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Sunday, November 22, 2009

IED Explosion Update

Yesterday we reported on the explosive devices that went off in Rundlehorn. We had received word that some members of the Aryan Guard may have been involved in the attack and that the person targeted was, as put by one of our sources, "one of their own."

Basically, it appears to have been a domestic dispute involving a romantic relationship that went very sour.

Today we received information from an additional source which tells us that some members of the Aryan Guard have been questioned by the police and that some may have been charged with the crime. We haven't been able to confirm whether or not this is true at this point but we will continue to work on digging up information so we can verify the facts of the story.

As we have yet to verify the facts of the case, we will not be publishing the detailed information provided by our sources so as not to jeopardize any investigation which might be occurring by the police. As well, we don't yet know with 100% certainty that any member of the Aryan Guard was involved. We will say however that our sources have provided us with very accurate information in the past and we have absolutely no reason to doubt them in this case.

UPDATE 1: We have purposely not provided the name of one of the individuals who was named to us as a suspect today. However, it looks like that person is reading our blog as he felt the need to comment on our article so we feel that we can name that individual:

John [Richard] Marleau: I was investigated with attempted Murder, then arrest for Assault with conspiracy to Murder. All charges have been dropped.

Further confirmation that the Aryan Guard is, at the very least, suspected of committing the crime. We note that Marleau has only commented on his own involvement, but not on the others who are suspected of having been arrested as well.

UPDATE 2: We've received information from another reliable source that Kyle McKee's residence may have been raided by the police. Details still a bit vague.


John Richard said...

I was investigated with attempted Murder, then arrest for Assault with conspiracy to Murder. All charges have been dropped.

Anonymous said...

I love you guys! I trust your intel over the media. Thanks for the insight, which I belive is closer to the truth than anything else I have read or heard. Time will tell if the AG are "cracking".

Anonymous said...

Amazing job on covering this story, ARC folks. When I saw the story on CBC, there was something about it that told me there must have been AG involvement.

Anonymous said...

Its almost like he's bragging.Grow up John you did all this to yourself.All she wanted was for you to leave her alone.So hey let's kill her.Smart very smart.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that John and the word s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-mart have ever been well aqauinted.

What's the matter John, can't handle a grown up woman? Guess it's back to molesting passed out drunk 14 year olds for you.

You're a fat, stuttering moron.

Anonymous said...

Kyle McKee is now wanted in connection.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

communist said...

Anonymous said...

Let this serve as a very rude awakening for anyone drawn into this circle of hate, or anyone seeking to join their ranks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they feel about the fact that Johns fat ass has everything to do with Kyle ending up in this situation. John is the tie between Kyle and the person that was attacked. Kyle was doing this FOR John. And this bitch of a 17 year old was helping because he has a hard on for Kyle Mckee.

The almighty Kyle Mckee attacks an innocent woman and I am sure John is still walking around stuttering that he's a God.

And here I thought Kyle would fuck them all over... not the other way around.

Way to go you fat stuttering slob. Because of you, we can all sleep a little better at night.

Resistance said...

"I was investigated with attempted Murder, then arrest for Assault with conspiracy to Murder. All charges have been dropped."

Yeah fuckhead, cause you rolled. No one gets dragged in for these charges then walks away. You knew Kyle was going to do something and you let it happen, that makes you an accomplice. And yet you walk?

Fucking grass. You won't be safe in prison or on the streets. Start losing weight and start running.