Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Mainstream Media Catches Up

Good to see they're only a few days late.

Transit attack linked to white supremacists
By QMI Agency

CALGARY -- The man accused in a scary attack on a C-Train driver is linked to a local white supremacist group, according to sources.

The 22-year-old was arrested after a four-year transit veteran was chased by a knife-wielding man, narrowly escaping injury when he ran into a train cab and locked himself inside early Monday morning.

The man now charged in the attack is said to be an associate or member of the Aryan Guard, sources confirmed.

Transit and police officials said the attack unfolded when an emergency button in a C-Train was pushed about 1:30 a.m.

The driver, who sources confirmed is non-white, spoke to someone in that train via a two-way speaker who said the emergency activation was accidental.

After reaching 7 Ave. and 4 St. S.W., the operator went to the car to reset the emergency button and was confronted.

Police could not say whether he was lured, but officials did say they do not believe the suspect and person who told the operator there was no emergency are the same.

As the stranger rushed towards the operator, he ran to a nearby cab where he stayed until police arrived.

Officers received the same treatment from the menacing, knife-waving man.

It wasn't until they were forced to use a Taser to subdue him that he dropped the knife.

Police previously said they do not know the motivation behind the attack.

They and transit officials could not be reached last night to comment on whether they are looking into the possibility it was a racially motivated incident.

Officials previously said the incident appears to be a rare, albeit disturbing scenario.

John Richard Marleau, 22, is charged with numerous offences, including three counts of assault with a weapon and causing a disturbance.

And yes, we're being smug.


Anonymous said...

'Police previously said they do not know the motivation behind the attack.'


Kind Von Gott said...

What a fucking imbecile.

There is no intellectual likeness between myself and this man. I'm a national socialist sympathizer, not some "white" nationalist/supremacist/racist street thug saboteur.

This guy's a moot.

Way to chase after the whimpers of a distressed McKee, in hopes of proving your loyalty to a collective of morally incapacitated violent and destructive boneheads that have perpetually been poor demonstrations of a system that EVIDENTLY reaches FAR beyond their mental capacity.

Anyone, Any national socialist from ANY nation, who is worth protecting, with the capabilities to build a secure future for ALL children will refuse to join your corrupted ranks, and will be forced to slowly die because of wasteful, stupid, ignorant and illogical matter like YOU.

Fuck you, neo-nazi garbage.

AuntieFa said...

I would have paid money to watch Mr Aryan Lard jiggle like a big bowl of jello.

Anonymous said...

finally the canadian members of c18 have done "something" other than talk shit on the internet. hahahaha.

Q: What has John done for his race?
A: He's been arrested for trying to stab a nonwhite subway driver.

hahahahahah what a tool

MmChickenFillets said...

These neo-nazis are the anti-thesis of Johnny Appleseed, at least. Good riddance, seriously. Leave the rest to those who know what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

John IS NOT C-18... never has been never will be... he and all the Calgary "activists" are a disgrace to white pride everywhere we have no association with violent/waste of space groups like that, they should all move to California they'd fit in well with AFLS and other such bs junkie joke groups like them.

Make no mistake the Calgary movement is not protected by any other org whatsoever they are a joke WEB/AG they are all one in the same they are losers and pieces of trash (you know that stuff that you use a stick to clear off your shoe?that stuff you won't touch with your fingers... they're less then that!!)

Fuck Calgary and their BS movement they'll all be in jail by the end of March... btw is there a pool??

Anonymous said...

on october 14th, 2007, john marleau told me in person that he supported the deportation of all criminals.

i will gladly chip in $20 towards his boat fare.

Anonymous said...

I'll put $50 on the line that they're all in jail by march 18th the day after st.paddy's

Anonymous said...

"Officers received the same treatment from the menacing, knife-waving man."

I guess that means CPS won't be pressing any hate crimes charges yet again. Last I heard, their hate crimes hotline was out of service and they didn't give a shit.

BK. said...

I cannot stop laughing. What bleedin' morons. The entertainment goes on...
I can't wait to see what's next.