Sunday, March 22, 2009

Concerning Comments

Since we posted the story about the Aryan Guard march that occurred yesterday, we've been inundated with comments. These comments run the gambit of ideological positions:
  • From those who support the police to those who condemn them for brutality.
  • People sending us email addresses to provide pictures of the events.
  • Debate over the number of Aryan Guard members and supporters who attended (these numbers now range between 30 and 120, though a safer range is likely between 40 and 60).
  • Discussions over the use of violence, who started the confrontations and how anti-racists should respond.
We actually can't keep up with it all at this point so if you left us a comment and it hasn't posted, that isn't necessarily because we refuse to publish it. It could be that it was just lost in the shuffle. Or, if you left an email and we haven't gotten back to you yet, it might be because we've lost track of it amongst all the other requests we've received to contact people (if we don't respond in the next couple of days, try us again).

However, if you're a supporter of the Aryan Guard, don't expect us to give you a forum. You have your own. For you we suggest going out to play in traffic.

In the meantime, we had a request to provide the link to a video of the event on YouTube. Enjoy.