Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Day 1 (?) Of "Save the Children" Convoy Lacks Convoy and People

So, what is new in "FreeeeDOOOMMMMMMM" convoy news in Ottawa? 

Yep. They are in Ottawa. 

Knock me over with a feather! Didn't see THAT coming! /sarc

I was going to post streams from a number of the players, but really, they all filmed the exact same thing so let's go with one. 

Ron Clark arrives with Tyson Billings, Chris Dacey, and a guy whose name I haven't bothered to learn to the song, "The Boys Ar Back in Town."


Holy hell this is just sad.

The requisite "the vaccine is killing people" conspiracy.

They're uhm... they're yelling at a building.


Media bad! 

We're walking! 


It now appears the police have started issuing $1000 noise complaints. The rabble is not happy. 

Consider this to be foreshadowing.

"We're going to be here every day!" 

Okay. You do you.

Ron thinks shouting conspiracy theories at a camera person is an interview.

Now it is likely more might be coming in the next few days. One can probably count on that. But this seems to be a far cry from the 3 million promised by Shawn "Iron Crow" Bradley. 

But things would get a bit spicy as Crystal Peters was arrested.

Tyson "Freedom George" Billings discusses the aftermath of the arrest. 

Apparently it is funny because he understands "tactics".

Billings makes a plea for more people to come.

And he speaks to Walter Derksen whose sound system Peters was using when she was arrested.
Apparently he has a court hearing tomorrow morning and he will be telling the judge to watch the video of the arrest today which isn't how things actually work. Billings encourages people to attend the hearing to support Derksen, as well as the trials of Lich and Barber.

That looked like it was going to be the end of things tonight but tension continued to rise. I don't know what precipitated this -- someone suggested that he may have taken a swing at a police officer but I haven't seen any video to substantiate that claim -- but one of the protesters was tazed and arrested. You can hear at least one other person off camera making threats as well.

The following three clips were posted by Chris Dacey:

Suffice to say people are angry.

I'm not sure how many others will show. I believe there were some who stayed back at the camps who may be showing up when they decided to go in some force. I'm guessing the numbers will not be very high, but there might be enough to cause some trouble.

We shall see how things progress.

Monday, October 02, 2023

Big Time Conflict At "Save the Children East Meets West" Campsite

 So you thought yesterday's story was unhinged? You ain't seen noth'n!

Ron Clark, a conspiratorial streamer who was active in the Ottawa Occupation as well as subsequent anti-government and anti-LGBTQ+ events and who is participating in the "Save the Children East Meets West" convoy posted the addresses of the two camp sites that people are to meet at, but it is clear that there are... uhm... problems:

What kind of problems? Well...

Clip originally uploaded to Twitter by TikTok Scientist.

So what happened?

There was an incident tonight where people were at each others' throats and now each group is accusing those they just beefed with of being "infiltrators" controlled by the government. There are two main videos I've seen from different perspectives of the feud. I'll start with Jane Scharf's video first.

Scharf has been a figure in these circles for years. She and her group are trying to co-opt this effort for their project to have Prime Minister Trudeau arrested and put on trial for treason, crimes against humanity, and whatever else big and bad they can think of. These clips begin soon after they tried to take over the speaking slot:

Just as a reminder, all these people fundamentally agree with each other and STILL can't get along.

Let's continue with Gordon Berry's perspective. He starts out with his usual "energy" vibe and how the are unstoppable:

They talk about how there are no leaders! 

There are no organizers! 

They are just a bunch of good Canucks making good!

Immediately after saying there were no leaders or organisers... here are the leaders and organisers. They attempt a video showing their unity and unbreakable commitment to "saving the children" or something:

But propaganda fails when you don't control the narrative completely. 

It is at this point, they know, they f-d up.

You see, the members of Stand For Thee (I think that's the name, I don't really care because they are all pretty much indistinguishable) tries to take over. Tyson Billings calls them infiltrators which is the word of the day.

"Stand For Thee showed their true colours." 

These people think they are going to start a revolution. Dear lord!

It is at this point the person filming was going to stop by Berry insists they keep filming because everything is under control. They got this! Sure, someone was almost hit by a car, but its all good! Peace and love and vibrations baby!

"I called that bitch out" someone calls out. 

Uhm... peace and love indeed:

They decide to try to film their "non-organizer organizers" video again. Berry insists he sees that the system is collapsing, "they" can't stop it, and it is a beautiful thing. 

Dude, I kinda think we see what is collapsing here. It ain't any system.

They continue to have a challenging time organizing what will ultimately be a 15 minute video. Folks, these are the people who seem to think they will act as some sort of provisional government after they take down the government:

I COULD post the video of the non-organizers organizers speaking, but really, why?

These clips tell us much of what we need to know, which isn't something we didn't know already.

All this, and they haven't even gotten to the main event yet.

Incidentally, the guy who jumped on the car is thought to be this fella who evidently has some criminal charges and facing two upcoming court dates for two separate charges.

Fine people.

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Far-Right Infighting Regarding the "Save the Children East Meets West" Convoy

While watching the infighting on the far right regarding the "Save the Children" convoy has been fun I wasn't going to write about it. Then Jason LaFace did a stream and, well, how could I not then? 

This clip sort of acts as a summary:

So let's start at the beginning shall we? 

Over the past few days far-right groups like Veterans4Freedom and Police on Guard For Thee have been warning their supporters and others not to participate in the "Save the Children East Meets West" convoy:

The reasons why are varied, but also include information Jeff Evely of V4F posted regarding what he heard at one of the secret meetings:

V4F also released an audio in which "someone in the know" talks about the plan to surround police in the financial district in Toronto and that they had 3 million supporters, such as former police and military, who would help to remove the government:
I was initially sure that the voice in the clip was that of Marcus Ray, a far-right activist who participated in the Ottawa Occupation in February 2022. In fact I stated my belief that it was Ray in the Twitter (er... X I guess) thread that I originally published. However it is far more likely, certain even, that the voice is that of Shawn "Iron Crow" Bradley who is one of the Nova Scotia organizers and with whom Jeff Evely would have attended the secret meeting with.

Here is a clip for comparison:

However while it was not Marcus Ray, I do think it is fair to suggest that his influence (or ideas) are reflected to some degree in this event

For example, Ray also spoke about surrounding police. He also talked about possessing an army of ex-police and veterans:

We also know that Elliot McDavid, Gordon Berry, and Shawn "Iron Crow" Bradley, were in attendance at the "planning meeting" in Manitoba last Fall organized by Marcus Ray (thanks to a friend for these screen grabs of Berry in the top photo and Bradley in the bottom... the V4F t-shirt in the top one is rather ironic now):

Finally, we see that the main eastern organizer, Gordon Berry, often wears a Constitutional Sheriffs t-shirt which was Marcus Ray's project (though the American-based far right group stated they didn't know of a Canadian branch):


In any case if Ray isn't involved his ideas appear to be being utilized:

But back to the released audio, suffice to say that the convoy folks aren't pleased and are claiming that this is all disinformation. Among those is Jason LaFace who here threatens to hack V4F's website and claims they and Jeff Evely are paid infiltrators:

For those who aren't aware of who Jason LaFace, formerly associated with the Soldiers of Odin, is, he was involved in the Ottawa Occupation and the infamous Memorandum of Understanding that would have been an end run around the elected government (and which had no chance of being agreed to):
Here are a few other relevant links:
Jason LaFace is also prone to... uhm... outbursts such as his claim to have always known that V4F were government plants. He also claims that unions are trying to groom children. Basically throwing everything including the kitchen sink in his accusations:

You see LaFace is also an Alpha unlike the other Beta men in the country. Word of warning that this clip contains some really ugly homophobic missives and epithets:

In yet another virulently homophobic rant where he says the LGBTQ are Nazis (again, there is a lot of anti-LGBTQ epithets dropped) he says that people are arriving at the main camp in spite of the detractors:

Have I mentioned that he really seems mad at V4F and Jeff Evely, because he is REALLY mad at V4F and Jeff Evely:

LaFace talks about how he and his "cyber guys" (he thinks he is a hacker) have been exposing infiltrators. He also mentions his own criminal record and makes a threat: 

"Do you know what my family does to snitches? On my mom's side. Sicilians. Should I say more?":

Regarding the audio released by V4F, LaFace claims he can tell it is fake just by listening to it. They won't be violent, though he immediately undercuts this. 

Also, he talks to France and France tells him Canadians are wimps. 

Uhm... France is a country my dude:

But hey, he is willing to compromise on the name and not call it a convoy if people just show up because Canada only has months left before, oh I don't know, something happens?

It has been "a couple of months" now since 2015 at least in which Canada's collapse has been predicted.
These are long, bloody, months:

Now by this point you are probably inclined to believe that LaFace might be prone to hyperbole, but he will have you know he has been doing cyber for hours to expose the infiltrators:

He recounts a personal story about why he dislikes and distrusts V4F and, folks, I can't even. 

Dude claims to have organized an event with 10,000 participant when I'm not sure he can organize a backyard bbq with him as the only person who showed up:

Continuing his claims of self-importance, it was HE who spoke to all the real vets who supported the Ottawa Occupation and he has all their names and addresses written down which (a) is almost certainly not true and (b) would be TERRIBLE opsec if it was... which it isn't:

He calls out V4F and Diagolon's Jeremy MacKenzie who he says he knows are dangerous but that he is as dangerous if not more so: 

"I have my own army. Read my fucking criminal record.  You'll see the people I associate with." 

Also, snitches get ditches, not just stitches because, not violent.

As an aside I have no love for JMack or V4F, but I don't for a second think that they couldn't end LaFace in a heartbeat so Chester should probably not antagonize Spike:

I would note here that LaFace is currently in Alberta with no apparent imminent plans to go to Ontario himself, so keep that in mind as he continues to call people out:

LaFace mentions the MOU and how he (again) saved the day and probably the country single handedly. 

But yeah, 300,000 people signed it? And you have the hard drive? And are the only person who has it?

Totally things that have happened:

In claiming he would commit another crime to keep the hard drive from falling into police hands, he shares why he is keeping it and other artifacts.  

One day, they will be enshrined in a Museum of Freedom that commemorates their heroic efforts:

I'll finish with that clip because it really does go to the motivation of people like LaFace. They want to be famous. They want to be known for having done something great. They think they should be in history books. 

They want to be remembered.

These are people occupy the fringes of society but because they have been able to connect in an online echo chamber have convinced themselves they are movers of history.

When one looks at it that way, the likes of Jason LaFace, but also people like Pat King, Kevin Johnston, Jeremy MacKenzie, Artur Pawlowski, Tamara Lich and so many others becomes just so much more pathetic.

In the end I don't know if this "convoy" will go to Toronto. It seems that the police in Toronto may have acted in response to the recording released by V4F, though ultimately nothing happened on that day. In a recent stream by one of the participant it seems that he believes the final destination is Ottawa which makes some sense considering it is the seat of government and occupies a "Custer's Last Stand" symbolism amongst this crowd. That said the camp at Phelpston seems to be closer to Toronto than Ottawa so who knows?

Also Police tried to contact Norman Blanchfield because he's in breach of his bail conditions and they told him they'd arrest him. He refused to speak to them and instead did a livestream while driving to address the cops:
But there is more.

Elliot "Moose" McDavid also posted a missive attacking V4F as cowards and traitors:

In his rant he references the Marcus Ray event last Fall in which a V4F spy attended, though because it was QAnon crank Logan Murphy who is about as reliable as a train schedule in Greece they learned about this effort when Murphy spilled the beans to them.

McDavid also insists secrecy is important and that it will be peaceful but undercuts this statement by his next statement justifying being aggressive.

Also of interest, it seems big, brave, Elliot McDavid isn't himself going to Ontario as he criticized others for not going, though he does say he flip flopped back and forth and his heart is with those who are going so I guess that makes it all okay:

Finally in a rather telling rant, McDavid basically says that just because they are vets that it doesn't mean that the V4F members aren't traitors ans disgusting.

Support the troops, eh?

But he also mentions Marcus Ray, a man whom he considers to be a friend, claiming that he has no involvement and that they only wear the Constitutional Sheriff t-shirts because they like them.

I mean, since it isn't stained perhaps it is his dress t-shirt?

 I don't know what the outcome of the events that at being planned will be, where it will take place, and when it will occur.

But it very well be quite disruptive and potentially dangerous.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

"Save the Children East Meets West" on the move... so long as (a) their cars don't break down, (b) they don't run out of gas, or (c) someone can pick them up on the way.

First a quick update. It appears that there what have been described as convoys from Quebec today that began today. Norman Blanchfield, who began his drive in Alberta, is currently broken down on the roadside 17 hours away. Gordon Berry also seems to be struggling with car problems:

Blanchfield also posted a copy of the demands they have on his FB page. Others have posted requests for money to buy gas and other necessities:

As the convoy proceeds (and we don't have any idea of numbers or destination other than somewhere in Ontario), one of the early participants who rejected the effort due to concerns he had based on the meetings he attended posted this message:

It seems some of the plans being made by the "peaceful" protesters may have involved kidnapping politicians. Also when discussing how innocent people are caught in the middle of violent encounters, another person casually commented that "collateral damage" is inevitable:

So now let's go back and look at some of the key figures. 

On September 20, Shawn Bradley ("Iron Crow") spoke favourably about the anti-LGBTQ+ protests that day, that they will not live as slaves, and that the time they would be moving was soon. Bradley speaks of "people power" and of this being their "last chance". He repeats sovcit lines like Canada is not a country, however most ominously, Bradley talks about how people people died for Canada when it was a country. Finally, Bradley urges people to sell their possessions in order to get the money they need to hold out at the location they are going to in Ontario, including selling their "second car":

Norm Blanchfield has posted a lot and I'm not going to touch on all of them, but here he talks about "their right" to, I presume, inconvenience others and usurp the Canadian electoral system. In fact there's lot's about "their" rights. Not so much concern about the rights of others or the responsibilities of citizenship:

Here we get into what is basically the premise of this effort. They are basing it on sovcit pseudo-legal woo:

Also, these folks have really drunk the "New World Order" and WEF Kool-Aid.

Blanchfield and "Dave Freedom" discuss the old Bill of Rights which was replaced by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but which plays an outsized role in Canadian sovcit lore and which they seem to believe is their get-out-of-jail card, so to speak:

They move on to Coutts. Blanchfield believes that the four are still in jail because they hired lawyers and that they would be out if they represented themselves. 

The Bar Association of is also part of the conspiracy, dontchaknow?

They say that they don't want to overthrow the government. No, perish the thought! Blanchfield and "Dave Freedom" simply want to arrest Prime Minister Trudeau, try him for treason, and install a new government and system "for the people".

They talk about the alleged victims, further claim Trudeau is guilty of treason (for reasons) and crimes against humanity (for other reasons):

I'm including this just because it made me laugh. Blanchfield says that "Dave Freedom" legally changed his name because this movement is so close to his heart. 

Also, folks, if you are arrested, don't rep yourself if at all possible. It probably won't go well:

Moving back to Alberta we have Ron Clark who says he will be leaving for Ontario on Monday morning. He believes that no one can stop them (they have the right to travel) and that this event will be historic:

The next few clips he complains about how protesters were treated during the anti-LGBTQ+ protests by the counter-protesters. In short, he is upset that counter-protesters can protest their hate, but the anti-LGBTQ+ can't harass vulnerable groups with impunity.

After briefly claiming Canada is rife with foreign UN troops coming to harm them, he continues to claim how they are the real victims of LGBTQ+ bullying for, you know, just existing.

Clark further gives away the game when he says that "regular" kids need a safe space from the LGBTQ+ ideology... which is basically treating everyone with kindness and basic decency when one thinks about it. Can't have their kids exposed to that I guess?

Here Clark says you don't need to pay taxes (you do) and that he doesn't understand the Canadian Pension Plan or basic investment and diversification strategies. Also, I would really avoid taking medical advice from Ron.

Clark calls the media liars and rehashes what he thinks are the outrages of the Ottawa Occupation and their treatment by the police, including a claim that rubber bullets were used on them.

Of this claim I have seen absolutely no evidence. Quite the opposite in fact.

This is the point where the implied threats really begin. Clark tells the police they need to pick a side, suggesting there would be trouble should they not pick the side they feel is correct. He claims that the police/military are following orders from a dictator and says that he isn't inciting anything, but then seems to use some rather coded language about NOT (wink) bringing guns and knives (wink):

He urges people to come in cars, trucks, tanks if you have them. They have the "right" to travel any way they wish. He also wants semis because the sound of the horns makes his soul happy. He wants everyone to come but if you can't he tells you to get your popcorn ready to watch the show.

The Ottawa Occupation was, in Ron's deluded mind, the most important historical event since the French Revolution it seems.

Also, his complaints about capitalism suggests Ron would be happy with socialism, however he also doesn't understand the meaning of words so...

After having spent half an hour rehashing imagined slights and oppression, he tells Black people and FNMI to stop living in the past and get over their real history of oppression and discrimination. 

I mean sure, Indigenous children were subjected to the residential schools and cultural genocide while African-Canadians have suffered from systemic discrimination for centuries, but have they been denied entry into a Tim Horton's unless wearing a mask?

Now, we end our look at Ron Clark with another implied threat. 

He says they will be peaceful, but they will not be "pushed around" by the police again. 

"Remember, there 238 of us to every one of them":

Moving on to Tyson "Freedom George" Billings whom readers will remember as Salacious Crumb to Pat King's Jabba during the Ottawa Occupation.

He too is going to Ontario, though he is weirdly cagey as to how he will get there. He suggests that the big demand is the removal of Trudeau and echos Ron Clark in stating the police won't be able to move them like last time. 

Also, send money. He's totally good for it.

Billings asks for military support. He also says that while they will be peaceful, should the police try to enforce the law that the police will have put themselves in harms way. 

"Don't put us in any danger, and you will not be in danger either":

More sovcit rhetoric; Canada is a corporation and not a real country. 

Billings also refers to the LGBTQ+ community as the mafia. Listening to him, it seems clear that Billings is just spouting rhetoric but doesn't actually understand any of it:

Want some new age spirituality combined with some Christian Nationalism? Billings is here for you. For example, did you know Ottawa is filled with evil spirits? Tyson Billings does apparently.

I mean, boring spirits I get, but I'm not sure I can really get behind evil:

Let's now move on the Gordon Berry who appears to be spearheading the eastern portion of this effort. To give you an insight into what he is about, here is a typical post on his Facebook profile:

And it probably shouldn't be a surprise to learn the "save the children" thing is really a pretext for what they really want to do:

Berry seems to believe this is iminent, though some want to do more than simply arrest the Prime Minister:

We begin with Gordon Berry driving to another meeting wearing a "Constitutional Sheriff" t-shirt which was probably purchased when he was associated with Marcus Ray.

And yes, he is driving (and yawning) while he streams which, I mean, seems really safe. 

Why was he yawning. Sleep deprivation of course. 

I'm sure he is fine to drive on a busy highway though.

Berry will talk about the importance of vibrations and frequency now and throughout the video. 

More importantly though...


I actually think this clip is the most telling of all that I'll post today. In addition to the sovcit woo, Berry says that they can "create their own reality" the benefits them by simply manifesting it into existence.

In other words because they can't accept reality as it is, they will pretend it isn't happening and make one up that conforms more to the narrative they believe but for which there is no actual evidence for, refusing to recognize evidence that contradicts them:

Apparently vaccines are harmful, dinosaurs weren't real, and space doesn't exist, but  his new age understanding of energy and consciousness is "scientifically proven." 

God help us with these people...

We now have a stream of consciousness about the police and I'm left wondering how many Monster Energy drinks he has consumed in the past 24 hours. 

I'm going with a baker's dozen as my guess:

Berry states that children are being indoctrinated which is in keeping with what we have been seeing being claimed by the far-right in their latest crusade against the LGBTQ+ community. 

As a teacher, if I COULD indoctrinate my students, it would only to convince them to get their assignments in on time:

To sum up Berry's attitude towards other "patriot" groups they are in dispute with, "they hate us 'cause they ain't us":

Energy baby! ENERGY!!!!

Peaceful Gordon Berry talks about the foreign troop conspiracy and acknowledges he doesn't really know anything for certain, but that our soldiers have the right to kill them. 

Not that HE is suggesting they do that, of course:

He wants the police and military to join forces with him, defacto yadda yadda, and of course energy:

We must come together as one! 

Also, BLM and antifa have no souls and are probably lost forever.

Uhm... unity?

Politicians are all criminals and will be dealt with accordingly. 

So much for innocent unless proven guilty in the world Berry wants to manifest, eh?

That said he does go on to explain why he doesn't like courts. They are evil because they wont do what he wants them to do:

He provides the example that even Max Bernier suggested there was a process for arresting Trudeau on charges of treason.  Berry thinks it should just happen because of what he thinks is a mountain of evidence (including long debunked claims he was fired as a teacher due to an illicit relationship with a student)... none of which is ACTUALLY true OR evidence of treason:

With Berry out of the way now, lets look at Elliot McDavid.

If that name is familiar it is because he was the yobb who, in August 2022, recorded himself harassing Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland in Grande Prairie:
In a thankfully short clip, he talks about how he will be leaving for Ontario soon too:

Now these are of course not the only people who will be, plan on, or are hoping to go to Ontario.

For example, Clifford "Apollo" Tabor, an especially aggressive individual who tried (and failed) to get an army of millions to Ottawa to remove the government want in.

If he can get a ride that is:
You see, this is sort of a thing because if one is really interested in "protecting the children" you might be inclined to give Tabor the side eye:
Clifford Tabor was charged with the second degree murder of three year old Kimberly Melissa Kelly.  On May 6th, 2003 he applied for judicial interim release pursuant to s. 522 of the Code before Madam Justice Hunter.  She found the appellant had failed to discharge the onus to justify why his custody was not justified pursuant to s. 515(10) of the Code and denied the application.  He appeals that decision pursuant to s. 680 of the Code.

Also, if you are going to bring a circus to town, expect the clowns to arrive as well:

Jason LaFace was involved in the Ottawa Occupation (and was sued as a result). This past spring he tried get a mass of people to go to Ottawa where they would not leave until the Governor General decertified the Liberal Party:
Suffice to say, the Liberals still exist as a political party and Jason left town in less than a week having convinced a dozen or so to join him.

It seems that Jason, along with others, have been added to the "go-to" list for anyone with questions. They participants are using a signal group and 2 way radio for communication:

Still there is some concern about this going south, even among members of the far-right.

Diagolon for example is very suspicious:

To be fair, he is probably right about them planning something stupid while also being wrong about them being "feds".

And others are also sounding the warning bell:

And of course, one can not discount their own incompetence getting in the way. As I write this there is a huge argument among participants. Seems that Norm Blanchfield is upset someone gave away the super secret location and date, though I think we all could have at least guessed the location:

So this really is going just as well as you might have expected.


While I don't expect that the same number of people will show up to the as now mystery destination as they did to Ottawa in February 2022, but those who do participate may be more aggressive (and, quite frankly, dumber) which isn't a good thing.

They are buffoons, but still capable of causing harm.

UPDATE 1: Things are going just great!

In the meantime, Jane Scharf appears to be trying to take over the convoy effort herself:

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

One Faction of the "Save the Children" Convoy Set To Leave September 20, 2023

Most people (as well as the Canadian Anti-Hate Network) have been rightfully focused on the "1 Million March 4 Children" planned for September 20 as well as helping to drum up support to counter the anti-LGBTQ+ groups and individuals. At this point no one is really certain of the numbers that will show up, though I think it is safe to say it is unlikely the anti-LGBTQ+ protesters will come close to approaching a million people and it seems likely they may be outnumbered by counter-protesters in a number of locations.

However, while others have been keeping watch on the "1 Million March 4 Children", I have been focused on what is likely to be a much smaller though potentially more disruptive effort.

On Twitter, I posted a series of threads on a group using the name "SaveTheChildren Convoy 2023 East Meets West". The organizers include sovereign citizen proponents such as Elliot McDavid of Grande Prairie, AB who was made infamous in August 2022 for his verbal attack of Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland. A number of the people who claim they will be taking part were also involved in the Ottawa Occupation and the border blockades (such as that which occurred in Coutts) in February 2022. 

It seems that there has been some fracturing in this group however and disagreement over when they will convoy again, but it appears that for one faction, the day they will be leaving for Ottawa is September 20.

I discussed Norman Blanchfield in the previous article on this blog. He was also a participant in the Ottawa Occupation in February 2022 as can be seen in this clip of a tense encounter with a news crew covering the event:

Blanchfield has been posting videos almost daily stating that his group would be leaving for Ottawa on a date he would provide. Yesterday in a (god help me!) two and a half hour live stream he provided some details including what their demands of the government will be.

Most of the stream was in French and as I am hopelessly and embarrassingly unilingual I focused on the English parts, however I was told that in some of the French portion they also talk about Trump and January 6th being staged, "Antifa" being paid by the government, and that they believe the liberals handed out propaganda pamphlets and sabotaged the conservatives in the election.

In any case, the first clip notes the time they plan on leaving Alberta September 20 as well as the fact that they will not be involved in the "1 Million March 4 Children" events taking place on that date:

Now we come to the demands they plan on making. In other parts they say they have seven demands, however here I only hear five so perhaps there are additional demands in the French part.

First, they want a new election (someone who listened to the French part suggested that the Liberals and NDP would be disqualified from fielding candidates but I can't confirm that).

Second, there is to be no discussion of trans issues in schools; not sure if that also means not allowing trans children in schools.

Third, all charges are to be dropped against people involved in the Ottawa Occupation and border blockades, including those four men (one of who was a member of Diagolon) currently facing trial on weapons charges and an alleged murder plot:

A demand for what is a nebulous concept of "transparency" is the fourth demand and finally, and rather oddly, a demand that immigrants be protected since these folks believe the Liberals are forcing immigrants to vote Liberal:

Blanchfield insists that, unlike Ottawa in February 2022, that this won't be a party but that there will be a giant party when they win.

He also insists they have the right to "do it" (which doesn't seem to consider the rights of the people living in Ottawa) and that the "vibrations" now are right to move:

Soon Blanchfield has a guest:

When Robert Dorion communicates in English it is to claim that the "push" for trans rights (note he ALMOST says LGBTQ) is part of a nefarious plot by the Liberal government to divide Canadians to impose a tyrannic communist government on us:

Dorion goes on to claim that Pat King, Tamara Lich, Chris Barber, and the "Coutts boys" should not have been arrested as they did nothing wrong. He further suggests he KNOWS the weapons in Coutts were part of a set-up because, and I am summarizing, he knows a guy who knows a guy:

And this clip can be summed up as, "subjecting us to the law is childish so we might not follow the law any more you big meanies!":

In some ways this clip might be the most telling.

They are frightened of change. They are frightened that people who look like them can't impose their values on everyone else and are fighting like hell to return to a world where they could.

That's really all there is too it:

Another convoy will end the chaos in the country.

Because the first one certainly aided in promoting stability. :/

Another guest, Diego, joins and says that they are engaged in political and spiritual warfare, BUT don't call it warfare! Call it combat!

These people...

Because they all want to be a part of history they have to believe that the Ottawa Occupation was a significant event in world history that they played an active role in. As such, Diego characterizes it as Canada being first to stand up against, what I think he says, bio-political control:

I was wondering when they would get into the globalist WEF conspiracy rhetoric. It took a bit of time, but they didn't disappoint, by which I really mean they continue to disappoint me:

Diego says Prime Minister Trudeau is a traitor who committed crimes against humanity because ultimately these guys are just playing all the far-right hits:

Finally, they make the claim that the government bullied the occupiers in Ottawa by eventually, after more than three weeks, stopping them from bullying the citizens of Ottawa which is tots unfair!

Today Blanchfield promised another stream which I'm guessing is more of the same. And while we might be inclined to mock them, they also represent a segment of society that has gone so far down a rabbit hole that I can't see how they get themselves out.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Schism Appears Amongst "SaveTheChildren Convoy 2023 East Meets West" Convoy to Toronto Organizers

If I've said it once I've said it 1000 times, but if there are three things in life that are certain, those things are death, taxes, and the ironclad certainty that there will be infighting amongst members of the far-right and/or conspiracy theorists.

Back on the platform formerly known as Twitter, I've been keeping an eye on the latest efforts to organize a convoy to occupy a major city in this country. The folks involved in that effort are calling their proposed event the,  "SaveTheChildren Convoy 2023 East Meets West" convoy. It is based in part on the conspiracy theory that vast numbers of children are being trafficked to be used by the elite as sexual slaves, hunted for sport, and harvested for adrenochrome. It has also adopted anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric as well as erroneous claims of children being sexualized in schools by, for example age-appropriate teaching about the importance of consent.

In any case, you can read those threads here and the cast of characters involved: 

This past week however there has been some movement. Sort of. Well, not really.

I'll explain as best I can.

Early this week, a person using the name "Freedom Wayne" (god help me with these self-important dorks!) started posting information stating that the convoy would be arriving in Toronto on September 19, 2023:

Got to say that the video of the dude chowing down while pointing to to himself from another video talking about how they will need "warriors" who might have to move barriers should the police try to stop them doesn't exactly inspire a great deal of confidence in their future endeavours:

It seems the timing of this event for September 19 may have been chosen during a recent meeting in Ponoka  attended by the likes of "Freedom Wayne" and Tyson "Freedom George" Billings:

Another figure from the Ottawa Occupation who also attended the Marcus Ray non-event in Manitoba last September, Ron Clark, also posted a video stating the date of the Toronto occupation would be September 19. I've cut the relevant sections into brief clips.

First, it wouldn't be a "patriot" video if someone didn't suggest that a major social media company was targeting them specifically for "spreading truth":

And yes, he is wearing a Trump t-shirt because TOTALLY not a cult!

He then provides the date of September 19 and states with authority that, like Ottawa in February 2022, that the convoy is not going to leave until they "take the country back":

But of course, they did leave, though not necessarily by their choice.

On that note, when asked about the possibility of the government enacting the Emergencies Act again, Clark says let them, but that the proposed occupiers won't be pushed around like they were the last time:

Finally, along with further claims that they will be there for weeks or months until they get their way, we have the ubiquitous by this point request for financial assistance:

Or in other words...

So, everything is a go for September 19, 2023! 

Saddle-up! Yeehaw! Pew pew!

Except, maybe no. 

See, evidently the meeting in Ponoka didn't include the eastern part of the "East meets West" convoy. And perhaps not Elliot McDavid who organizing the western contingent either:

The eastern organizer, Gordon Berry, stays true to form and posted a 30 minute video where he basically takes 5 minutes max to say what he wants to say and spends the remaining 25 minutes restating what he just said.

When I'm asked when I can spend time watching these let me just say that, folks, the struggle is real.

Before I post some of the relevant clips however, let's talk about the shirt tat Gordon is wearing because that alone tells a bit of a story:

The Constitutional Sheriffs is a far-right American project, however in Canada it was adopted by Marcus Ray who at one point claimed that he had a number of retired RCMP and veterans who, as part of an army he and unnamed individuals had created to surround the RCMP barracks in Regina, hold mock trials, and (say it with me folks because it is basically a mantra at this point), "take the country back":

Instead of the millions he claimed would be involved however, Ray's event ended up being around two hundred people who spent two days on someone's rural property in Manitoba and complained about WiFi connections:

What is more interesting perhaps is that both Elliot McDavid and Gordon Berry, organizers of the west and east portion of the convoy planned for this year, were also present:

And, perhaps, it also provides a bit of a clue as to what their plans might be this September as well.

Here we see Gordon Berry, along with Sean/Shawn "Iron Crow" who has been a key figure in the eastern wing of the proposed convoy, taking about making citizen's arrests of political figure they feel have wronged them:

So while I initially dismissed Marcus Ray's involvement in this effort, I will modify that position as it at least appears that his ideas may be at the minimum influencing the direction this proposed convoy and occupation is taking even if he himself may or may not be actively involved.

With that said, let's get to Gordon Berry's clips.

Here he talks about how he is the spokesperson for the convoy effort and that if there was a date, shouldn't the information come from himself rather than others?:

He suggest that there has been nothing in the country until their efforts, but suggests he is suspicious that all these events are taking place now (a controlled op?). Still, he supports their efforts... but not really:

He claims that he will not attack anyone or question their integrity while kinda, sorta, doing exactly that:

This part gets me.

He complains about others hijacking their "Save the Children" convoy idea. 

I will remind folks that the real Save the Children charity has been around for 104 years and have condemned any use of the "Save the Children" hashtags being used by the far-right and QAnon conspiracy proponents. The orange shirt that this convoy has co-opted is the colour chosen by the Indigenous community to remember the effects of the residential school system on Orange Shirt Day.

So yeah, I find this to be a rather ironic complaint he is making:

Berry seems to suggest that the impetus for what he says is the wrong date originated at a meeting "out west" so I'm assuming that it was the meeting in Ponoka. He says that those announcing the a date publicly just don't understand tactics:


Still discussing the situation in the west, he says he spoke to Elliot "Moose" McDavid and the two of them are copesetic:

Finally, he does mention something about what sounds like the real date as being late September which sort of makes sense since he is agitated about the number of what he thinks are suspicious events taking place in that month:

So, as I was writing this, I just had a thought.

Orange Shirt Day is on September 30.

How come I get the feeling that these yobs, wearing their own orange shirts, are going to try to co-opt the actual day as well as the look?

I don't have enough palms or foreheads folks.

So that's that right? Gordan is going to travel to Alberta and set things right because no one from the east is going on September 19.


Well.... someone might need to talk to Norman Blanchfield from Quebec:

Here Blanchfield states that the convoy is leaving for Toronto as well as Ottawa on September 13 and will arrive September 19th. He goes on to say how it won't be no flag wave or party and he's not scared to get arrested. They're gonna stay to the end and, say it again people, "take the country back".


Regarding arrests, it seems that Blanchfield has some familiarity with that already:

Blanchfield had asked for his bail restrictions to go on Parliament and in downtown Ottawa be removed in Superior Court this past August 21. He was represented by someone who named themselves... sigh... I can't even bring myself to write it again:

As of the writing of this article, Norman Blanchfield has not yet received a decision regarding changing his bail conditions to allow him to go to downtown Ottawa and Parliament.

Hope springs eternal I suppose?

But yeah, this is where we are at with the "SaveTheChildren Convoy 2023 East Meets West" convoy/planned occupation.

I suspect they won't get the millions they anticipate... or thousands... or even really hundreds.

But we shall see I suppose?