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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Islamophobe and Racist Eric Brazau's History of Violence

This might be a bit dated, but ARC just received some information that makes it relevant again.

Back in July 2014, Eric Brazau entered a crowded subway car along with fellow bigot Ron Banerjee. His intention was to "debate" (read: harass and harangue) individuals on the car about the dangers of Islam and Muslims while Banerjee, acting as if he didn't know Brazau, took a video of the exchange:

Not long after, Brazau was arrested:

Cut to January 2015 when he was convicted of mischief, causing a disturbance, and breaching probation. He was sentenced to 9 months in jail but was released pending an appeal:

At the time of his conviction, Christine Blatchford wrote an opinion column for the "National Post" in which she seemed to mock the sentence and overly sensitive Torontonians. One part stands out for me:
Astonishingly in a province where those convicted of more serious offences regularly receive suspended sentences or house arrest, Mr. Brazau was denied bail and has been in custody since his arrest that day, July 29, or for five months and nine days.
Yeah, about that....

Brazau did appeal his sentence which was perhaps not surprisingly rejected. ARC received a link to a copy of that appeal where we learned that Eric Brazau has a criminal history that includes assaults, uttering threats, and use of a weapon that goes back more than 30 years:

So, maybe a long criminal history and a history of failing to comply with the conditions of his probation has something to do with the reason he was held in custody prior to his trial?

Just throwing that out there.

Suffice it to say ARC will be updating our "History of Violence" article very soon.

Yellow Vest Guelph Ontario Admin Calls for Weapon Use at Rally

The admin and organizer for the yellow vests in Guelph Ontario recently posted that he will be organizing a rally, and pressured his members to bring weapons.

Let's take a little look into the social media posting history of Danny Donovan.

 As you can see, he posts the usual Islamophobic garbage. He also posts anti-LGTBQ material as well.

Threats like this need to be taken very seriously. Yellow vest rallies in Hamilton have been attended by people carrying weapons. In particular an attendee swung a telescopic baton at counter protestors.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Suspected Active Military Member of Northern Guard

As a result of Yellow Vest Canada Exposed's efforts to bring attention to a far right concert hosted by one former and one (maybe) current member of the white nationalist Northern Guard, the mainstream press has taken an interest. For example Mack Lamoureux of Vice News Canada published a story on July 2 detailing the effort as well as the connection to a Canadian Combat Coalition rally occurring at the same time.

We've covered similar events such as this. Last year a group of Proud Boys, Northern Guard, Nouns of Odin, and other extremists planned on going to Hamilton ostensibly to support businesses in the community but was really an effort at self-promotion as well as to antagonize anti-fascists so they could be ambushed and assaulted.

These far right groups also seem to be military fetishists in how they both glorify the armed forces and attempt to emulate them with the ridiculous quasi-military gear which allows them to "play" soldier without actually ever having to put themselves in harms way; the III%ers are the most notorious, but they certainly aren't alone:

Now as bad as it is when they are playing soldier, a greater concern are those who are in the military who have been radicalized by right-wing extremism:

ARC has documented a few such instances in the past:

There's of course more.

And now we have another person to add to this list:

Monday, July 01, 2019

Concert Organized By Extremists Connected To Northern Guard Collapsing; Extremists Whine In Response

Back in 2018, the Nick Gallant of the Northern Guard was claiming to be in the process of organizing a concert to benefit veterans:

First, I don't think System of a Down was ever in talks to appear.

Second, think Nick might have been a little disingenuous in suggesting ARC would be welcome to attend.

In any case aside from a very brief mention in an earlier article, I didn't really do much with this information since I didn't think it would amount to much. However, they did indeed have a concert:

Now based on the photos of the event I wasn't far off since it appeared very sparsely attended. In short, it looked like an excuse for groups such as the Northern Guard, Soldiers of Odin, III% militia, and other extremists groups to have a party.

The two main organizers was a former Soldier of Odin member and current (at least at the time) member of the Northern Guard leadership Brian Wallingford and former member of the Northern Guard leadership Eric Brazeau:

Wallingford with self-professed white nationalist and founder/leader of the Northern Guard Nick Gallant

The festival organizers claimed all proceeds would go to organizations that supported veterans and while it didn't look especially successful Brazeau certainly used it as a means of self-promotion:

So it perhaps shouldn't be a surprise to learn that they planned on another kick at the can this year. This time however they appeared to convince a genuine headliner to attend:


There was no fucking way Bif Naked would attend this event if she knew who was organizing it.

So our very good friends with Yellow Vests Canada Exposed got to work:

Others including the Canadian Anti-Hate Network picked up the story and, well.....

Since then most of the bands scheduled to perform have backed out.

So huge congrats to the folks with YVCE for their hard work on this file and those who helped in that effort. You all did fantastic!

Of course, this isn't the end to the story.

Last night Eric Brazeau appeared on a video with QAnon conspiracy promoting nutbar Duke Willis to decry the injustice of having musical performers drop out merely because they don't want to be associated with far-right extremists:




I get a kick out of the apparent claim that they asked Bif Naked to appear so that "the left" would be represented. I'm more inclined to believe they had no idea what her politics were but knew she would be a big draw and now are retconning the justification for her appearance.

But they will have something.... I guess? There are six (as of now) bands apparently and a chance to drive around in mud:

I get a kick of Duke Willis' go to that "if you have haters you must me doing something right."

Maybe, though there may be a greater chance that you're an unlikable, bigoted, asshole.

I mean, either way, right?

Brazeau is also angry about Tweets such as this:

Brazeau is angry that "the left" can say this.... but admits that it is true which sort of indicates he's more upset about being exposed than being lied about since the information is factually accurate:

All proceeds go to vets, eh?

I would like to put one rumor to rest concerning their Willis' and Brazeau's claims about ARC's involvement however:

Oh, as much as I would love to take credit for this, full credit goes to YVCE and those such as CAHN and other who helped to amplify the message. But hey, thanks for the kudos Duke.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Chris Vanderweide Arrested and (Wait For it) Far Right Infighting

As a result of his actions (assaults) in Hamilton at a Pride event and Toronto after a Pegida rally, Chris Vanderweide had been ridding rather high as a result of the praise he had been receiving from members of hate groups such as the Northern Guard, the Canadian Nationalist Party, and the Yellow Vesters including Rick Boswick and Derek Storie who are now seemingly advocating the killing of their ideological opponents:

Vanderweide himself had taken to bragging about his crimes online (while adding a new one)....


He also started making promises to appear elsewhere... as well as indicating he really doesn't understand the meaning of memes:

Yesterday morning Vanderweide continued acting in a manner that indicated he considered himself untouchable:

Well, life sometimes comes at you hard because shortly after posting this....

Yeah, he was finally arrested yesterday:

Better late than never I suppose though there is at least one or two others who should be facing the same charges.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Blood & Honour/Combat 18 Listed as Outlawed Terrorist Organizations

I created the blog in November 2007 in large part to monitor the Aryan Guard, a Calgary-based hate group founded by Kyle McKee that I saw as having an incredible potential for violence. Eventually the Aryan Guard "patched over" to become Canada's first official (though there had been individuals affiliated long before) branch of the Combat aligned Blood & Honour.

As both the Aryan Guard and Blood & Honour, this hate group was implicated in numerous assaults, arson, a pipe bomb, weapons charges, uttering threats, and attempted murder. Two former members who created the rival WEB were later charged and convicted of murder. Another Blood & Honour group aligned with Volksfront was also implicated in a number of assaults.

My primary goal had been to warn people about this group. Though I've certainly expanded the scope of the blog significantly since its original creation, I've tried as best I could to keep tabs on the members and supporters of Blood & Honour as they became much more discreet online but no less dangerous in the real world.

As such, I view news as a significant event in the effort to combat hate:

I was interviewed by Vice News earlier today when the news of the designation of Blood & Honour and Combat 18 as outlawed terrorist organizations. I was asked about the activity of the group in recent years and noted that while not engaged in the overt activities of the past, it was still very much active as this 2016 screen shot indicates:

Rather than engaging in marched in Calgary or, as in the case of the last march Edmonton, the Calgary Blood & Honour instead engaged in surreptitious flyering and nearly monthly get togethers sometimes featuring guests who had been in the news:

I kept track of these events and while they were reasonably good at maintaining security, their failures were duly recorded:

More recently, Blood & Honour has been promoting a camp out that is to take place in both Alberta and New Brunswick:

McKee himself no longer lived in Calgary. He and his partner have moved to New Brunswick where McKee now runs a tattoo business.

Based on interactions on the business' Facebook cite, he seems to be one of the go-to tattooists for members and friends of the Northern Guard in the province:

I also mentioned in the interview that as happy as I was that Blood & Honour and Combat 18 have been designated at terrorist groups, I also hope to see further scrutiny on groups such as the III% militia, Northern Guard, Proud Boys, Soldiers of Odin (or any of the other Nouns), and the Yellow Vesters which often serve as "gateway drugs" so-to-speak for entry into even more extreme groups.

On this readers need not take my word for it:

Long time readers won't be at all surprised to know that long-time figure in the hate movement Paul Fromm is a bridge between the extremist Yellow Vests and the even more extreme Blood & Honour: