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Monday, August 06, 2018

Soldiers of Odin Outnumbered in Nanaimo

Yesterday the Soldiers of Odin acted as "security" in an effort to intimidate homeless people living in Discontent City in Nanaimo:

Suffice it to say, they were vastly outnumbered:

Now there's an effort to figure out the names of the SoO members who participated in this march; though the chapter president refused to provide his name, it is known:

Conrad Peach
And like former BC chapter president and short-lived Canadian SoO leader Bill Daniels, it also appears that Peachie has a bit of a criminal history which, given the accusations leveled at those living in the tent city by members of the SoO, I find to be interesting:

Did I write "interesting"?

I meant to write patently hypocritical. 


Anonymous said...

Lolz, 'non racist' 'community volunteer' Conrad Peach has a YouTube account which has 'liked' a Skrewdriver video called "European Battle Song' Oops.

Greg Carr said...

Conrad's Mom (Ainsley) and my Mom were in a bridge club with Mrs.McClaren for years in Richmond. Conrad and his 6"4 buddy Ross Freleck jumped me along with a small Indo in 1983 in the Kingsgrove area of Richmond for absolutly nothing. I was only 5"9.6 and weighed 155 pounds. I managed to beat down the small Indo but Freleck kicked me in the head twice with his dayton boots and that was that. I bought a pair of daytons that week. I'm no hypocrite I did drugs throughout my senior secondary years and finally stopped in 2002 because my doctor told me to. I haven't thought of these ppl since 1984. I hope the Sons Of Odin all get thrown in prison or die of a meth overdose. You haven't aged well Conrad Peach.

Anonymous said...

Conrad Peach is a GOOF, he sells pot which he purchases from people who grow with a medical license, your time is coming Connie, lots of people have it out for you loser.