Thursday, July 31, 2014

Neo-Nazi and Convicted Murderer Running For Toronto Council

The Toronto civic election, already a three ring circus, needs some clowns. And for that you can always rely on Don Andrews and his Androids:

Seated around Andrews' table with him at the weekly gathering were five people who had jobs. The rest of those present stood around the table; numbering about 10 people, Andrews called them his "Androids": unemployed persons who lived in Andrews' rooming houses. We were told that Andrews took the cheques they received, subtracted the rent and other expenses, and gave them the rest of their money, making a big production

Last time we heard the name Christopher Brosky was when Michelle Erstikaitis was name dropping him in an effort to bolster her neo-Nazi street cred:

I first came into the movement at fourteen years old, dating my first Skinhead, and then I continued dating skinheads for most of my life. The most recent high profile guy that I went out with is Chris Brosky, a Northern Hammerskin.(Yes, the same Chris from Texas who killed a black man)

However, as Erstikaitis alludes to and which we detail in "The History of Violence," Brosky was well known to us before for another far more serious reason:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part V

It's been a month and a bit since our last post in the "Stooges" series, but that isn't for lack of content. For example, Brodie Walsh has proven to be a goldmine of material. Here is a veritable Whitman's Sampler of Walsh d-baggery:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ford Fest Fallout: Ron Banerjee Alleged to Have Assaulted LGBT Rights Protestor

-- Ron Banerjee, July 25, 2014 at Ford Fest (5:18 in video)

Last time we mentioned Ron Banerjee in an article he was acting as the wingman to Islamaphobe Eric Brazau. Banerjee claims to be the head of the largest Hindu advocacy group in Canada he has named Canadian Hindu Advocacy.


The reality is that the CHA seems to consist solely of himself and perhaps one or two others and is simple a vehicle to promote Banerjee's anti-Muslim hatred. Certainly legitimate Hindu organizations have said Banerjee doesn't represent their views and they don't believe his claims about the CHA. And when challenged to put up or shut up, Banerjee always seems to embarrass himself:

A final word related to the legitimacy of CHA. Back in April when we referred to Banerjee in our article, we decided to take a look at the CHA twitter account. At close to 3000 followers, it did seem that Banerjee was at least pretty good at convincing people there was more to CHA than there actually was. Then we decided to look at the legitimacy of the followers. First, we did an analysis of the ARC twitter account:

Seems pretty legit to us. Shall we compare this to CHA's 2800+ followers?

Still, Banerjee's.... er.... CHA's tweets are still quite telling, in that they tell us a great deal about the hatred this man harbors. These screenshots represent just a fraction of those that we could have used from this calender year alone.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Former Canadian Nazi Leader John Beattie Running For Muncipal Office

Our readers might question why we would devote any print to John Beattie, a relic of a bygone era still desperately claiming relevance in the White Nationalist movement in Canada through his moribund British Peoples League. That is perhaps a fair question. Beattie has not been relevant since the 1989 rally he held on his property made national news and it could be argued that he has truly not been relevant since the 1960s when he founded and lead the Canadian Nazi Party. Interestingly, he has now denied there ever was a Nazi Party in Canada and that he was manipulated by the Canadian Jewish Conference into creating the group; the CJC had infiltrated the group in order to monitor the threat they presented.

On this blog, we first discussed Beattie in detail when he tried to organize a second event on property near Minden, Ontario where he has lived now for decades. The event again made national news, however unlike the 1989 concert and rally, the 2011 event was cancelled in large part because of the bad press and those who had committed to participating pulling out. Although we do discuss him from time to time in relation to other stories, we don't give the Beattie more print than he is worth and he isn't really worth much to begin with.

Then, a few months ago, he suggested that he was going to put forth his name as a candidate for deputy reeve in Minden. As a result we made a point of keeping more up to date on him than we otherwise would. It took him some time to scrape together the $100.00 registration fee, but eventually took the plunge and is officially a candidate:

Screen shot from Beattie's campaign website

Monday, July 21, 2014

Owner of Racist Hungarian Website Avoids Arrest in US: Believed in Canada

First, a little editorializing.

Our friends at Dawg's Blawg have been on the story Hungarian Roma for some time now. If you aren't aware of what is going on, you should click on the previous link. In short, the Canadian government in an effort to discourage refugee claims from countries considered "safe," have been targeting refugee claims. Specifically refugee claims made by Hungarian Roma. Jason Kenney, Canada's Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism (and perhaps the leading candidate to succeed Mr. Harper), created a list of countries deemed safe called the "Designated Countries of Origin" list. If you are from one of these 27 countries, the chance of filing a successful refugee claim is between nul and not-a-chance. One of countries on the list in Hungary. Mr. Kenney has even taken the rather unprecedented step of paying for billboards in Hungary that inform Roma who might consider asking for refuge in Canada that they might as well not bother.

One, it seems, is too many.

The fact however is that the Roma ARE facing real danger in Hungary from far-right paramilitary thugs and a government seemingly unable, or unwilling, to help a marginalized people.

Compounding the problem, the unabashedly neo-Nazi Jobbik Party won 20% of the vote in national elections.

So, if you are Roma or Jewish, does Hungary seem like a very safe country for you?

Neo-Nazi website owner flees the US

15/7/2014- Béla Varga, owner of the extreme right-wing website, registered in the US, has fled to Canada after the FBI issued a warrant for his arrest. Varga, a resident of California, is a Canadian-Hungarian dual citizen. Varga is suspected of harassing and threatening to kill the lawyer who had obtained a subpoena to question him about the website. He was arrested in California in May but set free on $250,000 bail. When he failed to appear at two hearings in San Francisco, a warrant for his arrest was issued. Varga, his wife and two sons then fled to Canada.

© Politics Hungary

Additional Links:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bill Noble: Still a Little Bitter

It's been a while since we wrote about the folks who were associated with Kyle McKee's AG/B&H/C18/AARP/WWE/NAMBLA but we certainly haven't forgotten about them. While he certainly has been quiet these days with McKee's one time ally, now rival Max Hynes getting much of the press, he has been quietly trying to reestablish himself.

Part of the reason for the collapse of the Aryan Guard and it's Blood & Honour successor was because of pretty massive egos and the infighting that resulted. WEB broke away from the AG due to "philosophical differences" which appears to have resulted in an attempt to off one of the WEB members with a pipe bomb. When the AG morphed into Blood & Honour, there was already a faction of the movement associated with the Hammerskins and Volksfront who had a preexisting acrimonious relationship with the C18 aligned B&H internationally as well as within Canada. And then McKee's B&H splintered, with one group siding with McKee and the other Jessie Lajoie. By the time of Max Hynes' falling out with McKee, it looks as if Lajoie had reconciled with McKee which, of course, resulted in this:

McKee Associate Convicted and Sentenced in Violent Attack

Really, it's hard to conduct RAHOWA if you continually shoot, stab, or bomb each other in the backs. But hey, don't let us stop you.

One of the more entertaining incidents that occurred during this time was detailed in this blog more than two years ago. Bill Noble, still loosely associated with the McKee faction, had entered into a new relationship with a woman who had more liberal views about human sexuality. Long story short, Noble was photographed at the Winnipeg Gay Pride Festival having a great time.

It didn't take long before Noble was taken to task for his attendance at the event, though he tried to justify it as a sneaky way of proving how intolerant anti-racists really are rather than telling people that he had a blast, made some new friends, and that those criticizing him should jump off a bridge.

Suffice it to say no one bought his explanation and he was booted from the Blood & Honour International forums by the then Canadian moderator and his chief accuser, Jessie Lajoie. And when he learned he had been banned from the forum, Noble threw a hissy fit and went after Lajoie.

Now one would think that two year later Noble might have decided to have let it go and just move on with his life. However, if you believe that you really don't know Bill Noble:

Sunday, July 06, 2014

July 2014 Bits and Bites: FAN MAIL!!!!.... and other stuff

We frequently receive fan mail here at the blog from our adoring bonehead audience. Some of it comes from longtime readers while others are the result of boneheads finding us for the first time. Let's begin with the latter example first.

A few weeks ago we updated, "A History of Violence" adding a number of new entries, most of which were related to the Southern Ontario "Skinheads." However we did include aligned with McKee's Blood & Honour movement but who, prior to his association with McKee, was the leader of another tiny group which may have never been more than the fevered imaginations of the founder:

Calgary, AB -  Neil Kehler sentenced  in armed robbery

Neil Robert Kehler, the ringleader of group of men who robbed a Domino's Pizza and other business at gunpoint, was sentenced to 5 years in prison:

...ringleader Neil Robert Kehler pointed a single barrel shotgun at the clerk.

The group escaped into a nearby van which had its licence plate covered.
Neil Robert Kehler, 2013 photo

Two nights later they robbed a Shawville Rd. S.W. Super 8 and returned to the same motel on Sept. 6, only to leave after finding no one at the front desk.

A security guard watching video in a monitoring room saw the Kehler and the youth on surveillance cameras, but only later realized he wasn't watching footage of the earlier heist.

The pair were arrested following a Pizza Hut robbery on Sept. 9, while their accomplices were later nabbed by police.

Kehler had been the leader of a very small white supremacist group he called the White Knights prior to his arrest and imprisonment, though it doesn't appear to have been much more than an Internet-based group. Kehler has written that he planned to attend the next "White Pride" march organized by the Aryan Guard, however his arrest precluded his involvement. Upon his release, he became more closely associated with Kyle McKee and his Blood & Honour.

Normally we don't hear from the boneheads we include on the list, though there are some notable exception. However, not long after updating the timeline, Mr. Kehler decided to get in touch:

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Hate-Motivated Vandalism in London

There is a suspicion that this guy might just be someone we recently wrote about here. We aren't entirely certain, but if any of our readers want to let us know who they think he is, we would very much appreciate the confirmation of our suspicions:

London police seek man after discovery of 'hate-motivated' graffiti

Free Press staff
London police are investigating hate-motivated graffiti written in the laundry room of an apartment building and on the side of a home in central east London.

Police said the graffiti, believed to have been scrawled by the same person, was directed towards the black community.

One incident took place at an apartment building on Connaught Ave. and the other on an exterior wall of a house on Harley St.

Police said the incident was reported on Friday. A video image of the suspect shows a Caucasian, 20-30 years old, of medium height and build. He was wearing a blue baseball cap and was carrying a red shoulder bag in addition to a black backpack.

Police ask anyone with information on these crimes is asked to call the London Police Service at 519-661-5670 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). To set up a Neighbourhood Watch, please contact or call 519-661-4533.