Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Day 1 (?) Of "Save the Children" Convoy Lacks Convoy and People

So, what is new in "FreeeeDOOOMMMMMMM" convoy news in Ottawa? 

Yep. They are in Ottawa. 

Knock me over with a feather! Didn't see THAT coming! /sarc

I was going to post streams from a number of the players, but really, they all filmed the exact same thing so let's go with one. 

Ron Clark arrives with Tyson Billings, Chris Dacey, and a guy whose name I haven't bothered to learn to the song, "The Boys Ar Back in Town."


Holy hell this is just sad.

The requisite "the vaccine is killing people" conspiracy.

They're uhm... they're yelling at a building.


Media bad! 

We're walking! 


It now appears the police have started issuing $1000 noise complaints. The rabble is not happy. 

Consider this to be foreshadowing.

"We're going to be here every day!" 

Okay. You do you.

Ron thinks shouting conspiracy theories at a camera person is an interview.

Now it is likely more might be coming in the next few days. One can probably count on that. But this seems to be a far cry from the 3 million promised by Shawn "Iron Crow" Bradley. 

But things would get a bit spicy as Crystal Peters was arrested.

Tyson "Freedom George" Billings discusses the aftermath of the arrest. 

Apparently it is funny because he understands "tactics".

Billings makes a plea for more people to come.

And he speaks to Walter Derksen whose sound system Peters was using when she was arrested.
Apparently he has a court hearing tomorrow morning and he will be telling the judge to watch the video of the arrest today which isn't how things actually work. Billings encourages people to attend the hearing to support Derksen, as well as the trials of Lich and Barber.

That looked like it was going to be the end of things tonight but tension continued to rise. I don't know what precipitated this -- someone suggested that he may have taken a swing at a police officer but I haven't seen any video to substantiate that claim -- but one of the protesters was tazed and arrested. You can hear at least one other person off camera making threats as well.

The following three clips were posted by Chris Dacey:

Suffice to say people are angry.

I'm not sure how many others will show. I believe there were some who stayed back at the camps who may be showing up when they decided to go in some force. I'm guessing the numbers will not be very high, but there might be enough to cause some trouble.

We shall see how things progress.

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