Thursday, July 25, 2013

Update on McCorkell Case Reveals Links to Malcolm Ross

Sister gets injunction temporarily stopping $250K estate going to National Alliance

By Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon, CBC News Posted: Jul 23, 2013 6:04 AM AT

The sister of a New Brunswick man who left a collection of coins and artifacts worth an estimated $250,000 to a neo-Nazi group in the United States has obtained an injunction.

The court order temporarily blocks any distribution of Robert McCorkill's estate or transfer out of New Brunswick, Ottawa-based lawyer Richard Warman stated in an email.

McCorkill, who also went by McCorkell, left his collection to the U.S.-based National Alliance when he died in Saint John nine years ago, but the estate has remained unsettled.

The ex parte injunction was obtained on Monday on behalf of McCorkill's sister Isabelle McCorkill, who will be challenging the bequest on public policy grounds, Warman said.

"I anticipate that other groups will intervene in support of the application in the coming days," he said.

Anti-racism groups had planned to try to stop the National Alliance from receiving the items, fearing they could be sold and help spark a rebirth of the neo-Nazi group that has been in decline since its founder died more than a decade ago.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Michelle Is Still Trying Too Hard

Michelle Erstikaitis and her "friends" responded to an article in which we questioned her "White Nationalist" bona fides. Our argument is that she basically latches on to anything that will result in her getting some sort of publicity, something that we admit to being complicit to.

But among the more interesting claims Erstikaitis made was that she was buddies with unnamed federal ministers as well as Rob Ford. And we don't mean acquaintances or someone who happened to show up to a photo op. No, she's on a first name basis with the mayor.

A few months ago she posted the following which we presume serves as evidence for her close connection to Mayor Ford:

Well then! A personally signed letter of thanks from the mayor himself. We guess that proves us wrong and Michelle is friends with Rob Ford.

But maybe someone could help us out here because the signature above looks exactly like this signature. And this one. And a lot of other form letters that we were able to find online.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sebastian Ronin: NOT A White Nationalist!!!

If there's one thing we've come to expect from Paulie it's his pimping of the venerable Red Ensign and his efforts to turn it into a White Nationalist banner:

Hmmm, wonder who likes the Goudreau's reference to the SS and the fevered rantings of a violent racist?

Well, one person who doesn't like the flag is one Sebastian Ernst Ronin, the founder and Grand Poobah of the grandiosely named Renaissance Part of North America:

Ol' Sebastian also made this observation about Paulie's hypocrisy (something we also observed here, here, here, and here):

Ronin had been on our radar for a while before he organized his protest in Toronto (attended by Paulie, former Heritage Front member Louis Morin, and others), but truth be told we considered him to be a bit of a side-show in the three ring circus that is the "White Nationalist" movement in Canada. He did run for the leadership of the Green Part of Nova Scotia back in 2009 and was involved with American Renaissance in some capacity as of 2010 at least:

But Ronin rejects the label, "White Nationalist." Instead, he refers to himself and the ideology of the  Renaissance Part of North America as an Ethno Nationalist.

In a nutshell, Ronin suggests that when the world peak oil occurs resulting in an industrial and social decline. The crisis will then result in a collapse of existing nation states paving the way for the creation of ethnically homogenous enclaves:

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 2012 Bits and Bites: Paul Fromm Edition

Not surprisingly, Paulie and his cohorts are quite pleased about the demise of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act:

Seig heil, eh?

But as happy as Paulie and company are, even he realizes that there are still a couple of sticking points. As Paulie notes:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Topham Says Sorry to Warman

I previously published material here that attacked the personal and professional reputation of Mr. Richard Warman.

Those allegations were false and I retract and apologize for them without reservation.
Arthur Topham
That wasn't so bad now was it Arthur?

We think others might also find it easier, even cathartic, once they are also compelled to see the error of their ways.

Doug Christie: Summary of Information

We had originally planned on doing this a while ago (and there are one or two more posts on the subject that need to be written) but we thought we would do as we have done with some of our other articles and made it more easy for those wishing to research Doug Christie's political and ideological views and collect them all in one place.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Tremaine Contempt Appeal Update

Terry Tremaine filed two documents last month regarding his appeal of the contempt sentence he received as a result of willfully ignoring the provisions of the Human Rights Tribunal decision. Since his previous attorney Doug Christie shuffled off his mortal coil Tremaine has hired an attorney based in Regina and looks to be trying to have the appeal moved to Regina.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Paul Fromm's New Gig: KKK Summer Camp

Sometimes one learns the most interesting things when following Paulie's Facebook account (which, by the way, is conveniently public which means we don't even have to do anything sneaky).

For a number of years Paulie has been tight with Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights of the Kul Klux Klan (the Klan faction David Duke originally lead). He has been interviewed by the Klan:

And he has been a frequent attendee and speaker at Robb's "Faith and Freedom" conference:

The account of his presentation at the 2012 conference is one of the more colourful accounts of Paulie that we've read:
Next up was Paul Fromm, a red-faced Canadian anti-immigration crusader and straight up crazy motherfucker. Oh, he had a nice sort of aw-shucks speaking style that, along with his pleasant Canadian accent, gave him the air of a slightly frazzled professor. But he was perhaps the most extreme extremist of the entire weekend. 
"When I go to the Wal-Mart I don't see a group of young Negroes with backward hats on looking to lift somebody's wallet," he said, in praise of the charms of Harrison's non-diversity. "When I took a brief stroll from my hotel, you didn't have some 13-year-old negress trying to sell herself to me." I don't know where Paul Fromm usually vacations—presumably somewhere with plentiful 13-year-old negress prostitutes with very forward dispositions—but I do know that he is crazy as a fucking loon. But he's also rhetorically nifty. "We are being ethnically cleansed from the cities of America!" he thundered. "I don't know if it was the Hutus cleansing the Tutsis, or the Tutsis cleansing the Hutus. Well, they should all be cleansed."
Knowing this, we weren't surprised to see that Paulie is promoting this endeavor by Robb:

Monday, July 01, 2013

McCorkell's Corpse Finds Ally in Paulie

Back from vacationing in the Argentinian Pampas. Suffice it to say the gaucho life is not for this writer, though the wine in the Medanos region is really first rate.

We would like to present a scenario for our readers. Imagine if you will that a Canadian academic who had collected ancient Greek artifacts and coins has died. Now, imagine that same academic willed his collection, valued at perhaps $1,000,000 to a group involved in terrorism.... let's say Al-Shabaab. You know that conservative bloggers and website operators would demand that the Canadian government prevent Al-Shabaab from getting their hands on that collection.

And those right wing bloggers and website operators would be 100% right. Hell, we here at ARC would agree with the demands.

But we don't have a scenario in which the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization is heir to a million dollar inheritance. Instead, we have an American-based neonazi organization, the National Alliance, that could be the recipient of this financial windfall unless something is done to prevent it.

UPDATE: Yeah, a few of our readers caught that we frequently used the Northern Alliance name instead of the National Alliance. No excuse. We just dun f'd up.

We had been aware of Robert McCorkell and his will for some time and had been trying to dig up more information when the story broke in the msm. Some of our friends have been doing a very good job of covering the story while we were away so it might be best to provide those links:
While the National Alliance is no longer considered to be the most powerful and best organized neonazi group in the United States, it does have long history of being connected to violence. Founder William Pierce's The Turner Diaries alone has been linked to a number of terrorist attacks, murders, and attempted murders in the United States. Below is a partial list of some of those incidents: