Saturday, January 16, 2010

In Defence of Section 13

We've been a bit busy (specifics are related to the natural and human catastrophe in Haiti) but we thought we'd provide our readers with the following link:

LEAF Submissions to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights: Review of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

LEAF is one of the largest and most respected woman's legal organization in Canada and has been involved in a great deal of the litigation advancing the rights of women over the years. The information found in the link contains a legal and historical background of section 13.


Anonymous said...

yeah LEAF. so awesome.

Harry and his Gypsy Accordion said...

Thanks for that. Too often the use of and history of hr legislation has been misunderstood. Also most media people rankle at the thought of outside forces compelling them to clean up their acts when tehir journalistic "ethcis" goes the hell and gone off the rails. Also, ifyou are a media "pundit" and have access to a big audience and the power to meaningfully influence public opinion, these HR provisions seem like an unnecessary imposition. Not to say there aren't problems with HRC processes...there are. Recently we've had problems with abuse of HRC processes, but this can be remedied. Problem is the yahoos who howl very loudly for the baby to be thrown out with the bathwater. Sadly, until this Lemire matter is settled, all of these expression cases are in limbo. We need to get this done and over with. Excellent paper. Thanks!