we hope our readers excuse us for now saying that we have closed the book on Kevin Goudreau. He's no longer worth talking about, though he truly never really was worth much. As for Reckin, we'd also prefer to watch her slide into obscurity as well.


Anonymous said...

And people wonder why I cancelled my membership on that web site...................

Anonymous said...

Im curious as to know what "Army" this wanker has working under him. Maybe you reds can enlighten us on that. He seems like a bumbling retard on this side of the country!

Anonymous said...

Are...are they drunk? They're either drunk or high and posting angry messages on facebook. That's a sign if there is ever one...

Anonymous said...

why don't you post any of our comments??

great article but you are missing all the good stuff believe it or not hahaha

Nosferatu200 said...

Well we can't be on the computer 24/7 now, can we?

We know there is a lot that we didn't include in the article, but in the end we figured that this was enough to tell the story. We MAY add some more pictures later, but that will likely be it. Honestly, even looking at this article gives some of our contributors a rash.

Anonymous said...

Left middle or right...all can agree that goofdreau is nuttier than a brazil nut tree!

Anonymous said...

"You will think of me 88 years from now and i will be your last thought b4 you pass away."

I like how he threw the 88 in there. What a fool. He's on the same level as the AG.

Anonymous said...

I find it highly amusing that someone who refers to himself as the "Aryan God" has actually had the ability to unite the WP and Antifa activists in a mutual hate!

Anonymous said...

I almost didn't make it through this thing, their spelling mistakes were just atrocious!

Hiraeth said...

What a disgrace...

Anonymous said...

y'know, in the reckzin/burdi "trade" i think we came out way ahead. at least burdi can play an instrument.

Nosferatu200 said...

Damn it. We meant to publish the comment that was left here regarding the Burdi/Goudreau trade but instead of hitting post we hit reject.

Sorry. Just so you know, we appreciated it and laughed too.

sigrune said...

Fromm is really scraping the bottom of the barrel...Goudreau on the Fromm speaking tour; what a joke.