Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blood & Honour (Aryan Guard) Members Allegedly Beat Teen Girl Unconscious

UPDATE: Would the person who contacted us about 15 or 20 minutes ago please contact us again. The email you provided didn't seem to work.

So, how did you, our dear readers, spend your weekend? If you're a member and/or associate of the former Aryan Guard (now renamed Blood & Honour) you may very well have spent it beating a 90lb teenage girl senseless at a house party. We received the following information concerning the event:

Lee and two other skinheads beat up a girl who is 90 lbs or less and who just turned 18. I'm trying to get more info on this story, but it happened on Saturday I believe or perhaps Yep, three guys on one girl.. and John is threatening the girl online through Facebook.

We received this followup shortly after:

Lee dropped his cigarettes and told the girl to, "pick them up bitch." She said, "don't talk to me like that." She turned and went to walk back inside the house. Jordan (one of the three boneheads) punched her in the face. Lee and Jordan both were punching her as Kyle and Natalie came out of the house. Natalie started beating her, but when the girl was able to get a few swings at Natalie while trying to defend herself, Kyle started kicking the crap out of her too. She was left there uconscious

We're usually pretty dubious about these sorts of claims and we won't publish unless we receive some sort of proof. That proof came in the form of a screen shot taken from the Facebook profile of the person who was holding the party:

So what we have here is John Richard Marleau threatening a teenage girl who was assaulted by his friends. Classy. Is this a Combat 18 virtue? Considering that Marleau has been made a moderator on the Blood & Honour (C18) forums, we can only assume that they approve of unprovoked assaults by multiple male assailants on a White woman.

Now, we are hiding identities more than we usually would in this case, but should this young woman read this, we urge her to report the assault and subsequent threats of reprisals to the police.


faithless said...

wow. those pathetic pieces of shit. do they actually believe the bull they spout about honour? they are scum and should just kill themselves. increase the collective IQ of the world. what else is bad? the jackasses posting on that comment care more about the state of someones house after a party than of the young girl who got shit kicked for nothing by a group of pathetic douche bags. fucking aryan pieces of shit. you guys talk about "white guilt" or whatever you call it that we ANTIs have, but did you think it was maybe shame? shame that we (by no choice or doing of our own) share a skin tone (and nothing else) with these idiots?? you make us all look bad. there is but one race. the HUMAN RACE. and none of you aryan dicks are included in that category.

peace, love, unity

Anonymous said...

I don't remember seeing John at the party.

Kurt Phillips said...

Marleau may not have been there, but that isn't being claimed. It is obvious though that he is very much aware of what happened and he knows who was involved.

Anonymous said...

what a stain, susposed white partiots beatin a girl no matter the excuse, shameful.

Anonymous said...

Ok I generally trust you guys to be a credible source of information, but I know the girl who is saying this happened and she is not the most credible person. Could you maybe get some confirmation from someone else at the party?

Anonymous said...

the above facts in the story are in fact very true. There are pictures of the girl's face after the incident on her facebook and I'm pretty sure she put them there for the public to see what peices of shit these people really are.
Just for your information: Jordan is no younger than 28 and is about 250 pounds, Lee is 38 years old about 200 pounds, and Kyle is 20 some and about 150 pounds.
This is gang violence and needs to stop. This young female did nothing to provoke this besides sticking up for herself. She is scared to walk about at night, go to her own home in fear they will come after her in false allegations of her calling the police. These people stole her phone so she could not call the police. This is wrong and very animal like behavior towards a human being who did nothing to deserve such consequences even animals have enough morals and knowledge about society is not accepting of such violence towards civilised citisens.
Again, this needs to stop. Us as awhole can do something about this. Non violent ways are not acceptable for we are stooping to their same level of scum.

Anonymous said...

Down in B.C we don't pick on little girls , we like fighting MEN and people bigger than us the challenge makes it fun. Again AG/ATB/C18 whatever losers have proven themselves to complete goofs , who are unable to go a day without embarrassing their unemployed asses.

Anonymous said...

These aryan guard degenerates claiming Blood and Honour is a sick joke,NO nationalists take these clowns seriously and for the exact reasons you state on your blog...beating a girl!?!?! True scum!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...just fucking wow. There's a reason I haven't talked to these sacks of shit in a LONG time. I believe that wishing ill on anyone is bad karma, but I won't lose one second of sleep when most of these guys finally end up dead or serving a life sentence

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope this girl finds the courage to go to the police.

It strikes me that the cops might take her beating a little more seriously than Jason's, because she's young, female, and hasn't been critical of them.

There's a cautionary tale in here about partying with boneheads, but I don't want to take it too far. Regardless, the victim of this attack deserves justice.

Anonymous said...

Until these scum Nazis are gotten rid of, their violence will not stop.

Anonymous said...

What kind of 38 year old hangs out with little punk society problems, that's what I wanna know.