Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Bored? Help Us Identify Some ID Canada Members

After 12 days, ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity Canada) finally managed to put together a video of their small demonstration on August 11 and uploaded it to YouTube. I now present to you all that video:

Whoops! I wonder how that happened?

They also posted the video to their Facebook group page earlier today after YouTube removed it from their platform for copyright violations. While I won't actually post the video, the comments certainly tell us a lot about the group and their supporters:

ARC and others have taken screen shots of the video in order to identify any of the roughly 14 - 16 people who participated in the demonstration. Two of those are people that were identified in the ARC article discussing the event:

Tyler Hover who ARC identified as the leader of Generation Identity Canada and now is presumably heading ID Canada.

Mark Stewart who is also a leader in the hate group.

Two others were identified later:

Julien Côté who is listed as a spokesperson for ID Canada and who appeared in an Edmonton news story regarding ID Canada stickers and flyers found in the city.

Jack Tyler (perhaps a pseudonym) who is or was also a member of Students For Western Civilization; back in November 2017 he and the rest of that group appeared on another bridge (really, this is starting to become a fetish).

Of particular interest is the connection Faith Goldy has with both groups as well as the connection between ID Canada and Students For Western Civilization through Athan Zafirov ("Date") as shown on the leaked Discord chat logs:

There are a few other people who participated in the ID Canada event on August 11 who we have partial images of their faces. Granted these might be long shots, but if any reader is able to identify these people ARC would be very appreciative:

The lone woman at the ID Canada sausage party.

For someone so proud of his culture, I can't help wonder why he would hide himself?

What? No gold chains to complete the outfit?

I can't think of anything particularly amusing (if even only for my own benefit) for this image. They are so generically white bread I'm growing drowsy just looking at the picture. You know the guy in red thinks that deep-fried jalapeno popper are too spicy though.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Who Was The Lone Nazi to Show At Kevin Goudreau's Peterborough Rally? ARC Has His Name

NOTE: The majority of the information that resulted in this article comes from two sources who were working independently of each other and who both provided ARC with their research. I am very grateful for both of their hard work and generosity.

One of the reasons why ARC refers to Kevin Goudreau as "No Show" Goudreau is because despite his lofty claims about himself and influence, he rarely caries through with any of his plans. One case in point was his rally in Peterborough on September 30 when he failed to show up himself. Only two people actually traveled to the city to participate. Paul Fromm was there, though he parked his has several blocks away to shoot a video of himself, likely knowing that he would be easily identifiable by the hundreds of anti-fascists who DID show up to counter-protest. The other person was this fella:

For months anti-fascists have been trying to learn the identity of this individual. One thing we learned that he was from Barrie, ON. One of two individuals who had been gathering information on this incident provided ARC with the following details:
Someone uploaded a video to YouTube complaining about antifa demonstrators about a month after the event that had some unique footage. The person who made it followed the guy after some anti-fascists chased him away and filmed parts of a conversation he and two other people had with him. The video was taken down, and I have no copy. (it was uploaded by "Sophist Strawman" and titled "Peterborough has an antifa problem"). 
In it the neo-Nazi made arguments that sounded to me like it was ripped right out of Iron March's e-zine "NOOSE," in particular its essay "Zero Tolerance." He proclaimed himself a fascist, said fascism was a worldview based on truth that doesn't tolerate lies. He also said he was pushed to becoming a fascist after being center-right by the left. He glowingly quoted George Lincoln Rockwell. Whined that "our guys" sit on the computer posting Pepe memes but have no balls to come out to oppose communists, and then went on to speak about how the original Nazis had suffered a setback in the beer hall putsch but still kept on going until they won and that they need that kind of spirit. 
According to the video's narrator the neo-Nazi kid was from Barrie. He drove over four hours to attend the would-be rally. He supposedly wasn't involved with No Show's "group." An activist I talked to said they think he might be from northern Peterborough but I'm more inclined to trust the video narrator over their speculation. 
The combination of things; Totenkopf imagery, George Lincoln Rockwell adoration, and its unusual understanding of fascism all scream Iron March to me.
More recently, the second individual who contributed to this article informed me that the person pictured above was a participant in the now leaked Discord chat logs using the name "Tarnfurt" exclusively in the #tradworker server and that his name was "Luke." In fact he spoke about his experience at the Goudreau non-rally with Matthew Heimbach while expressing an interest in establishing a Canadian chapter of the racist Traditionalist Worker Party:

Friday, August 24, 2018

Robert Jones Finds a New He-Man Woman Hater's Club to Cosplay With

I guess that I definitively can no longer refer to Robert Jones as a middle-aged Proud Boy.

No, he's now a man going through a midlife crisis who wants to look like a biker but can't be bothered to spend money on a Harley:

Honestly, ARC has made fun of boneheads who seem desperate for a club t-shirt, but Junes' need to belong to something really does redefine pathetic:

Uhm.... about Indian Motorcycles.... I have some bad news for you Robert.

Really, I think Robert Jones has one of the most acute cases of Peter Pan syndrome I've ever come across.

Since being booted from the Proud Boys, Jones has taken a few swipes at his former "club" which includes some cryptic, though not necessarily surprising, accusations:

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Ronny Cameron Thrilled With Bernier Leaving Conservative Party

Maxime Bernier quitting the Conservative Party on the eve of the Conservative Party Policy Convention and promising to create and lead a new, presumably further right, party has sort of been a bit of a political earth quake in the country. Certainly it has been met with consternation among Conservatives who believe that a split on the right would all but guarantee another Liberal victory. Others are thrilled that they will have a "real conservative" who supports their values.

One of those people is very happy today:

Going through the thread, I would say that maybe 25% of commentators agree with Cameron while the remaining 75% are losing their shit alternatively accusing Bernier of being paid off by George Soros and/or Saudi Arabia and accusing each other of being "libtards."

In fact, Cameron has been providing a fair amount of shallow political commentary for the past week:

It's funny that this is sort of the very low hanging fruit that he accuses Myatt of posting, but I digress.

To be fair, I suppose Cameron has made a few posts that might constitute a rudimentary, if entirely predictable, political platform that he sees someone like Bernier implementing. For example, echoing Bernier's criticism of Canadian immigration policy, Cameron posted the following:

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

More on Diane Blain (Trudeau Heckler) and Mainstream Conservative Reaction

The fallout from Le Troupeau's expose of Diane Blain and her association with the Storm Alliance and Front Patriotique du Québec continues to reverberate in Canadian political news. To recap, Blain and other members of a the far right Front Patriotique du Québec managed to get into a Liberal Party event. Ms. Blain started shouting questions at Justin Trudeau that became increasingly racially exclusive and he called her out for it. Initially Trudeau was criticized for how he handled Blain since the video only caught the latter part of the exchange and provided little context, however Le Troupeau was able to prove the whole thing was a set-up intended to cause a reaction resulting in a decidedly different understanding of the event.

Le Tropeau has provided further information since first publishing the expose:

The mainstream Conservative talking points had initially been to attack Trudeau for calling a nice, little, old lady a racist and not addressing a legitimate question. After Blain was exposed, the talking points changed.... slightly. They acknowledged that she was a racist, but the question was still legitimate and Trudeau had no right to call her a racist for asking the question.... even though she was a racist.

This is a position taken by no less than the leader of the Official Opposition:

The problem with this, as noted earlier, is that the video only caught the part where Trudeau called out Blain for being a racist. It didn't include the initial confrontation when Trudeau attempted to address her question (while a companion of her's belittled the statement concerning Mohawk territory) and only called her out when she began using offensively racist language:

And it is of course important to understand why the language Blain used was offensive:

Perhaps it shouldn't be surprised that Andrew Scheer, a man who has proven himself to be a feckless, milquetoast, coward who can't stand up to Bernier for his overt bigotry but then accuse Trudeau of being divisive for calling out a racist since too many of the people who side with both Blain and Bernier represent a sizable base of the Conservative Party right now. I mean, this IS the party that spoke of "Old Stock" Canadians, barbaric practices hotlines, and Canadian values purity tests.

Certainly, the white supremacists that ARC covers heard the dog whistle:

If Paul Fromm agrees with you, you are definitely on the wrong side of history.

Monday, August 20, 2018

85 Years (and Four Days) Since Christie Pits

I'm a little late but I thought that it was still worth commemorating.

A few days ago Duke Willis had three people as guests for the viewing pleasure of 8 people. There was Ed Jamnisek who has been seen a number of times on Willis' videos and who was one of the few who attended the failed WCAI march. Scott Bacheldor who runs a tiny group called the "Native Born Canadians Movement" which is in dire need of an editor for the website:

Then there is Canadian Combat Coalition member, III% supporter, and man who looks like his voice is putting his face to sleep Ryan Dunn.

In the the video that begins with Ed speaking about Cuban communism, Dunn then expresses his confusion as to why Jewish groups might be participating in a gathering in Christie Pits:

Well Ryan, I'm pleased to provide you with a reason.

On August 16, 1933, Jewish-Canadian and some Italian-Canadian Torontonians kicked the shit out of some fascists:

I sort of think that is an event worth celebrating:

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Vancouver Island Soldiers of Odin Don't Appear At Discontent City in Nanaimo

Though they had threatened to remove the homeless camp in Nanaimo by force, it appears at this point that the Soldiers of Odin have not made good on their threat. Instead upwards of 1000 people arrived to show support for the people living in the tent city:

Still, not all who showed up were supportive:

I would further note that since the SoO were likely aware that there would be a large group protesting their presence, it isn't beyond the realm of possibilities that they might carry out their proposed assault another time.

Incidentally, I'm not the only person to make the connection to child sex abuse conspiracies being used as a justification by the SoO:


Storm Alliance Staged Confrontation With Prime Minister

Back in January when Justin Trudeau was participating in a number of town halls across the country, he was also being heckled by some of the folks ARC has covered on the blog. One of those groups was the Storm Alliance, a group created by the former president of the Quebec Soldiers of Odin chapter (and the vice-president of the national group). They generally remained silent during the town hall, though their presence was intended to be intimidating I suppose.

A few days ago, the Storm Alliance confronted Mr. Trudeau in a much more overt manner:

Our friend in Quebec "Le Troupeau" on Twitter has the story:

This next one is especially important:

UPDATE: "Le Troupeau" provides an English-language summary as well.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

They Really Just Can't Get Along: Ronny Cameron, Kevin "No Show" Goudreau, Robert Jones, and the Proud Boys

I suspect that all of this is in part a fallout from the failed WCAI rally in Toronto last Saturday. If there is any consolation for members of the Canadian far-right, they aren't the only ones having a lousy time:

In fact it isn't even the WCAI failure that should be blamed at all. These people are toxic in general and since familiarity breeds contempt the more they associate with each other the more they come to despise each other as well.

For example, here Ronny Cameron modestly proclaims himself King of the Canadian Alt-Right.

Really, that's only a very slight exaggeration:

Not that it is a burden he wishes to bare. Oh no, he would much rather someone else take up the mantel but sometimes greatness is thrust upon individuals who rise to greatness. You know, like Moses, George Washington, and Happy Gilmore:

Yeah, it's all a bit melodramatic and patently ridiculous. Though I'm not inclined to think of Ronny Cameron as being the voice of white nationalism in Canada anyways, it isn't exactly the honor he seems to believe it is. Honestly, winning a hot dog eating contest would garner greater awe and respect.

Still, there are those who aren't happy to have Cameron usurp this particular status since they believe themselves to be the voice of white nationalism:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the saddest fucking online argument you've seen this year:

This.... this is just so.... beautiful!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Soldiers of Odin Plan Attacking Tent City in Nanaimo; III% Alberta Continue Promoting Anti-Muslim Conspiracies

So, do you all remember when the Soldiers of Odin tried to intimidate homeless people in Nanaimo but were outnumbered significantly by people opposing them? At the time, the SoO claimed that they were merely providing "security" and that their intentions were not violent or confrontational.

Today they decided to dispense with that pretense:

The Facebook group page appears to have been deleted since the news of the SoO plans have emerged.

The suggestion regarding child sex trafficking is interesting; I'm not certain if they are suggesting that the people in the camp are guilty of or victims of trafficking (in general vulnerable people are far more likely to be the victims of crimes, sometimes committed against them by people who society might consider "good" because they aren't homeless). The claim may be true, or it may simply be a justification to do something that the SoO wants to do anyways. The problem is that groups such as the SoO always seem to use the specter of "child trafficking" or "pedophile rings controlled by powerful people" to make their potential lawlessness seem noble. We've seen this with the Pizzagate conspiracy and the more recent QAnon craziness that is being disseminated online. It can be traced back at least as far as the satanic ritual abuse panic of the 1980s and early 90s that resulted in a number of false allegations that put a lot of innocent people in prison for a time and which, perhaps not coincidentally, coincided with the rise of the religious rights whose members believed in a literal heaven and hell and that the forces of darkness were temporally active.

The point is that these folks seems to be especially credulous when it comes to conspiracy theories.

Speaking of which, here's the latest from "Beau" Welling of the Alberta III% militia:

I looked up demographics for New Haven, Connecticut where the story originated. I have no idea where Welling came up with the idea that the overdoses occurred in a "Muslim controlled area" but given what I was able to find, I might have to question his claim:

What Welling is claiming is one of the newer Islamophobic conspiracy theories that has started finding a home on far-right social media; "Muslims" are behind the opioid crisis. Basically we're at the point where if something bad happens, Muslims are being blamed. I've pointed out in the past that the Fort Mac forest fire was, and still is, being claimed as a Jihadist conspiracy. The current crop of forest and prairie fires are being offered as definitive proof that Muslims are attacking the country:

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

State of the Far-Right: We Must Remain Vigilant

After the humiliation the far right faced not only in Toronto this past Saturday but also in Washington D.C. on Sunday (to add insult to injury, the organizer of the failed D.C. "Unite the Right 2" rally was emasculated during a podcast by his father), anti-racist and anti-fascist activists are rightfully celebrating as their hard work made all of this happen. The far-right racists, Islamophobes, and antisemites are a fractured movement right now and it really is hard to see how they coalesce in any significant way to hold the mass rallies they envision in an attempt put on a show of strength, though I don't doubt that they will continue to try.

It is important however not to be lulled into a false sense of security:

"Fantastic banner drop"? "Operation"? Jesus, this is a far cry from Barbarossa.
ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity Canada) did a banner drop on the same day as the failed WCAI-organized rally in the Don Valley River Parkway in Toronto. I don't no the city, but those who do suggest that it was likely the bridge connecting Riverdale Park East and West. Based on photos posted to their Facebook page, it looks like a little over a dozen ID Canada members were present:

Is it just me, or does this look like if could be a great cover photo for a magazine named "Incel Quarterly"?

ARC has already established that ID Canada is tied to a number of individuals and groups in Canada of concern:
....Shawn Beauvois-Macdonald who is/was connected to La Meute and who participated in the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally (he may hold a position of leadership within ID Canada), "Katrin Kujo" (real name Kate Ollers) who participated in Ronny Cameron's anti-Muslim event in October, and "Winston Smith" (real name Jesse Sanderson) who also participated in Cameron's event as well as being busted hanging "alt-right" flyers at the University of Toronto
More recently, ARC published a story that identified Athan Zafirov as the leader of the Montreal chapter of ID Canada. Zafirov is also known as "Date" on the leaked Discord chat logs and was a frequent guest on the Canadian alt-right podcast "This Hour Has 88 Minutes" which shut down soon after the identity of "Zeiger" as Gabriel Sohier Chaput was published. Other co-hosts of the podcast were exposed later:
ARC has been able to identify least two individuals participating in the ID Canada banner drop on August 11:

Tyler Hover has been identified as the leader of ID Canada and, in spite of his age, has a long online history of promoting racism and violence through Stormfront and other social media:

The second individual, despite not getting a clear look at his face, is believed to be Mark Stewart:

We need to be aware of the activities of such groups as ID Canada who, for example, continue to place their stickers in public places in cities where they have members and supporters in an effort to grow their numbers. However we have to be even more concerned that so-called mainstream political parties are trying to stoke the artificial "white anxiety" fears of some Canadians in a cynical effort to gain real power:

Maxime Bernier has always been quite popular amongst members of the far-right whom this blog keeps an eye on. Prior to the disastrous WCAI rally in Toronto, Ronny Cameron and Proud Boy member Tim Kelly spoke well of him while trashing Andrew Scheer who defeated Bernier in the Tory leadership race:

The following Sunday, Bernier endeared himself to the far-right even more when he decided to dig up Kellie Leitch's play list: