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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Adam Strashok: ID Canada, WCAI, and Conservative Politics in Alberta

On October 29, Ricochet broke a story regarding a group of men running a white supremacist website who were also active members of the Canadian military:

One of the figures profiled was this guy:

Though he was known as "Alexei Kuznetsov" his real name is Adam Strashok:

As it turns out, I had posted some photos of Strashok back on September 15 in reference to a story about Calgary members (or supporters) of ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity Canada) being caught in the act of posting racist flyers on the main campus of the University of Calgary:

While he wasn't with Jake Logan Findell on the evening of September 10 when Findell and a yet unidentified individual were caught flyering, Strashok was photographed with Findell at a Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) anti-Muslim rally back on June 3, 2017:

He is also a fan of former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall, Doug Ford, and Jason Kenney:

It is this last link that is the most interesting since PressProgress has uncovered Strashok's links to the United Conservative Party:

According to PressProgress, Strashok served on the executive of a University of a Calgary conservative club and worked as a staffer for Conservative MP Bob Benzen:

Strashok also appears to have been the leader of Jason Kenney's call center during the latter's campaign for the leadership of the UCP.

PressProgress has uncovered a litany of racist and antisemitic posts made by Strashok under his real name and a number of online handles. I invite ARC readers to read the article on the PressProgress website, but here are a few of the low lights:

Readers will also be familiar with Brad Salzberg who has appeared fairly frequently on this blog, especially in relation to his partnership with WCAI:

How many stories like this are there going to be uncovered about the United Conservative Party and the company they keep? How long before people come to realize this is a feature and not a bug?

UPDATE: Life comes at you hard sometimes.

How many disavowals does this make?

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