Sunday, October 07, 2018

Get To Know Your Racist Candidate: Conrad Peach

Conrad Peach, the Vancouver Island chapter leader of the Soldiers of Odin, was first discussed in some detail on the blog regarding the SoO's efforts to intimidate homeless people living in a tent city in Nanaimo, BC and subsequent threats to force the residents violently:

Well now Peach has taken the jump into municipal politics and is running for a Nanaimo council seat. It actually appears to be a dual candidacy of sorts as his running mate, Debi Corbett but who answers to the name Avel Turnip because of course she does, is an SoO supporter:

And by "make Nanaimo safe again" Peach, who in his election bio claims to be the head of a "registered charity" seems to mean "doxx people who are critical of me on social media" using said "registered charity":

The individual in the last screen shot has indicated that at least two SoO members have shown up at his home and threatened him and his family.

Sort of makes this post ring a bit hollow, doesn't it?

With all this in mind, I thought it might be instructive to introduce readers Conrad Peach in a more formal manner.
As head of the Vancouver Island chapter of the Soldiers of Odin, 
Peach has gone to some length to distance the group from the very overtly neo-Nazi linked SoO chapters tied to Finland:

Ah, yes, the Vancouver Island SoO aren't racists.... unless you consider the racist things they do ans support.

For example:

One woman had a rather.... visceral reaction to this particular video posted by Peach:

Peach, not surprisingly as head of a far-right group built around the hatred of immigrants and particularly Muslims, approved of this plan:

Peaches own predilections seem to be:

Skrewdriver, eh Conrad?

Then there's the rather violent (and often inaccurate) rhetoric focused on refugees and Muslim-Canadians:

Posts by the SoO like those above result in the unfiltered views of SoO supporters:

This exchange is especially interesting:

The last screen shot also connects the SoO with the increased tendency on the right to advocate for political violence stoked in large part by posts such as these:

It then shouldn't be surprising when SoO supporters and members respond like this:

It then also shouldn't have been a surprise when the Vancouver Island SoO called for a coup:

Suffice it to say, most of their supporters appeared to prefer remaining in the beer hall this time.

Another fun fact is that Conrad Peach has a second Facebook account:

As "Barney Fife" Peach isn't especially shy about expressing his misogynistic views....

.... sentiments which are also expressed on the Vancouver Island SoO page:

Then of course there's Peach's criminal record:

There's more of course, but I thought that this might be a reasonably good introduction to council candidate Conrad Peach.

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Excellent break down of a horrific hate group leader running for Nanaimo city council. Thanks will share widkey