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Who Is Who in The Remains of the Aryan Guard and of W.E.B.

Considering the collapse of the Aryan Guard in late 2009, we thought we might begin our first article of 2010 with a very brief overview of who the key personalities are now and where they fit in to the two main groups in Calgary's changing bonehead scene.

First, the remnants of the Aryan Guard.

The year 2009 ended with the Aryan Guard in a bit of a free fall. The remaining founding member, Kyle McKee, was under arrest for attempted murder and weapons charges. The original members had left or had become inactive (such as Dallas Price and RN to name a few) leaving a few young teens left. There was also a schism which resulted in the formation of a splinter group going by the name Western European Bloodlines (W.E.B.).

Not long after the pipe bombing, the last remaining active Aryan Guard members (among them Bill Noble) disbanded the gang. However no sooner than the announcement that the Aryan Guard was no more was made, the decision was reversed and new leadership of the gang was made public. Bill Noble stated that he was no longer an Aryan Guard member, though he remains an administrator on the Aryan Guard forum. His "wife" Amy Fraser quit as forum administrator and asked for her account to be suspended. Two new administrators were introduced, "Aphrodite" and "Hans Krieger":

While he would like us to address him as Hans Krieger, we'd rather call him by the name his mama gave him:

Meet Rick R. (left) standing beside McKee back in October. Their Halloween costumes, in retrospect, seem especially appropriate now. Rick R. is the individual who was with McKee when he was found by the police while in Saskatchewan and on the run. The news reports claim that Rick. R was 17, however our files state that he is 18. We could be wrong, but until otherwise corrected this information with remain.

UPDATE:  Well after more than three years of being posted online, someone has now (as of June 15, 2013) claimed Rick R.was 17.

EVERY one of the photos above that include RICK [R.] need to be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY as when these photos were taken he was a MINOR, this I CAN and will PROVE...Therefore ILLEGAL.

Later followed up with:

The news reports are correct and your files are NOT. Rick was 17 years old at the time. And as I said, he was under 18 in ALL of the photos. AGAIN REMOVE ALL INFORMATION as he was a minor, at this time. IF you can find anything to write about since he turned 18 or photos feel free to post them...Good Luck. While I wait for these photos to be removed I will research what can be done legally for posting this information and photos. Thank-you for your prompt attention to these matters...if you are as smart as you think you are.  

Oh, we LOVE it when they threaten us with legal action!

We have notice that while the individual who contacted us claimed he or she would prove Rick R. was 17 at the time of the photos and the incident, there has been a failure to carry through.

But as we err on the side of caution, even when the person (who we presume if Rick R.) is acting Internet tough, we will remove the information for now.

A suggestion to Rick R. however. You don't want to appear on a website documenting hate groups and the crimes they engage in? Maybe you shouldn't have joined a hate group and committed criminal acts?

Food for thought.

Interestingly, Rick R. has significant links to boneheads in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia:

Sam Gaudet, "pecker", Nathan Robertson, Rick R., Mike Szpakowski
The other character, "Aphrodite" seems to have a pretty high opinion of herself, which isn't a surprise considering who she really is:


Why it's McKee's girlfriend Natalie S. Okay, so the inflated ego makes sense now.

Natalie. You aren't that pretty and you certainly aren't comparable to the goddess of love whom we all know looks like Vanna White.

Vanna White. A brilliant, but unappreciated thespian. Still can't believe she wasn't nominated for an Emmy for that role.

There are others with links to the Aryan Guard. Here are a few more in group photos:

Rick R., John Marleau, unknown, Jordan Hamelin, Kyle McKee, Jason Clark, Lee Ebel
Lee Ebel, unknown, Kyle McKee, Rick R., Jordan Hamelin, John Marleau
The other gang to pay attention to is the W.E.B. crew. Even among boneheads W.E.B. leaves a bad taste in the mouth given some of the members' alleged fondness for crack and meth. So who are the key members of W.E.B?

From left to right:

Kevin Brozny, a scene jumper who, not all that long ago, was an emo kid. He's also the jackoff in the white tank top who was trying to be intimidating during the last "White Pride" event last march.

Dustyn Johnson, a guy who hung out with the Aryan Guard not long ago and who has some aboriginal heritage.

Tyler Sturrup, one of the individuals targeted in the pipe bomb attack. In and out of jail (for such crimes as being caught stealing lobsters so he could watch them fight in a bath tub) he's a founding member of W.E.B.

Robert Reitmeier, one of the Aryan Guard's founding members and the founder of W.E.B. Reitmeier has been accused of attempted murder, has been shot in the stomach, stabbed in the leg by a former girlfriend, and has amassed a number of facial tattoos ensuring his future earning potential will be at best limited. And then there's the bad stuff.

And not pictured:

Alex S., a bonehead out of Lethbridge who attended the last White Pride march in 2009. Tattoo on his head looks like. Another Mensa candidate in other words.

James Brooks, punk, turned Nazi bonehead, turned punk Nazi. Has some hygiene issues it would seem. Acts as the spokesperson for the "Edmonton branch" of W.E.B.

In some ways it's difficult to believe that any of these clowns are a threat. In some ways they aren't. While they have delusions of grandeur, there's no chance that they'll ever assume the importance and power they believe is right around the corner. There will not be a National Socialist government in Canada (we don't like Harper or the Conservatives, but they hardly constitute a fascist regime) and definitely not a National Socialist government in which these people would hold influence. But be sure, they are threats to individuals and groups whom they victimize, most of whom never come forward for fear of reprisal. These are street thugs, but we do need to remain vigilant to protect our communities from their harmful activities.


nos200 said...

Yes we did. Not sure where we came up with Nathan.

Anonymous said...

anybody else notice the similarities between Rick and Dumbo?

Anonymous said...

your unknown is a minor

Anonymous said...

Will someone PLEASE buy McKee a sandwich?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

natalie doesnt look anything like that photo in real life

Anonymous said...

Anybody who takes WEB seriously, has more mental problems than them. :)

nos200 said...
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Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks that everything about these guys is completely gay? I spent many a year deep in the closet and can recognize closet case behaviour, and indeed these photos are all classic examples of pent-up want-of-same-sex-sex anxiety. These guys will all do very well in prison.

Anonymous said...

Jordan is a youth you fucking idiots! delete his name and get rid of his pics.
Do you enjoy runing childrens' lifes with ur pathetic little blog?

and Dusty is not native! look at him, he is white as snow ;)
you guys are just jealous because the W.E.B boys are sexy!(especially Rob. YUM!)
They're the true Skins of calgary!

See you in march ;)
HAHAHA Antifa!


nos200 said...

Jordan turned 18 in December and, as such, is legally an adult.

And if you're into tattooed freaks, well, no accounting for taste we suppose.

Anonymous said...

Dusty is metis, he doesn't even look white. And I am pretty sure Jordan ruined his own life.. not the ARC.

Troy-St-Long Lac said...

Are you fine people aware of this:

Anonymous said...

To the poster who thinks Dustyn is white ...why don't you ask him about the conversation with his Uncle about getting his status card.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you guys even talk about these wannabes. The HSN out east and the real B&H out west pay no attention to these goofs and are far more dangerous

Anonymous said...

Dusty is native, as well his grandfather or some elder in his family on his white side was on the SS in WWII.

As for WEB, only idiots get tattoos up to their nose or a giant swastika on their throat.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know why you guys even talk about these wannabes. The HSN out east and the real B&H out west pay no attention to these goofs and are far more dangerous"

And that leaves WEB in the middle? Come on HSN/BH recruit these fine citizens into your clans!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like marleau

Anonymous said...


Your team!

Anonymous said...

The commenter who is all hot to trot for Rob and the other W.E.B. boys is obviously the real deal and hardcore as f--k. Know how I know? Check his/her spelling of Sieg Heil.

If McKee wasn't in jail, I'd swear it was him. I haven't seen spelling or grammar that atrocious since I had the pleasure of reading a few of McKee's emails.

"runing childrens' lifes with ur pathetic little blog?" Come on! Kindergartners have better command of crayons than this clown does of a keyboard.

Yep. I'm shakin' in my boots while I wait to see what these folks can pull together for March 21st. I say we start a betting pool on how many land up in jail before then. Let's bet cookies! I make a mean double chocolate chip...

Anonymous said...

WEB is a joke aswell, junkie losers getting slapped around in remand. hey rob try hitting the gym before you form a half assed crew

Anonymous said...

'natalie doesnt look anything like that photo in real life'
No, she looks more like a drown rat.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ WEB picture. Least they aren't wearing their boots in the house.

BK. said...

I, myself, apprecieate how Natalie has the nerve to call herself "Aphrodite", which is the GREEK goddess of love, beauty, and sexual rapture.

1. Don't ya'll nutcases consider Greeks, a mediterranean culture, often marked by their olive skin tone, to not be white? So why would you go under the name of a goddess who is worshipped by so-called "non-whites". The sheer fact that she mixed Aphrodite up with the Roman goddess Venus kind of marked her down as less intelligent then she makes herself out to be, particularly since it's THE FIRST THING TO POP UP WHEN YOU USE GOOGLE. John might as well start calling himself Buddha.

2. Call this a low blow, but Natalie, you clearly do not love (anyone but yourself, that is), you do not, in any manner, represent beauty, and sexual rapture? I'm laughing.

While I will disagree with op of the comment 'natalie doesnt look anything like that photo in real life' (she does enough for friends and myself to recognize her in several of our classes, and the majority of us are blind and oblivious assholes), she does look a bit like a rat.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Goldring? Is he still in jail for murder?

Anonymous said...

Isnt James Brooks that kid who worked at Charisma and ended up getting fired because Simon and Mary were sick of how disgusting he smelt?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to say that it was very rude and low of the owner(s) of this blog to write this: "Natalie, you aren't that pretty". Well, I guess youre entitled to your opinion but it is very rude to post a comment like that on the internet.

nos200 said...

Hey, we never said she wasn't pretty. We just said she wasn't THAT pretty, at least not as mucch as she believes herself to be. She has a bit of an ego, dontcha know. ;)

Anonymous said...

You whine about how "rude" it is to point out how unattractive Natalie truly is, yet nobody says a thing when Rob, or anyone else is being slandered non-stop on their appearance? In all fairness have you seen Robs wife? shes HOT!

nos200 said...


Anonymous said...
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