Monday, November 23, 2009

We've Learned Who Was Targetted By the Aryan Guard

We once said that if you're a racist who is afraid that you'll be victimized by someone of a different ethnicity and you join a racist gang for support and protection, that you are far more likely to be victimized by the members of the racist gang than you are any member of a minority group you happen upon on the street.

This is a case in point.

Already the media has suggested that the target of the attack was someone known to the Aryan Guard members and shared their beliefs. Today, we learned who the male and female targets were. And while we will not share the name of the woman, we have no problem sharing the name of the male.

Tyler Sturrup (in the profile picture to the left of Robert Reitmeier) states that he was the one who was targeted on his Facebook profile.

What concerns us is the statement by the first person to comment who suggested that he take reprisals. That individual, Dustyn Johnson, was marching publicly with the Aryan Guard as recently as their unwelcome involvement in the pro-Gaza rally in January. He was also photographed sieg heiling with Kyle McKee on a number of occasions.

Sturrup, who marched along side the Aryan Guard on March 21, 2008, is a member of the Aryan Guard splinter group, W.E.B. Apparently the split occurred because some Aryan Guard members felt that not enough "proactive" (read: violent) actions were being taken. In most of the pictures of the last "White Pride" march from spring 2009 where racists were seen attacking people, the individuals committing the violent acts are members of W.E.B.

Well, it looks like the Aryan Guard has taken some direct action itself.

Sturrup himself is no stranger to law enforcement having been arrested on numerous occasions. In fact, and only as of a few months ago, Sturrup was serving a sentence for what we've been led to believe was B&E.

Now, the question is will the police nip what could be the beginnings of another gang war in Calgary?

Ironically, the person who Sturrup is photographed with in this article, Robert Reitmeier, was himself charged with attempted murder in 2006.

As of the publishing of this article. we don't yet know where McKee is and the police are still looking. We noticed that McKee's girlfriend, "Natalie Sonne" who had subscribed to our blog and was writing, poorly, a blog in opposition to our own has blocked her blog from being accessed by anyone other than invited guests (gee, we wonder why?). By the way Nat, we know your real name now. You might be getting a call from the Dean of Arts soon, but we don't want to ruin the surprise.

Sadly, we also suspect we know the name of the minor who is being sought in connection to the crime. We hope that it's not him, but regardless of who it is and as we discussed with another individual, whoever it is he made a really poor choice as a youth which may now follow him the rest of his life.

As people are currently searching for Kyle McKee, we'll post some images of him to help in that search:

Oh, and to our new friend Affliction D, thanks for the message. We really enjoyed it. ;)

Investigative Update:

Investigators are now able to release the following details
with regards to the IED incident over the weekend.

- the victims in this case know the offenders and share
similar beliefs and values.
- there is no indication this incident is a hate crime or
- McKee is known to the Calgary Police Service, however, no
further details will be released.


Anonymous said...

Great work ARC

Anonymous said...

you folks totally rule.

when do we get to learn who Natalie is?!

Kurt Phillips said...

All in good time. Patience is a virtue all wish to cultivate, but we understand your curiosity. ;)

Anonymous said...

why is Natalie blocked out? She is over 18.

Kurt Phillips said...

Now you should know us well enough by now to know that there's a reason for everything we do here. :)

We know she's not a minor. We'll leave it at that for now. Trust us. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, calling it "non-gang-related" is just the cops' way of saying they don't consider the AG or WEB to be gangs, which is ridiculous. I think they've been responsible for just as much havoc in Calgary as the FOB or whoever. The police need to start checking their racism, they've made it clear that if you're a white gang, you don't have as much to fear.

Kurt Phillips said...

We're inclined to agree with you that both groups are clearly gangs, but we'll play Devil's Advocate on this one. It might be they aren't considered to be a gang because a part of the designation is related to the gang making money from illegal activities (extortion, drugs, prostituion, etc). The Aryan Guard might be earning money through theft if the rumors are true, but this if it isn't seen as gang related, the deinition of gang might not be applied. Groups such as the Hells Angels, however, would be clearly designated as a gang.

That being said we all know exactly what the Aryan Guard and W.E.B. really are.

Anonymous said...

Why did you block out Natalie Sonne's face? She is over 18.