Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will Fromm Be in Calgary on March 21? Oh, and Brad Love Was Arrested Tonight

We received a note that Paul Fromm might be in Calgary giving a speech to supporter (likely Aryan Guard) sometime in the next few days with March 21 being the most likely time. Again, we haven't received any confirmation if this is true or now.

One thing we can confirm is that Fromm will soon be writing another missive on Stormfront about another "persecuted free speech" advocate.

More on that later.

Brad Love with Melissa Guille.

UPDATE: And now that the deed is done, we can report that Brad Love was arrested this evening at a a speaking engagement in Toronto being held by Paul Fromm. Those outstanding warrants are a bitch man.

Brad Love working in Ft. McMurray - likely 2006

And how did this all come to pass and how did we find out so quickly? To answer the latter question, a little bird told us. As for the former:

1) This past Saturday afternoon, Doug Christie spoke at an "Alternative Forum" held in Scarborough.

2) Anti-racists found out about the event when ... whoever fourhorses (Lemire?) posted an announcement on Free Dominion (it was quickly removed).

3) A brawl broke out between the new, previously unheard from anti-racist group and members of the Northern Alliance and the Eastend Bootboys. The boneheads panicked and called the cops.

4) Police arrived and Paul Fromm supporters, worried about a possible confrontation at Brad Love's hate-in on Thursday, asked the cops to come to the planned Etobicoke forum just in case.

5) The Scarborough venue had banned Fromm from having any further events there.

6) The cops did some background checking and realized that Love was wanted in Toronto on outstanding warrants.

7) Cops, with the media in tow, busted Love at the event and are now holding him.

September 12, 2004 Rally for Ernst Zundel in Toronto


Anonymous said...

Paul's radio show is hilarious tonight. We learned that Paul was not interested in the size of the arresting cop's prophylactics - well, I'm sure the cop's relieved about that.

noonespecial200 said...

He's in rare form tonight. Hilarious.

noonespecial200 said...

And god damn! What the hell is that screeching noise in the background? Is Diane in heat or something?

Anonymous said...

that screeching sound is his train of thought coming off the rails.

hey, see you all tomorrow!

10 a.m. calgary city hall


Anonymous said...


Don't you just love how things like that happen? I wonder if the cops checked more attendees' records, what would've happened?

They would have had to call in back-up cause they wouldn't have had enough space in their piggy-wagon!