Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quick Bill Noble update

Bill Noble's swanky prison garb make him the bell of the ball.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Canadian Combat18 Moderators

Combat18 is one of the most violent racist movements in Europe, at least west of Berlin, Germany. There are no Canadian chapters per se (though Volksfront is affiliated with a rival Blood and Honour alliance of movements), but there are individuals who consider themselves to be a part of the movement, if only peripherally. The Combat18 forum's Canadian section is usually moribund with only the occasional member posting a message every couple of days. However, there are currently three Canadian moderators working the forums.

We begin with Melissa Desrochers, born September 18, 1980, is a woman from Montreal, Quebecwho works as a medical assistant. On Combat18 forums she uses the name "Boadicea." Based upon her own writing it seems Melissa was a bit of a hellraiser at one time, but is a bit more domesticated. One point in her favor might be the fact that she absolutely can't stand fellow Montreal-based racist Tara Dribnenki. Melissa posted this concerning Dribnenki:

TARA: T'es une ostie de punk crusty de merde.On s'en calisse de toi. T'es mieux de fermer ta criss de gueule sale au lieu de bullshitter... pis t'es mieux de surveiller tes fesses criss de chienne! Toi aussi 2 minutes après que j't'ai appellé pour avoir le numéro de Johnny, tu répondais pu au téléphone, sale merde!

TARA: You're a shitty crusty punk. We've had it withyou. You're better to shut your fucking dirty mouthinstead of bullshitting... and you're better to watchyour ass you fucking dog! You too, 2 minutes after I called you to get Johnny's number, you didn't answerthe phone anymore, dirty shit!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Profile: Tomasz Winnicki

Tomasz Winnicki, born on November 17, 1975, once proudly described himself as London, Ontario’s “biggest hater.” His posts on the VNN forums were profanity-laced diatribes against immigrants, African-Canadians, First Nations peoples, women, the police, homosexuals, and his biggest target, Jews. He threatens. He bullies. He’s as close to the stereotypical, frothing at the mouth bigot that one can find in real life outside of comic books.

But really, how seriously can you take someone who at 32 years old and based on current knowledge still lives in his mother’s and father’s basement and doesn’t seem to have ever lived on his own? Well, there was the brief exception of his stay for a few months in one of Canada’s fine correctional facilities for violation of a court injunction, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

pictured left to right: Jason King, David Ruud), Tomasz
Winnicki, Tyler Chilcott, Tomas Szymanski
Winnicki is himself an immigrant who’s family emigrated to Canada from Poland in 1987. He started making waves as a bigot in 2003 when someone discovered his racist website. Though the service provider did pull the plug on Winnicki when they were made aware of the content of his website, this wasn’t the end of Winnicki’s online activities. He soon found a new home on Alex Linder’s Vanguard News Network where he first posted as Thexder_3D. When his real identity was discovered he started posting under his own name. His posts are characteristically rambling, hate-filled and barely literate (you’d think his vocabulary was limited to the phrase, “fuck you Jews” when reading his posts) screeds targeting anyone not White, male, heterosexual, or, well, almost everyone really.

Melissa Guille holding "Dirty Buggers" sign next
to Tomasz Winnicki with camera
Soon Winnicki began attending protests along side Canadian Heritage Alliance leader Melissa Guille, Jason Ouwendyk and his Northern Alliance boneheads and Paul Fromm, the acknowledged leader of the Canadian far right. He mostly attended protests of London’s Gay Pride parades where he held up charming signs such as “AIDS Cures Homosexuals” but there was one protest he had attempted to join in but was prevented from doing so. In September 2004, Winnicki was driving his car with three other men were on their way to a rally in Toronto in support of Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel. When stopped by the police Winnicki’s car was searched. In his car the police discovered throwing knives, body armour, and a bow with arrows. Instead of attending the rally, Winnicki and the three other men were arrested. He plead guilty to weapons charges on November 23, 2006 and was given a conditional discharge with 6 months probation. It was discovered that one of the men who was arrested with Winnicki was Randal Linton who posts on Stormfront and other hate sites as “Raghnall." The other two were Kevin Lovett and Jason King