Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christie and Fromm seek intervenor status in BC polygamy trial

Looks like Dougie has his finger in another pot.

B.C. polygamy trial draws odd list of interveners
By Daphne Bramham, Canwest News Service
January 27, 2010

VANCOUVER — A free-speech group allied with Holocaust deniers, women's advocates and fundamentalist Mormons are among those looking to have their say at a B.C. trial that will determine the constitutionality of Canada's anti-polygamy law.

They are seeking intervener status in the case, which would let them and the others call evidence and question witnesses during the B.C. Supreme Court trial.

In October, B.C. Attorney General Mike de Jong asked the B.C. Supreme Court to clarify the controversial anti-polygamy law, and rule on whether it violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.A date for the trial has not been set.

Winston Blackmore and James Oler — two men charged with practising polygamy more than a year ago — have sought intervener status. Charges against the men were eventually quashed.

Blackmore is the leader of one faction of fundamentalist Mormons living in the community of Bountiful in southeastern British Columbia.

Oler is the Canadian bishop of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is led by Warren Jeffs. Jeffs has been convicted in Utah as an accomplice to rape and is in jail in Arizona awaiting trial on similar charges there. He has also been charged federally for evading prosecution and for other sex-related crimes in Texas.

In addition to Oler and Blackmore, the Canadian Association for Free Expression has registered for intervener status.

It is represented by lawyer Doug Christie. On its website, the association describes Holocaust denier David Irving as a "a revisionist historian" who has been "banned by the thought police in Canada" and calls on the German government to release Ernst Zundel from prison. Zundel is another Holocaust denier who was deported from Canada.

The B.C. Teachers' Federation, which has long lobbied the government to enforce the anti-polygamy section of the Criminal Code in Bountiful, B.C., has applied for status, as has Nancy Mereska, who is the co-ordinator of the group Stop Polygamy in Canada. The West Coast Women's Legal Education and Action Fund has also signed up.

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Now, considering that at least Paulie has decried same sex marriage legislation in the recent past as an abomination, we wonder if, in the case of polygamy, if he's going to be fer't or agin't?

Then again, the residents are all White. Will that make a difference in their views?


UPDATE: We need to read more carfully. If CAFE is seeking intervener status, of course Paulie is as well.


LettucePrey said...

Aw. I appreciate the people of CAFE very much, but Polygamy? C'mon...
After all of these years of hearing/reading from members of CAFE and a number of their supporters that, "marriage is designed to unite man and woman... gay marriage is an abomination to God..." etc., I wouldn't have expected this. If I recall correctly, biblical scriptures strongly enforce faithful unity between one man and one woman, thus, nullifying the practices of homosexuality, infidelity/adultery and polygamy (Biblical scriptures may have mentioned polygamists such as King Solomon, but don't appear to endorse that lifestyle at all, especially as King Solomon's hundreds of wives turned him away from God)
In my opinion, this scenario should be treated in the same way that gay marriage and infidelity/adultery would be treated by its opposition, in all fairness (and also if CAFE and its supporters love Christ so much, as to continually address with contempt, Islam and Judaism's alleged anti-Christian doctrine as attacks against our nation and its founding values)

People must mind their representations and reputations carefully, and avoid contradictions of these to the best of their ability, especially when assuming the positions and roles that they have!

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents.
Fromm is a publicity craving racist kook.
His lawyer isn't much better.

Actually the two of them make a luverly couple.

I think that aside from the publicity, these white supremacist types want to see some kind of law that sanctions polygamy, but only for white men and women to "preserve their race."

Yeah, I think he's THAT nuts.

Anonymous said...

It should be up to the individual and not the state to decide on issues like this. Freedom includes the freedom to make wrong choices. We don't need civil servants defining morality for us, especially when they make a living from doing so.

Anonymous said...

Whose freedom and whose choices? Freedom does not include the right to rape and coerce. Nor can a "choice" be said to have been made, in the absence of other choices. Try growing up female in a polygamous cult and doing anything other than continuing that legacy.

Anonymous said...

alot of commenters miss other points in the discussion..for example.. legal polygamy screws up property rights in Canada and also the "right to speedy divorce"..because people in multiple conjugal unions will wait and wait and wait.. for one spouse to divorce first..before settling with another spouse.. for property rights..
Only Saskatchewan Canada allows polygamy and each (2) cases where they have legalized Canadian polygamy has caused incredible screwing of property between so called "extra" spouses". Get a divorce before getting another spouse and everything works then...