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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Faith Goldy' Mayoral Run Described As A Twitter Vanity Campaign By Ezra Levant

As we enter the last 24 hours before Toronto's civic election, Faith Goldy is still complaining about being hard done by the media for not covering her mayoral campaign in the way she thinks they should:

And because of this she acts like a petulant child both in refusing an offer by the media to cover her campaign....

.... or "laughing" when a newspaper perceived as left of center endorsed the front runner but the right-wing tabloid you were once associated with through their failed news channel also endorses the front runner:

That's the sort of maturity one would expect from a six year old who, after crying about not being invited to the cool kids birthday party, refuses other invitations as if she is getting back at someone.

Or, perhaps even more apropos:

Aside from a few far-right figures and some columnists, most recently and shamefully Conrad Black who is white washing Goldy's record of support for white nationalism, no legitimate journalist left, right, or center gives her a chance of winning; few expect she'll poll more than 5% tomorrow. One would think her former place of work, the far-right propaganda site "Rebel Media" might offer a few lines of coverage at least, though they too have been mainly silent. This might be one of the reasons for this particularly passive-aggressive tweet:

Well there's a rather simple reason for this. Ezra Levant doesn't think she warrants coverage because he doesn't believe it to be a serious campaign, but describes it as a Twitter vanity project aimed at increasing her profile online.

H/T to Jonathan Goldsbie of "Canadaland" who posted the links to Levant's videos on Twitter.

On August 27, not long after she announced her candidacy, Levant was asked if he would support her. His answer was no and he then proceeded to give a surprisingly cogent rationale. He suggested that it wasn't serious, was (as already noted) a vanity project, that she has absolutely no managerial experience, she's made some incredibly poor decisions, and her embrace of white nationalism as reasons that he neither supports Goldy nor will spend much time covering her campaign:

ARC had also noted that her campaign seemed primarily as a means of self-promotion and to drive traffic to her YouTube channel, a belief I think is born out by the evidence that ARC and our supporters have uncovered:

Regarding Ezra, hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

And the second time the Ezra clock was correct (at least in part) was earlier this month on October 4 when discussing the "censorship" of Faith Goldy by the media:

Ezra then explains that it was her appearance on a neo-Nazi podcast and her year long racist "bender" that is of concern to him:

I'm not sure that it is at all correct to state that she "snapped out" of her racist bender considering the roll of ID Canada (a rebranding of Generation Identity Canada) and Students For Western Civilization in her campaign:

It also doesn't help her case when she surrounds herself with people like Connor:

Connor is a featured player in Goldy's campaign:

I might mention here that Connor had plans to attend the racist rally in Charlottesville as well.

Charming fellow, eh?

Now the election takes place tomorrow. I'm notoriously awful a guessing what the final election results will be; there have been times I thought the racist candidate would do worse than they did and times where I thought they would do better. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that Goldy might get between 3% and 5% of the total vote when all is said and done.

In any case, I will come online tomorrow when the numbers are more solid and discuss Goldy, Fromm, Sears, "the Poodle" Johnston, and Brosky in more detail than they are all probably worth then.

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