Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crisis In Haiti: Racists React According to Form

EDIT: If you're more interested in helping the people of Haiti than you are reading the views on the crisis of racists, go to the end of this article to the links. Please be generous.

Want to stick it to a Nazi? Donate to Haitian relief.

We, along with most of our readers, have been following coverage of the Haiti disaster. Between 50,000 and 500,000 men, women and children may be counted amongst the dead - the true extent of the loss of life is likely to be unknown for some time -- and millions more have been left with nothing.

When events such as that which has occurred in Haiti happen, it often brings out the best in people. Rather than looking at the irrelevancies of race, creed, nationality or politics, we look to try and help fellow human beings who are in desperate need for support. We can talk about the reasons for the systemic poverty in Haiti and the democracy deficit that helped to exasperate the problem, but this isn't the time. Right now people need to help the people of Haiti and so far we've seen people and groups from all sides of the political spectrum put aside petty arguments (for the most part) to get to the real matter at hand.

All, except for racists we cover here.

We debated whether or not to publish this story or the screen shots that will accompany it. In the end we decided to publish for two reasons:

First, these groups and people claim that they, "don't hate" anyone and that they are merely, "proud to be White." Events such as the Haitian catastrophe serve to elucidate the true character of these racists.

Second, perhaps reading the real views of these thugs once they've dropped the mask covering the true extent of their hatred will light a fire under some of our readership which result in more being done to help the people of Haiti.

Here now are the views to the Canadian racists who say they don't hate:

From Calgary's own Aryan Guard:

A Canadian poster on the Blood and Honour forums:

Canadian Stormfront members posts:

Don't worry Noble (above screen shot). We're more than pleased to provide the entirety of your comment so that the context isn't lost. It doesn't help.

Our resident delusional Nazi in Ottawa, Kevin Goudreau:

Another Calgary based Nazi sympathizer closely linked to members of the Aryan Guard (and who himself is a former inmate):

The defacto leader of Canada's racist movement Paul Fromm's views:

And, because we have some visitors from across the pond on occasion, here is the leader of the BNP Nick Griffin and some of the membership of the British Nationalist Party...

... followed by two more Brits:

By the way, the person who's name and face (partially) blacked out in the above screen shot is that of the "Nazi Mom" of the infamous Winnipeg Nazi custody case. You know, the one who claimed she never taught her children to hate anyone?

Now, if you've managed to get through this article and are completely disgusted (as a normal human being would be), we would ask our readers to take a look at the following links. We aren't interested in the politics of each individual organization. What is needed is immediate monetary assistance.

And please, be generous:


TorontoSHARP said...

Big fat Paulie... how cold and dead does a persons heart have to be to think like this twisted bag of lard?

AuntieFa said...

Leave it to Bill Noble to come out with startlingly factual information, only to ruin it in the same paragraph by proposing sterilization as a solution. this planet is perfectly capable of feeding it's citizens, but too many of us just cant get beyond greed and self interest to make it happen.

Noble is by far the creepiest of the boneheads, because he is capable of *some* rational, intelligent thought. The rest of them for the most part are mere followers and unoriginal in their commentary or thinking.

Anonymous said...

$50 to red cross."Want to stick it to a Nazi? Donate to Haitian relief." Felt good!!

P.S. keep up the good work.

BK. said...

Didn't really read the article. It's at the point where I've come to expect sh*t like this from them. They're obviously heartless, so what more can you expect.
I was impressed by your list, however I skimmed it several times and saw that you forgot two of my very favourite very important humanitarian organizations:

Firstly, Doctors Without Borders ( is working on establishing several temporary hospitals to assist with earthquake relief. Their newest one, in Carrefore treated over 500 patients within the first 24 hours of operation.

and secondly, Partners in Health ( has been doing ground work in Haiti for over 20 years, and now they've become crucial in the collection and dispensing of donated medical supplies, as well as forming teams of trained orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses to send to Haiti.

nos200 said...

Not a surprise. Truth be told we expect most of our readers to expect this from the racists we cover.

We actually do have Doctors Without Borders (we identify them as Médecins Sans Frontières) but we're happy that you provided the link for Partners in Health. We'll add that one with to the list.

BK. said...

Ahhh yes, that would be my poor knowledge of French there. Sorry about that one! Anyways, I think that while the pointless and unbased hatred shown by the subjects in this post is unfortunate, it is heartwarming to see that you have taken it upon yourself/yourselves to track down and post so many useful links to the public. I commend your dedication both to helping people and to providing information to those who are quite unknowing.

Anonymous said...

That's insane, if something like that happened here do they think they'd be able to take care of everything themselves? I bet they'd be the first to take to the streets armed and looting.

Just for this post, I'm sending another $50, keep it up guys!

Anonymous said...

even after years of reading the trash these douche bags post, i am somehow still continuously floored at just how fucking stupid they all are.


i definitely recommend that people donate to Partners in Health. in a country dominated by foreign everything, including aid, it is important to support organizations that empower Haitians to have control over their own livelihoods. PIH does that and 98% of donations go directly to programs rather than administration, etc. and their focus is on social justice.

Hmph said...

You don't help someone to "stick it to..." someone else.

You help because someone needs it.

I'm surprised no one's said that yet.

I see what you're trying to do but, it's just a shame that this is how it has to be to urge someone to do something about anything, these days.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I would add Batay Ouvriye ( to the list, though frankly I'm not sure how a person would actually reach them right now. That said, I haven't tried, so who knows.

The nice thing with small, grassroots organizations is that, unlike the big international NGOs, the money you donate goes straight to work on the ground. With the big 'uns, it's impossible to know that your dollars aren't going towards giant administration budgets, other projects, pissing around with bureaucratic nonsense, etc.