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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Goudreau Claims To Not Have Written Post Encouraging Murder Laughable; We Have Videos Dude!

This past Monday Kevin "No Show" Goudreau posted the following messages on his personal Facebook profile:

The last two are the most relevant as the appear to be advocating and encouraging the murder of individuals and members of groups Goudreau opposes. The posts were up for at least 5 hours before he removed them, but ARC was only one of several groups and individuals who grabbed screen shots.

There has been significant media coverage and Goudreau might actually be finding himself in trouble after years of similar threats (more on that later) but in true Goudreau fashion, he is (a) denying he wrote and posted the comments (b) claiming they are the work of "antifa" who either hacked his profile to write the comments or created a dummy account to write them and then deleted the profile and (c) suggests he will soon be suing those who posted the screen shots:

Hmmmm, I wonder why "Dane Adam" seems concerned about his name being known in association with white supremacist Kevin Goudreau?

Ah, well yes, that might do it.

Back to Goudreau, aside from those credulously commenting and cheering on what will be a non-existent lawsuit, his claim not to have written the posts are laughable for two reasons. First, he also posted the exact same message in his closed Facebook group promoting the formerly White Nationalist Front (now going by the name the Canadian Nationalist Front):

Second, we do have actual video evidence of Goudreau making threats. Like.... a LOT of videos!

Let's start with those from 2010 shall we?

I would point out here that Goudreau's Aryan Polish princess actually didn't exist and he was caught in the lie.

We then move on to 2013:

Monday, March 18, 2019

Paul Fromm and Kevin Goudreau Currently Under Investigation

Well, looks like Paulie has gotten himself in a little trouble after the national press caught wind of ARC's article published yesterday discussing his promotion of the Christchurch murderer:

“The Hamilton Police Service Hate Crime Unit is aware of the recent social media posting by Mr. Fromm,” Const. Jerome Stewart, a media relations officer, said Monday. 
“We are currently investigating in order to determine if a criminal offence has occurred.” 
Canadian law prohibits the wilful promotion of hatred against identifiable groups. A conviction carries a possible two-year sentence.....Richard Warman, an Ottawa lawyer who has long battled hate propaganda, told Global News he contacted police after the manifesto reappeared on a website linked to Fromm, a Hamilton resident. 
“I believe that posting the manifesto would be criminal on its own and that posting and endorsing the manifesto in the way Paul Fromm has done is absolutely criminal in my mind and I’ve reported it to the Hamilton Police Service,” said Warman, a board member at the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.
I don't know, but aside from the legal implications, Paulie might just have excluded himself from a few more countries.

But he isn't the only one who may be in legal hot water:

Kevin "No Show" Goudreau is planning a rally on March 21, though given his track record of showing up to his own rallies, I remain somewhat dubious;

However, even if he intends on actually showing up, he may be unable to do so:

Like other racists, the death of innocent people really seems to excite Goudreau because he is a terrible human being. He too has been justifying the murders and promoting the document posted online by the Christchurch murderer prior to his crimes:

Anyone interested in contributing to EggBoi's efforts to raise
money for the Christchurch victims' families, please click here.


But as if this wasn't enough, "No Show" has been a bit frisky today (I assume he started drinking by 11:00 am) and decided to post some overt threats directed towards anti-fascists, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, government agencies, the media, and finally your's truly:

He also posted this one on Twitter:

Not surprisingly he removed the posts after about 5 hours, but not before a lot of people saw them:

There are a lot of people who are shocked by the overt call by Goudreau to assassinate the people and groups lists, but honestly this is another case of Goudreau being Goudreau as this small selection of posts of his over the years indicates:

FYI, Patricia was at one time Paul Fromm's mistress. She is
pictured with him wearing a bikini six sized too small and a
swastika pendant; Paulie is wearing only leather, zip-up briefs.

If you've ever seen the photo, you can never unsee it.

Not that any of this means that we shouldn't treat this seriously. Goudreau has a lengthy criminal record for assault and is certainly capable of real harm with the right amount of liquid courage (because he is ultimately a small, cowardly, man who targets people he thinks are smaller and weaker.... and that is a rather short list). And with a weapon in his hands, a coward is even more dangerous.

So, I suspect that Goudreau might also regret his rather poor decision today.

Again, what do they say about birds of a feather?

Sunday, March 17, 2019

"I Disagree With Violence But....": The Justification and Celebration of the Christchurch Mosque Murders By Paul Fromm and Robert Jones

It didn't take long for the likes of Paulie to try and justify the murder of 50 adults and children worshiping at two Christchurch mosques. In a post on his blog, Fromm posted the entirety of the murderer's "manifesto" along with his own forward justifying the attack while couching that justification if claims to oppose violence:

The most relevant section of the forward his here:

Of course long time readers of ARC and those who know the long history of Fromm's support for violent hate groups who do the dirty work that he tacitly promotes know just how hollow Fromm's claim to "disagree with... violence." He has supported groups such as the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour, Volksfront, the KKK, and a multitude of groups who have engaged in violence and he has rationalized every single instance:

In fact he has his own links to Christchurch, New Zealand where another violent hate group had been founded:

Here Fromm is shaking hands with Kyle Chapman while on a speaking tour of New Zealand in December 2010. Chapman was leader and founder of the neo-Nazi hate group Right Wing Resistance that formed targeting Maori and other Polynesian peoples, other New Zealand peoples of colour, Jews, and Muslims:
Right Wing Resistance also had a number of chapters around the world. Many were quite small including a Canadian chapter whose sole active member was profiled on the blog in late 2015:

Fromm isn't the only prominent disseminator of hate propaganda who has helped to poison the well and creating the conditions that contribute to events such as the Christchurch tragedy. Like others regarded as leaders or (to use a more resent term) influencers in the white nationalist movement internationally, Fromm toes right up to the line where he doesn't overtly advocate for violence, but justifies it when it occurs as the inevitable consequences of an ethnically diverse society and that the remedy is to make society not ethnically diverse.... however that task would be accomplished is left up to the imagination. These dog whistles are heard by those who ARE potentially inclined to commit such reprehensible acts, but those who have helped to foster this noxious environment have their plausible deniability. 

A figure on the far right whom I have written about due to his active involvement in protests and groups that are increasingly more extreme, Robert Jones, represents the kind of person people like Paulie are dog whistling too:

We usually find the sort of radicalization Robert Jones is undergoing in teens, however like the children who find their way into hate groups, Jones is someone who seems desperate to belong to something. He has been a member of the Soldiers of Odin, the Proud Boys, and the JDL as an affiliate. He has eventually been booted from all three of the groups mentioned and now he's on his forth, the hate group known as the Northern Guard. He has also embraced overt fascism and worships Donald Trump as a sort of living god (note that he has more than one Facebook account two of which I will be sourcing in the article without bothering to make the distinction):

When the Christchurch murders took place, Jones was immediately drawn to the manifesto which he has spent a great deal of time sharing online:

Jones seems aware that posting links to the manifesto, as well as the video of the murders, violate Facebook's terms of service regarding dissemination of hate propaganda and violence, but he seems determined to share these with a wide audience:

Jones' reaction to the murders has been equally crass:

Duarate seems to be under the impression that Fraser Anning, the Australian senator
who blamed the Muslim community for the the murder of their members for
the audacity of living in New Zealand, is a leftist because he likely didn't
read the article.... because he seems to be an idiot.

The term "retribution attack" used by Jones is telling as he very quickly begins to justify the murders and dehumanize non-white peoples:

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Anti-Yellow Vest Protest in Edmonton: Counter Protester From the Clann Hate Group Arrested

At the Alberta Legislature an anti-Yellow Vests protest took place calling the movement out on their ties to overt racists and racist groups such as the Nouns of Odin, Northern Guard, and other hate groups. In response, the Yellow Vesters counter-protested.... along side the Nouns of Odin, Northern Guard, and other hate groups:

So.... thank you for proving the point I guess?

Journalist Carly Robinson reported on the event:

As a bit of an aside, it is a bit galling to hear Jeff Sharpe claim that the there are no Yellow Vesters who are racists given his own history associating with groups such as the Worldwide Coalition against Islam and the Canadian Combat Coalition.

In any case, an interesting incident occurred during the protest.

One of the Clann members was arrested, evidently on outstanding warrants:

Ms. Robinson witnessed the arrest and included a photo in her Tweet:

ARC readers will recognize the man being led away in handcuffs as the man in the following photograph alongside Clann leader Tyson Hunt attending a United Conservative Party event in October 2018: