Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aryan Guard: Who Is Responsible?

We're under no illusions that just because the Aryan Guard has disbanded that this will spell the end of the neo-Nazi threat in Calgary and the surrounding area. Individual members may have scattered, but they're still a problem. Bill Noble is still free. John Marleau, likely feeling like a walking target, is still on the streets. Members of W.E.B. still need to be dealt with. And the teenagers and other young people drawn into the Aryan Guard still have to be addressed.

However, at this point we would like to ask the question, "who is responsible?"

When we decide to apportion responsibility for the growth of the Aryan Guard and the poisonous influence that it has had on youth within Calgary and the surrounding area, we can point to a number of individuals; the "adults" within the Aryan Guard such as McKee, Noble, Price, Marleau and others certainly are at fault for warping the minds of the youth who came under their influence. However, we would also suggest another individual as being responsible. A man, viewed with respect in the Canadian White Power movement, who was once a teacher and in a position of authority over teens.

We believe that Paul Fromm (pictured on the left alongside former Klansman, Louisiana State senator, and convicted felon David Duke) has a great deal to answer for. While perhaps not criminally responsible, his encouragement of the Aryan Guard and their tactics regarding the recruitment of children into the gang's ranks certainly makes him morally responsible for much of the chaos that has resulted from the gang's three years of existence. Here are but a few of the encounters that Paulie had with the Aryan Guard over the past three years of the gang's existence. We would ask our readers to consider they would want a man such as this teaching their own children:

Maybe his friends in the speechie movement might want to question Paulie's judgment?

We won't hold out collective breath.

Paul Fromm, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.


bigcitylib said...

I blame Ezra,

Geoff said...


Anonymous said...

The analysis here is bang on. Fromm is the face of "respectability" for groups like the Aryan Guard. His suit-and-tie white power politics are used by such group to mainstream their message by superficially legitimizing it. His encouragement of the Aryan Guard contributed to it reaching the violent peaks that we've seen over the last year. He finally needs to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

i STILL blame terry long...

Anonymous said...

are you trying to tell us that some old rich white men might have recruited and ordered the reckless actions of some very young and impressionable, uneducated working class nobodies to increase their own power and privilege?

unheard of. absolute rubbish.

nos200 said...


We'll perhaps not quite as overt as actually ordering the members to go out and act as they did, but Fromm did offer tacit approval of those actions. His word carries a lot of weight in the White Power movement in Canada (mostly consiting of young, disaffected youths manipulated by slightly older individuals like McKee) even though he's a nobody in the real world. As a former teacher, you would think he'd be concerned about minors getting drunk and posting pictures of themselves on Facebook; instead he gives them a, "good on ya lads for being proud to be White" wink and nod. Or that many of these young people drop out of school under the influence of groups like the Aryan Guard who have the ear of Paulie.

This is a man of little character and it's best that he's had his teaching certification stripped from him. If one needed any more proof of that, one only needs to look at his relationship with the Aryan Guard.