Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blood & Honour (Aryan Guard) Members Allegedly Beat Teen Girl Unconscious: Interesting Development

On December 15, we reported an incident in which three members of Blood & Honour (Aryan Guard) beat up an 18 year old girl. Later that week, we provided a follow-up which included a picture of the injuries the young woman purported to sustain during the assault.

Well, looks like the young woman in question has decided that she is still going to run with violent neo-Nazis. In fact, she has started dating one:

Monday, December 27, 2010

Paul Fromm Goes to Bat For.... Michelle Erstikaitis???: Part IV

It's been a while since Paulie (seen here in one of the more flattering pictures that someone has been able to take of him) brought up his pet project. Remember Michelle Erstikaitis? The woman Paulie claims is being persecuted as a political prisoner because of a letter she wrote to Timothy McVeigh.... forgetting the numerous crimes she actually has committed, while glossing over the arson, the assault of a then boyfriend, calling the mother of one of Paul Bernardo's victims and threatening to kill the mother and her son?

Yep, that one.

We had figured the ridicule from Paulie's fellow travelers over his support for Erstikaitis might have wised him up that perhaps she wasn't worth the trouble. Turns out we had underestimated Paulie's masochistic nature:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 2010 Bits and Bites: Violence in Russia Supported By Canadian White Nationalists and More Blood & Honour Feuding

As we enter the final days of 2010, we thought we would remind our dear readers (though most of our regulars need no reminding) of the fact that, "White Pride" and "White Nationalism" is really just a euphemism for justifying hatred and violence.

In early December one of the Canadian regulars on Stormfront posted a link concerning right wing extremism and violence in Moscow:

Now the appropriate WN script will pay lip service to this violence being regrettable, but also being symptomatic of deeper racial animus that could be solved merely through a, "sensible" immigration policy (failing to mention that the targets of the Russian ultranationalists are indigenous to the modern state of Russia, having been incorporated into the Empire between 1817 and 1864). And if it were David Duke, Don Black, Paul Fromm or any of the other elder statesmen of the WN movement who commented on the link, this, or a variation of this, is what we would read. Of course they don't believe this either, but it does sound so much more respectable.

Fortunately, the unwashed masses of the WN movement often forget protocol and actually say what they think:

One For the, "WTF???" Column

We're a bit late here, but we thought this was way too bizarre to let pass:

Three women punched on Calgary street

By Daryl Slade,
Calgary Herald
December 18, 2010

A 19-year-old man is in police custody facing three counts of assault for allegedly punching three women on downtown streets Friday morning. 

City police spokeswoman Emma Poole said the worst injury was an apparent broken nose sustained by one of the victims, who was knocked to the ground and struck in the face. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays and Special Thanks

The membership decided to take a few days off to spend with our families, but we did want to wish all of our readers happy holidays, especially Volksfront Alberta.

You see, Volksfront Alberta, specifically Jeff Demas, gave us a lovely gift a few days ago. A nice Christmas group picture from their recent blot (we hadn't realized that Paulie would be attending as well). And though the picture was eventually removed, we just wanted to assure Jeff that we managed to save his gift to us. It was very thoughtful.

Thank you.

We would also like to thank the rest of our readers for their support the vast amount of information that has been provided but which is not always published. While the Collective might be thought of as a tight core group of individuals, the reality is that our readers are what truly constitute the Collective.

With that we urges all our readers to spend the holidays with loved ones and truly appreciate the meaning of the season.

We'll be back very soon.

Friday, December 17, 2010

B&H Assault Story: Questions and Response

Since we wrote about the incident during the weekend in which an 18 year female was allegedly beaten by members and associates of the former Aryan Guard, (now calling themselves Blood & Honour) we've received numerous responses from our readers. Some have claimed the incident occurred as it was recounted to us. Others have written stating while something did happen, it might not have occurred as we described it. Still some have claimed the incident never took place in the first place while others have suggested that it did happen and the girl had it coming.

Some of these claims can also be found on one of Marleau's most recent Facebook update:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blood & Honour (Aryan Guard) Members Allegedly Beat Teen Girl Unconscious

UPDATE: Would the person who contacted us about 15 or 20 minutes ago please contact us again. The email you provided didn't seem to work.

So, how did you, our dear readers, spend your weekend? If you're a member and/or associate of the former Aryan Guard (now renamed Blood & Honour) you may very well have spent it beating a 90lb teenage girl senseless at a house party. We received the following information concerning the event:

Lee and two other skinheads beat up a girl who is 90 lbs or less and who just turned 18. I'm trying to get more info on this story, but it happened on Saturday I believe or perhaps Yep, three guys on one girl.. and John is threatening the girl online through Facebook.

We received this followup shortly after:

Warman Resolves Libel Action Against "Cowichan Valley Citizen" and Canwest

We haven't been by Richard Warman's website for a while, but when we visited today we found the following:

Richard Warman is pleased to announce that he has resolved his libel action against the Cowichan Valley Citizen newspaper and Canwest Media. Thanks are due to mediator William Neville and counsel Danesh Rana and Robert Houston, QC of Burke Robertson LLP.

We're not sure when this occurred, but it must have been relatively recent.

Friday, December 10, 2010

CHRC Appealing Tremaine Decision

Back on November 30 we and a number of mainstream media sources reported that Terry Tremaine had been found not guilty of contempt based primarily on the fact that the CHRT decision had not been filed at the Federal Court and that Tremaine had not been served with the registration order when the CHRC brought contempt charges against Tremaine. Now it looks as if that decision is being appealed:

We're not sure how this will end, but we think there's a fairly decent chance that the original decision could be overturned. Or not. We'll see soon. Either way, this is an interesting development which will no doubt cause the usual suspects some consternation.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ongoing Projects

We haven't been updating the blog as often as we have in the recent past, however that doesn't mean that we aren't active behind the scenes. In fact, we are currently engaged in two projects that are taking up a great deal of our time but which we hope to share soon.

The first is related to the movement in Calgary where the lion's share of this blogs attention is focused on. One of our readers requested that we provide a "who's who" in the Calgary White Nationalist movement, as there have been some changes and new faces have appeared. We have been compiling information on the movement in Calgary for some time, but we have yet to publish. In the future we hope to publish our results along with photos and profile descriptions, but in the meantime here is a partial list of the main players and their supporters (our readers will note some significant omissions, no doubt):

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What John Marleau and Paul Fromm Think About David Lane and Africans

We realize that we run the risk of turning this blog into the Marleau and Paulie show, but they provide so much low hanging fruit from which to work with.

First, our favourite bowl full of jelly who isn't St. Nick, John Marleau.

Our readers can figure out what we think of David Lane quite easily. We consider him to be a thief and a murderer, as one of the most prominent members of the terrorist gang, the Brüder Schweigen, however Lane was a revered figure amongst White Nationalists who hung on his every word, especially his, "fourteen words." Lane's death in prison in 2007 resulted in a a minor mass hysteria amongst his fellow travelers who mourned the loss of the man. Hell, they even fought over the mortal remains, such was the desire to have at least some connection to the, "great man" of the movement.

To say anything less than glowing praise for Lane is enough to have your commitment to the White Nationalist movement seriously questioned. So it goes without saying that the Canadian Movement will also worship Lane as a martyred demi-god.

Or not.

Tremaine Walks on Technicality

Well, it isn’t exactly the birthday gift we had hoped for, but given the circumstances we aren’t terribly surprised.

Today Terry Tremaine managed to have get off on contempt charges related to his violation of the CHRT decision against him. However it wasn’t because the judge in the case ruled that he hadn’t done the deed, or that the CHRT decision was invalid, but because the CHRC didn’t immediately register the decision with the Federal Court or make Tremaine aware. In short, Tremaine had what appears to be a period of grace where he could continue to post hate propaganda until the decision was registered with the Federal Court and he was informed as such.

We're Three Years Old!!!!

Leather is the traditional gift, fyi. You know, just in case you're considering sending us a little something.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aryan Guard is Now Blood & Honour. Or Not?

It's been a while since we've checked up in the relationship between the racist gang formerly known as the Aryan Guard and their bastard child W.E.B.:

Mr. Reitmeier, you have the floor first:

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lacey Dawn Snyder of Edmonton in the News Again

Back in May, we wrote about Lacey Dawn Snyder and Dylan Trommel. Both had just plead guilty to a racially-based assault on a 32 year old student from the Congo which involved racial epithets and bear spray.

Guess who was in the news again for all the wrong reasons:

More than 300 stolen IDs also retrieved during downtown search

EDMONTON - Two Edmonton men are in custody after police seized 300 stolen pieces of ID, blank credit cards and a record quantity of a "date-rape drug" at a downtown residence.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

They Miss Us

You know, it's interesting how most of the comments left for us during the last week we've been absent have been from boneheads. It's almost as if they get a masochistic thrill out of reading our articles making fun of them.

It's okay. We'll be back soon.

Fact is we made a bit of a decision to take a little bit of a break. The members of the collective have been preparing for an upcoming trip, celebrating the birth of a child, going into the hospital for minor knee surgery, and other events that have popped up. We figured that this was as good a time as any to take a mini hiatus.

However, this doesn't mean that we still aren't active.

We should be back full time again in a week or two once we've recharged our batteries.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paul Fromm Not a Fan of... Toronto Mayor Rob Ford???

This past October we here in the Collective watched with baited breath as Paulie, Tommy and Donnie were all trounced in their respective mayoral campaigns, which was completely expected (we were surprised that voter turn out in Mississauga, London and Toronto appeared higher than in the past). Truth be told we really were only paying attention to Fromm and Winnicki though, as we had experienced Don Andrews' dog and pony show during multiple civic elections in Toronto and, frankly, we were a bit bored by him. Besides, we knew that the Toronto race was going to be won by conservative Rob Ford and as most of us here are lefties politically, that sort of bummed us out a little bit.

Things took an interesting turn today however when Paulie posted a screed on both Stormfront and his own Facebook profile directed at the Canadian Jewish Congress, Rob Ford and the Ford for Mayor campaign. The focus of the screed centers around someone Paulie claims once worked on the Ford campaign (a Mr. James Alcock) but, because of his connection to Fromm and a planned speech to Paulie's Alternative Forum, was dropped as a campaign worker due to CJC pressure.

We don't know a great deal about Mr. Alcock at this point. From what we've been able to gather, he is associated to some degree with the conservative Toronto Party and is someone especially interested in mass transit and transportation. Mr. Alcock himself posted the following in the "Team Rob Ford" Facebook group:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paulie's Election Sign: People Aren't Fans

Well, the Terry Tremaine hearing seems to be winding down and by all accounts they have been pretty standard fare, Also, as one report that has reached us indicates, they must be very boring for Paulie who has been attending the hearings. At one point, the sound of a loud saw could be heard within the room. When looking for the cause, it became apparent the origin was Paulie who was snoring after having fallen asleep.

Speaking of Paulie, looks like his election campaign ads have become an issue (which begs the question, why are they still up considering the election occurred weeks ago?):

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Second Rehberg Brother Convicted of Hate Crime

Our main focus remains the home invasion that took place in Calgary, however we would be remiss if we didn't make our readers aware of this:
N.S. man guilty of hate crime in cross-burning 
Last Updated: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 | 7:47 PM AT 
A second Nova Scotia man has been found guilty of inciting racial hatred and criminal harassment after a cross was burned on an interracial couple's lawn near Windsor nine months ago. 
Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice John Murphy convicted Nathan Rehberg, 21, of both charges after a two-day trial in Kentville. He will be sentenced in January.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Request for information

Would the individual who left the message (you know who you are) please send us his or her email? It will not be published. We would however like to further discuss what you wrote in light of new information we received.

Jason Devine, Bonnie Devine, and Other Male Attacked in Home Invasion

We had heard yesterday that Mr. Devine and other anti-racist activists had flyered a neighborhood where Aryan Guard members were believed to have lived.

Last night Jason, his wife Bonnie and another male staying with them were attacked in their home by five individuals. The Devine's four children were asleep and unharmed thankfully.
Anti-racism coalition member targeted in home invasion
Updated: Mon Nov. 08 2010 11:23:34 ctvcalgary.ca 
A Calgary anti-racism activist was the victim of a violent home invasion overnight.Police are looking for several suspects after five masked men armed with blunt weapons broke into a home in the 5400 block of 8 Avenue SE just after 1 a.m. Monday. 
The men were armed with bats and hammers when they barged into the house.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

"Beast of Bolzano" is Dead

Michael Seifert, pictured here with his Canadian lawyer Doug Christie, died today in an Italian hospital at the age of 86. Seifert had been extradited to Italy in 2008 where he had been convicted him in absentia for war crimes. Seifert was an especially violent concentration camp guard who's brutality earned him the moniker, the "Beast of Bolzano." His crimes included starving a 15 year old girl to death, torturing a woman before murdering her and her child, and gouging out the eyes of a prisoner.

He was convicted by an Italian court of these and other crimes in 2000. He fought extradition for a number of years, but he eventually lost and was returned to Italy where his crimes had been committed.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Justin Rehberg Convicted of Hate Crime

Sometimes often we don't need to add commentary to a story.

Cross burning a hate crime, judge says

A Nova Scotia man was found guilty Friday of inciting racial hatred for burning a cross outside the home of an interracial couple in rural Hants County, a decision the Canadian Jewish Congress calls "precedent-setting."

Justin Rehberg, 19, pleaded guilty last month to a charge of criminal harassment stemming from the Feb. 21 incident in which Michelle Lyon and Shayne Howe discovered the burning cross, with a noose attached, on the lawn of their home.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Winnicki Denied Entry into Mark Steyn Speaking Engagement: Throws Hissyfit

First, our Nazi friends are pretty poor when it comes to math. Thanks to our friend Louis, we were able to read the following on another Facebook profile:

Sure, he was in fourth place, if by that you mean fourth last. As in 11th place.

For those who might wish to give, "Max" (pictured here with Paul Fromm, Tomasz Winnicki, Louis Morin, Dave Ruud and Terry Tremaine) the benefit of the doubt and argue that he might be talking about some of the early returns, that's a no go too. At no time was Winnicki ever better than 10th place as results rolled in.

But we aren't here to rehash the election. Nope, Winnicki is in the news again because he was rejected. Now we're sure that Winnicki has become quite used to being rejected in numerous areas of his life, but this one must really sting.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Haven't Forgotten About You, Terry.

Hey, with all the focus on the civic election in Ontario this past Monday, we almost forgot that Terry Tremaine, who is pictured above (second from the left) with Paul Fromm (far left), Dave Ruud of the Northern Alliance (in the black, "Punisher" t-shirt) and Tomasz Winnicki (far right) would soon be tried on contempt charges:

This is all related to Tremaine's refusal to abide by a CHRT ruling, but he's also facing criminal charges for some of his writing as well.

November always seems to be an interesting month.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ontario Civic Election: How Are Paulie, Winnicki and Andrews Doing

We've been following the results as they've come in. Not all of the polls have closed (and these results are not final in any case) but so far things are going to form.

In Toronto where Rob Ford has been declared the victor, Don Andrews has received 988 votes with 1831 of 1870 Polls Reporting. This represents 0.129% of the total vote.

Over in Mississauga, Paulie has received 889 votes with 226 of 231 polls reporting, representing 0.66% of the total vote.

Things seem to be a little slower in London, but with 425 of 900 polls reporting. Winnicki has received 38 total votes, or 0.2% of the total. If this continues, Winnicki should get between 75 and 85 votes by the end of the night.

The numbers aren't surprising in the least. We'll discuss the implications later.

UPDATE 1: The numbers are all in, at least in Mississauga.

The final unofficial tally for Paulie is 917 votes, or 0.65% of the total vote.

In Toronto, it looks like when all is said and done, Don Andrews will finish with a little over 1000 votes, perhaps reaching 1100, though that looks to be a long shot since he's currently at 1023 (0.127% of the vote with five polling stations left to report).

In London, Winnicki has 101 votes (0.2%) with 607 of 900 polling stations reporting. If he maintains these numbers, Winnicki will be looking at about 150 votes by the end of the night.

Civic elections are pretty notorious for their low voter turnout, so we expected the total number of voters would be low. While the voter turnout has still been abysmal, they are a bit higher than we had anticipated. We had certainly expected that Andrews, Fromm and Winnicki would finish with under 1% of the total vote each, which has turned out to be accurate. We actually expected Paulie's percentage of the vote to be a bit higher in the o.75% to 0.85% range, and for a while it looked like that would happen when Paulie was at 0.78% of the total vote count.

UPDATE 2: Winnicki finishes with 234 votes (0.2%) with all 900 polling stations reporting. It also looks like London had a higher than expected turnout as well, as did a number of other cities.

In Mississauga, the increase in voters was really quite marked. Last election in 2006 saw 107,531 people vote in the mayoral race. This year the number was 143,501. Even taking into account the fact the city has grown during the intervening years, this number is a big jump when compared to previous elections:

2010: 143,501

2006: 107,531 (24.72%)

2003: 81,533 (19.99%)

2000: 97,028 (25.60%)

1997: 69,617 (20.90%)

We don't know the current population of the city, but we would imagine that the 2010 is close to 30%.

Still, it really is disappointing to see how few people seem to give a damn about who is running their respective cities.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"I'm High on Hate": The Mayoral Campaigns of Paulie and Winnicki Winding Down

We haven't written about the sec. 13 case for a while, but the "National Post" ran an article today which stated that the government has withdrawn from the case. Later in the article, mention is made of Paulie and his mayoral campaign in Mississauga:

Paul Fromm, an anti-immigration campaigner who is running for mayor of Mississauga, Ont., indicated his Canadian Association for Free Expression will comment on "the issue of fundamental and unfettered freedom of expression afforded to all individuals in Canada, and in particular, its focus will be narrowed to the right of an individual to free discourse on the Internet."

The day after this week's hearing, Mr. Fromm gave a public lecture to two dozen people about his mayoral campaign, filled with racist and homophobic slurs. He said he has found the local train stations to be "like flippin' Calcutta" and Mississauga itself has been "paved over with ticky tacky houses that are mostly filled with East Indians."

His campaign slogan, borrowed with no apparent irony from the Barbra Streisand-Robert Redford movie, is "The Way We Were," meaning white, he said. He said his primary goal is to move public opinion against immigration.

"I wake up in the morning and I feel great. I'm high on hate," he said, in a conference room at a hotel near Toronto's airport, with white supremacist and Holocaust denial literature on display.

We're not surprised Paulie would be caught with his pants down (so to speak; please try not to picture him with his pants actually down). Paulie has continued to speak at a variety of racist functions, including a recent speech to the Blood & Honour crew in the United States as well as the Council of Conservative Citizens:

All this isn't sitting well with people who oppose sec. 13, but are growing increasingly concerned that Paulie's shameless self-promotion is hurting their efforts:

Over in London, Ontario, Tomasz Winnicki continues his efforts, though in some ways he appears slightly more realistic about his chances of winning based on a note to his potential supporters on his website:

Do not worry about not winning or the temporary disappointment of voting for a candidate you know will not win. What is important are the tasks and work we undertake after the election in order to stop the civilization wreckers, the so-called 'liberals' and 'conservatives' who were wrecking our economy and social structure for decades.

Right. Because a balding, single man living with his parents is just the person who will turn the whole system around.

Recently, Winnicki was pictured standing proudly in front of one of his campaign signs:

Our first thought, somewhat snarky, is whether Winnicki has ever actually talked to a girl before. Our second thought was that we find it amusing that a man with such a low opinion of women would feature one on his campaign sign. Good enough to be eye candy, not good enough as a conversationalist, we guess.

Well, sadly, someone may have taken it upon him or herself to remove the signs or knock them over:

Winnicki posted an email he received from someone purporting to have committed that dastardly deed:

Okay, so it looks like "Caylen" has Winnicki pretty much pegged.

We COULD do what the boneheads do whenever White Supremacist and Nazi graffiti finds its way onto synagogues, community centers, and graveyards; claim that it was actually done by themselves to garner greater publicity and sympathy. But we'll give Winnicki the benefit of the doubt here.

We in ARC don't endorse the damaging and theft of campaign signs. In fact, especially in Winnicki's case, we really, really want those signs all over the place.

What better reminder of the kind of person Winnicki is and why people should not take him seriously than seeing this on your way to work in the morning:

We mean, who could really take Winnicki seriously after seeing this?

On Monday, the elections in Missisuagua, London and Toronto (we haven't forgotten about you, Don Andrews) will take place. We're currently taking bets within ARC on how many votes each candidate receives:

Fromm: The high number is currently at around 650 votes, while the low is 120.
Winnicki: We're looking at between 35 and 110 votes.
Andrews: Since Toronto is a wee bit larger than Mississauga and London, the high number in our pool is 3,500. The low is 330. Most of us think the high number will be way, way off.

It'll be interesting to see the results.

Friday, October 22, 2010

And the winner is......

On October 2, we issued a challenge to our readers to come up with best modification of a Paulie mayoral campaign add. We chose the ones we liked the most, then left it up to our readers to decide the winner.

In an extremely close finish, the following ad has won our childish little contest by a single vote over the next closest ad (27 to 26):

Congratulations. We will now donate $200.00 to the charity of the winner's choice.

We suspect that this might be one of the few times that the word "winner" has been associated with Paulie who will, with little doubt, be going down in flames when the votes in Mississauga begin rolling in.

Thank you everyone who contributed to the contest. We think we're going to have to do this again soon.

Sigh.... Why Are the Pretty Ones So Dumb?

We didn't catch this when it first came out, but we thought our readers might be interested in it now.

No commentary. None necessary.

Spies and lies in Edmonton election

Joseph Brean, National Post · Monday, Oct. 18, 2010

The former CSIS mole who was a leader of the white supremacist Heritage Front until his cover was blown by a newspaper investigation in 1994 has re-emerged, under a new name, at the centre of controversy in Monday's municipal election in Edmonton.

Grant Bristow, now known as Nathan Black, botched a "prank" on two local officials this month by posing as an American journalist investigating corruption in the planned closure of Edmonton's small city airport.

Claiming to be from the "Seattle Hill Times," he was exposed when the men each called the Seattle Times and learned the names he gave — Darren Holmes and Darren Foster—are not reporters. He has since been kicked off a volunteer mayoral campaign, and disavowed by the pro-airport advocacy group Envision Edmonton.

In 1994, a government review praised Mr. Bristow for his role as a CSIS informer in the Heritage Front debacle, in which he became a top authority in the Toronto-based racist group, even as it grew into a major security threat through clashes with anti-racist groups and the schemes of its leader, the late Wolfgang Droege.

He fled Toronto after he was exposed by Toronto Sun reporter Bill Dunphy, and has lived ever since as Nathan Black, and given occasional media interviews.

Mr. Bristow, a pro-airport advocate who ran Envision Edmonton's unsuccessful campaign to get the airport on Monday's ballot, describes his calls to Councillor Amarjeet Sohi and Sid Hanson, a former chairman of Edmonton's airport authority, as "RadioShack espionage" inspired by the "black ops manual of Frank magazine."

In an interview, he described how he used a device called a Magic Jack to route his calls through a number in Seattle, and divert calls back to his phone in Edmonton.

"I did it for the purpose of, if I could get a jewel, I would start floating it to the media," he said.
"I was hoping to ferret out that this group [Yes For Edmonton, which supports the planned closure of the airport, represented by Mr. Hanson] didn't just magically appear, that it was, you know, somehow connected to the regional airport authority, which are the people trying to close down the airport, and that developers were behind it and all that kind of stuff."

His second big exposure — this time by his own hand — is a remarkable tale of vicious local politics and clever deception, with dead-end trails through cyberspace, phony phone numbers, and pseudonyms layered over pseudonyms, all tracing back to a 52-year-old former spy who is dying of metastasized throat cancer.

At root, it is about a one-runway city airport, slated to close as soon as it can be re-developed, and its role in getting patients from northern Canada into Edmonton's hospitals.

Mr. Bristow, who has been undergoing intense cancer treatment, said he wants the airport to keep operating "because I have a newfound respect for health care." He said it brings patients from the North directly into Edmonton, in close proximity to emergency facilities for cancer, cardiac care, burns and transplants.

"Northern Albertans and Northern Canadians deserve that kind of access. You close down that airport and take them out to the international [about 25km south of the city centre], and if a helicopter can't fly to take a patient, and there's a snowstorm, that patient could die in an ambulance. That's why I'm passionate about it," he said.

He said the scandal began early this month, when a new group, Yes For Edmonton, emerged to advocate in favour of the airport closing during the election.

Mr. Bristow said he called their phone number, and reached the offices of a prominent land developer, leading him to suspect a link. He said he called back, posing as Darren Holmes, to request an interview.

Sid Hanson, a former chairman of Edmonton's airport authority, called him back. Mr. Bristow said he put on an American accent inspired by "the white supremacist I hated the most, e late Jesse Benjamin "JB" Stoner, a top Alabama white supremacist.

He said the call drew on all his skills of ingratiating himself and eliciting useful information, and he claims Mr. Hanson described Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel as a driving force behind Yes For Edmonton.

Mr. Hanson did not return a call on Sunday, but told the Edmonton Journal he thought he was answering another question — whether Mr. Mandel's vision of the city was inspiring. He said the mayor has no role with his advocacy group.

Mr. Bristow then pulled the same "prank," as he calls it, on a councillor who had voted to close the airport.

"He was extremely upset about that. To me it seemed odd. Why should a journalist be so biased to one issue?" said Amarjeet Sohi, who is running for election.

He described Mr. Black as aggressive, making statements rather than questions.

In a statement on Sunday, Mary Anne Stanway of Envision Edmonton said Mr. Black is "very passionate and dedicated to the airport issue" but "is strictly a volunteer and holds no official position with the Society ... Mr. Black acted on his own, without knowledge or approval from the Board."

Also this weekend, Edmonton mayoralty candidate Dave Dorward, for whom Mr. Black was a volunteer, told reporters he condemned the deception, said Mr. Black was kicked off his campaign.

"I would never be involved in such a thing and I had no knowledge of it," Mr. Dorward said.

National Post

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Commentary on the Recent Calgary Mayoral Election

Valerie Fortney of, "The Calgary Herald," in discussing the election of Naheed Nenshi as mayor of Calgary, quoted our recent post which also dealt with the election of Canada's first Muslim mayor:

Election remakes Calgary's image

By Valerie Fortney, Calgary Herald
October 20, 2010

For his Tuesday morning interview on CBC Radio's The Current, Tarek Fatah was prepared to once again insist that "Islamophobia" in Canada simply doesn't exist. 

But when host Anna Maria Tremonti posed it to him on this particular day of all days, the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress answered with a whole new twist. 

"I said, 'If there is indeed Islamophobia, then we wouldn't have elected Naheed Nenshi as the mayor of Calgary -- a first in North America.'" 

For Fatah, currently on tour for his new book, The Jew Is Not My Enemy, Nenshi's historic moment has only further confirmed his long held but often challenged belief that "those who make the claim of Islamophobia being rampant in Canada should hang their heads in shame." 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Muslim Mayor in Canada, Naheed Nenshi, Elected Mayor in Calgary

That's right. Calgary.

Yes, THAT Calgary. The one in Alberta.

No, that is not a typo.

We can sort of hardly wait for the crying and gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects:

Calgary’s Naheed Nenshi becomes Canada’s first Muslim mayor

Globe and Mail Update
Last updated

If you don't know the name Naheed Nenshi, take note.

A grassroots campaign driven by volunteers has delivered Canada its first Muslim mayor – Mr. Nenshi, who scored a staggering win in Calgary’s mayor’s race Monday.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Justin Rehberg Pleads Guilty to Some Charges; Denies Hate As a Motive

At least one of the two men accused of burning a cross on the lawn of a mixed race couple has plead guilty to one count of harassment, but he appears to be pleading innocent to charges of inciting hatred:
N.S. man pleads guilty to harassment, not hatred in cross-burning
Windsor, N.S.— The Canadian PressPublished Last updated  
A Nova Scotia man charged after a cross was burned earlier this year on the lawn of an interracial couple has pleaded guilty to criminal harassment. 
But Justin Rehberg proceeded with his trial Monday on the charge of inciting racial hatred. Two other charges — uttering threats and mischief — were dropped. 
Crown lawyer Darrell Carmichael argued that setting a cross on fire on Feb. 21 just after midnight was terrifying and a clear incitement to racial hatred. 
But defence lawyer Chris Manning said while his client's act was “contemptible,” it didn't have the effect of inciting others to racial hatred. 
Instead, he noted the cross-burning prompted an anti-racism march. 
Shayne Howe, who is black, and Michelle Lyon, who is white, said they awoke early in the pre-dawn darkness of Feb. 21 to find a two-metre cross burning in front of their rural home in Poplar Grove in central Nova Scotia. They said the cross had a noose attached. 
They also told police they heard someone yelling racial slurs, but couldn't see them.
At the time, Ms. Lyon said the couple and their five children, aged two to 17, were terrified by the incident and considered moving from the Windsor area. 
But they said they were encouraged to stay when the community rallied to support them. The family received phone calls, emails, cards and personal visits from people across the province offering their support and expressing shock. 
Outside the Windsor court, Ms. Lyon said she is still concerned for her safety.
“I'm always afraid of what's going to happen,” she said. 
“I don't go out usually after dark. I'm home, doors are locked, alarms set. I'm very diligent on safety in the home and safety when I'm outside the home, only because there is a lot of media coverage on this and there are a lot of supporters on their side.” 
Provincial court Judge Claudine MacDonald adjourned Rehberg's case until Nov. 5. 
That's when she is expected to rule on his not guilty plea and set a date for sentencing on the guilty plea. 
Mr. Rehberg's brother, Nathan, is also charged in the case. His trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 10.
This here is our favorite part:
But defence lawyer Chris Manning said while his client's act was “contemptible,” it didn't have the effect of inciting others to racial hatred. 
Instead, he noted the cross-burning prompted an anti-racism march.
Right. Because that others were disgusted by Justin Rehberg's actions that they came together to publicly condemn the act, that should be a mitigating factor in the trial on hate charges. We can see how that could be argued to a jury:

"So you see ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Mr. Rehberg burning a cross on the lawn of an interracial couple actually brought the community together. Instead of prosecuting him, Mr. Rehberg should be given an award for promoting tolerance. Truly, Justin Rehberg is sort of a Gandhi... no.... he's a Christ-like figure. We should thank him for this great gift he's given our community."

Can you believe there are people who think we're sarcastic?

The defence attorney seems to have forgotten about the subsequent torching of the couples' car which then prompted their desire to leave their community (we don't know if they did ultimately move).

Seems like the cross burning could have played a role in prompting the follow-up act of harassment.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Racists and Pseudo-History: The Solutrean Hypothesis

Before we begin, we will remind our readers of the contest currently underway. You have until October 22 to vote.

Now then, there is a very good chance that the majority of our readers might be bored to tears should they decide to read the entirety of this particular blog post, however as some of us in the ARC Collective are closet history geeks, so we would ask you to indulge our guilty pleasure. Besides, we enjoy alternative avenues by which we can show how much "White Nationalist" are full of shit.

During one of our frequent forays onto Paulie's Facebook profile, we came across the following post:

Our friends in the Southern Poverty Law Center have a lot to say about Kyle Bristow, a past Michigan State University student (currently a University of Toledo College law student) and Young Americans for Freedom leader who in that capacity has invited Paulie to speak at a number of YAF gatherings. Bristow has now decided to add author to his dubious resume:

While we haven't read White Apocalypse, we do know that the premise of the novel is that Europeans crossing the Atlantic, not Asians crossing the Bering Straits land-bridge, were the real "First Americans." This claim is based on the interesting, though terribly flawed, Solutrean Hypothesis.

Solutrean Hypothesis?

In a nutshell, the Solutrean Hypothesis posits that, based on the superficial similarity between Solutrean European and North American Clovis lithic (stone) technologies, that the Clovis Culture is an extension of the Solutrean Culture. This means that Europeans made a perilous journey across the Atlantic Ocean between 22,000 and 17,000 BCE. Proponents of this hypothesis point to additional support, such as the discovery of Kennewick Man in 1996 and the presence of Haplogroup X in modern Native Americans peoples as further evidence for their claim.

We should stress that in and of itself the Solutrean Hypothesis, while we believe terribly flawed and not especially rigorous scientifically, is not racist. To be certain the history of the peopling of the Americas is complex and there may be a chance, albeit unlikely, that paleolithic Europeans may have contributed to the genetic make-up of present Native Americans in the Americas. However, when the likes of Bristow, Fromm and other "White Nationalists" subscribe to the hypothesis, it is further twisted into something that wreaks of racism.

In his novel, Bristow further claims that that the Solutrean Culture was mercilessly wiped out by the invading "Beringians" who have in modern times been involved in a massive conspiracy to withhold that knowledge from the public. The underlying purpose of the novel appears to be to deny "aboriginal" status to First Nations peoples and claim that status for the much later European colonizers. Paulie himself echos this claim in his review of the novel which Bristow posts on his blog:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Time To Vote

Not long ago we challenged our readers to come up with the best modification of Paulie's campaign ad. We received a number of great entries, however the following are among those we considered to be most worthy for consideration:

Voting begins now and will continue until next Friday.

Which modification best represents Paulie's true character?
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And as we stated when we began the contest, the winner will have $200.00 donated to her's or his' charity of choice.

OCTOBER 22 UPDATE: Contest has ended. Winner is #3.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Neo-Nazi Graffiti in Calgary: Targets City Council Candidate

We have a project for our readers in Calgary:
Calgary civic candidate reports neo-Nazi graffiti 
CALGARY — A candidate for Calgary’s city council says his neighbourhood has been hit with vandalism displaying neo-Nazi symbols. 
Ward 11 candidate James Maxim said his black SUV was marked with a swastika overnight on Wednesday. Election decals on the vehicle were also defaced, he added. 
His next-door neighbour’s beige-coloured SUV was marked with swastikas, crude drawings and inappropriate language, he said. 
"It’s offensive," Maxim said on Sunday. 
His neighbour has reported the vandalism to police, Maxim added. 
The candidate said it isn’t clear whether the graffiti was targeted or random. He called the vandalism "acts of stupidity." 
Calgary Herald
We imagine that it might be the usual suspects, but it really doesn't fit the m/o of the Aryan Guard or W.E.B., who tend to target victims they perceive as weaker and more vulnerable than they are, on the surface (Mr. Maxim is a former oil and gas consultant who has run federally for the Liberal Party in the past).

We're asking if our readers might be able to shed some further light on this act of vandalism

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Aryan Guard and McKee: Not Many Friends Left

The long running dispute between the Aryan Guard (now calling themselves Blood & Honour) and their rival offshoot, W.E.B. is sort of low lying fruit for us. One can guarantee that, month to month, there will be something that we could write about on this blog. In reality and in spite of what might be believed, we actually let the vast majority of it pass without comment here. Even we're sort of bored by it. However, there are still occasions when it might be worth a look back to see where in the feud they are. One never knows when the next pipe bomb attack will occur.

This evening, on a whim, one of our writers took a look at the Facebook group "Fuck Aryan Guard!!!!" created by Tyler Sturrup and administered by himself and Dustyn Johnson. At first, there's not much to really talk about, but then we noticed something that at least we found to be interesting. Let's see if our dear readers can spot it as well:

See it? No, not the pictures that Reitmeier took from this blog and posted to the group. Look for a name. See it? If not, here's a hint:

This is a picture from the March 21, 2008 Aryan Guard march in Calgary. We see McKee of course, but who is the rotund fellow with his arm wrapped around McKee's skinny shoulders? Why, it's none other than the Grand Dragon of the Saskatchewan Ku Klux Klan, Mr. Christopher Waters.

A few years back, Waters made the claim that there were over 200 Klan members in Saskatchewan and almost 3500 across Canada. He also stated they would soon be holding a major Klan event in Saskatchewan, however it never ultimately came to fruition. He, along with at least two other Saskatchewan-based Klan members, did attend the first Aryan Guard march in 2008, as pictured above, as well as attending the after party in full Klan Klown Kostume.

So how does Waters feel about McKee and the Aryan Guard now?

We suppose that Waters will not be attending the planned Aryan Guard March in 2011 then? Then again, since Reitmeier claims that W.E.B. is affiliated with the Klan and Aryan Nations, we might see them heading to Calgary anyways:

Also interesting, though not at all surprising, is that this blog is used by boneheads to keep tabs on each other as well:

The screenshot they took is of this one below, which was underlined (we presume by Johnson) to emphasis that Marleau and McKee shopped information on one of the targets of the pipe bomb to both us and to the spokesperson for the Calgary ARA (Marleau's denial is posted on the Facebook group by Reitmeier):

Gee, we wonder how pissed off when we drop a real bombshell eventually?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

How Well DO Boneheads Keep Their Secrets?

We in the Collective are constantly gathering information. Most of what we collect is never published, but is used to further our understanding of the Movement and the direction it is taking. Other times the information really defies categorization and we struggle with the best way to present that information.

This is one of those times.

What we're posting is the rest of the exchange on the Blood & Honour (C18) forum's Canadian section. It is a continuation of the pissing contest between Volksfront and the Hammerskin aligned Blood & Honour faction, and the faction aligned with Combat 18. The crux of the issue at hand here is how does so much information reach us here at ARC. Is it carelessness? Do boneheads themselves, willingly or not, supply us with information? In reality, it is sort of all of the above. But we'll let the discussion progress with very little commentary from us, at least less than we usually provide. We begin with the part where OdinPatrick takes sides in the Blood & Honour factionalism:

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Blast from the Past: Adam Guerbuez

While reading the latest stories on the CBC News website, we couldn't help but notice the significant judgment levied against a Montreal-based spammer:

Quebec spammer must pay Facebook $873M

Ouch! However, despite what might be a record judgment, the $873 million fine isn't what intrigued us. It was the name of the person who now has to pay the judgment:

A Quebec man has been ordered to pay Facebook $873 million US after he bombarded its members with explicit spam messages.

The Quebec Superior Court has upheld a U.S. court ruling that ordered Adam Guerbuez and his company Atlantis Blue Capital to pay damages to the social networking giant.

Quebec Judge Lucie Fournier also forbade Guerbuez from having a Facebook account or being involved in any way with the social-networking site ever again.

Of course our dear readers might wonder why we, an anti-racist blog, would take any interst in Mr. Guerbuez at all.

How is this for a start:

Hate crime and punishment

Regarding the article "Judging Hate" [Nov. 15], we at ARA Montreal must inform you that our opinion of the Christian Thomas murder trial was not expressed in the article due to miscommunication. We apologize for the confusion.

The SPCUM and specifically their anti-gang squad have extensive knowledge of these neo-Nazi gangs' activities. Yet, at the time of the arrests, they chose to officially deny "that any of the suspects have any link whatsoever to individuals belonging to hate groups." We found out that the suspects did (and still do), and that the police were lying. We sent out a press release to all of Montreal's media. No mainstream media that interviewed us published anything. Police officials refused to comment on our allegations. The prosecution claimed that after reviewing the case the police had prepared, they had no reason to believe that there was any neo-Nazi gang link.

During the trial, the prosecution used the testimonies of a dozen neo-Nazis, also present when the murder occurred, to convict Sacha Montreuil. At this same trial, not only did the three accused admit their association with neo-Nazis, but also one of them, Adam Guerbuez, admitted being a three-year Heritage Front member. Even though our allegations were initially denied by local authorities and are now proven to be founded, the media still hasn't published the truth. The SPCUM, to this day, still do not admit their flagrant lack of transparency. We feel that the police and media have betrayed the public.

--Kenneth Case, ARA Montreal

And this one is also interesting:

Crazypricks still at large

A company that videotaped and marketed real attacks on local vagrants probably won't face the wrath of the law, according to local police.

Six separate files were opened relating to the matter, but because there were no official plainitiffs, there has been little progress. "I'd be very surprised if anything is new on it," says Sgt. Michel Fontaine of the Montreal police.

The organizer of the site, Adam Guerbuez, an admitted white-power skinhead who says he has left the movement, claims to have sold several thousand of the $20 videos and attracted 9,000 more paid subscribers to the site, www. crazypricks.com. He has since disconnected his mobile phone and taken his site down.

One longtime member of Anti-Racist Action (ARA) who has kept close tabs on Guerbuez says the attacks on the homeless appear even more repulsive than the usual activities conducted by those involved in racist groups. Guerbuez was acquitted in the trial of a group attack that led to the death of Christian Thomas, 39, on June 24, 2000. Of the three accused, only Sacha Montreuil was convicted last year.

"I assumed (the attacks on the homeless) is something (racist skinheads) would get their asses kicked for by other Nazis because a lot of these homeless are white people. Many Nazis might think, ‘Let's help get these proud white men out of the gutter and make them proud Aryan warriors like ourselves,'" says the ARA spokesman, who goes nameless to protect his identity for fear of violent retribution. » Kristian Gravenor

Perhaps Mr. Guerbuez has left the Movement as he claimed in the 2003 article. Perhaps not. We just find it interesting that regardless of his current status, he still appears to be living what we would consider to be a parasitic existence.

UPDATE: The "National Post" covered this story today, mentioning Guerbuez's recent ties to the racist movement.

Racist or not, douche is still an apt description of Mr. Guerbuez:

'I will not have to pay a penny' to Facebook

Graeme Hamilton, National Post · Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010

MONTREAL - Courts in the United States and Canada have ordered him to pay Facebook Inc. more than $1-billion for hacking into its network, but a high-living Montreal spammer says the company will not see a cent because he has declared bankruptcy.

In a decision made public this week, Quebec Superior Court ruled that a 2008 U.S. judgment ordering Adam Guerbuez to pay $1-billion in damages is enforceable in Quebec. The penalty was the equivalent of US$200 for each of the more than four million spam messages he sent to Facebook users.

Mr. Guerbuez did not contest the case brought against him in U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif. But his lawyer argued before Superior Court that the damages awarded were disproportionate to the alleged offence. Justice Lucie Fournier disagreed, ruling that it would be an affront to public order if Quebec were to shelter him from California justice.

"If that were the case, it would allow all sorts of infraction to take place via the Internet with impunity, and the revenue from these activities would not be seizable in Quebec," the judge wrote.

Mr. Guerbuez succeeded in sending messages advertising penis enlargement pills and porn to people's Facebook pages, making it appear as if they had come from friends.

In an interview yesterday, Mr. Guerbuez, 34, boasted he has remained a step ahead of Facebook by filing for personal bankruptcy. "I will not have to pay a penny of that because I ... declared bankruptcy two months ago," he said. "If you want to call it clever, go ahead."

Bankruptcy trustee Rochelle Pont confirmed he has been in bankruptcy since June 30.

Judging from his personal website, bankruptcy has not put a serious damper on his lifestyle. Recent photos and videos show him in Beverly Hills, behind the wheel of a Mercedes driving to Las Vegas and shooting craps in a casino. A blog entry from last January includes pictures of his trip to the Cayman Islands.

In its lawsuit, Facebook filed as evidence YouTube videos on which Mr. Guerbuez boasts about his wealth and shows off his flashy cars. It quotes a website describing Mr. Guerbuez as a "notorious Internet scammer."

The California court files also include older material relating to his past in the white-supremacist movement. In 1995, when he was 19, he identified himself to Montreal's The Gazette newspaper as "chief media liaison" in Quebec for the Heritage Front, a Canadian neo-Nazi organization that disbanded in 2005. In 2000 he was charged with aggravated assault in connection with a fatal attack outside a Montreal bar frequented by neo-Nazis. He was acquitted, and an acquaintance was convicted of manslaughter.

In 2003, the Montreal Mirror reported he was promoting a video of attacks on Montreal vagrants, accompanied by music described as a "racist-skinhead anthem." A 2007 video he posted to YouTube features his Chrysler 300C, custom-painted with a large Iron Cross on the hood. The cross is sometimes used as a hate symbol because of its association with Nazi Germany, but Mr. Guerbuez said he painted it on his car as a tribute to his mother's Catholic background. He noted that the same cross is used as a symbol by the West Coast Choppers motorcycle company, so he thought it was appropriate for a souped-up automobile.

He does not deny getting involved in the white supremacist movement but says it was an error of his youth. "You do things when you're young, and you regret them and you leave them in your past," he said.

He said he regrets "associating with the wrong people, wasting years of my life on a completely ridiculous cause that was going nowhere, associating myself with gangsters and criminals."

He said he is self-employed as an "Internet marketing specialist." He objects to the label spammer, saying his line of work is no different from that of companies that send flyers through letter slots. "Like everyone else, I'm living the good life, and everything's fine," he said.

The Montreal lawyer representing Facebook could not be reached for comment.