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Saturday, November 03, 2018

Failed Mayoral Candidate Faith Goldy Returns To Her Default Position

Last week one of the big stories I was following involved the removal of the Proud Boys on Facebook, both group pages and personal profiles. Now one can still find a few there still, but of those that have been removed Proud Boys Canada and Ontario member Tim Kelly are among those that had been removed:

There was the usual histrionics from the usual suspects. For example, the Alberta III% militia started anticipating their own deplatforming:

The award for most over the top reaction to a private company making the decision to remove groups and individuals violating the terms of service though goes to Faith Goldy:

Ms. Goldy has been on a bit of a roll lately when it comes to hyperbole. For example she seems genuinely angry that she didn't win the mayoral election in Toronto and has decided to blame both the media and Toronto voters for not being sufficiently "red pilled":

Then again she might be a bit angry because she could very well be on the hook for close to $100,000:

Aside from the rather breathtaking arrogance of her post, coming so soon after the tragedy in Pittsburgh it is especially interesting that she has decided to continue to parrot the talking points of the current American president who has used the murders to sow more fear and mine grievances for political purposes:

I suppose this really marks Goldy's return to the white nationalist, conspiracy promoting, fold after a brief and superficial flirtation with "civic nationalism" in her effort to win votes in perhaps the most ethnically diverse city on the planet. For example, while she made a point to hype Meir Weinstein's and the Jewish Defence League's endorsement of her, the only things she had to say about the murder of 11 men and women in a synagogue by a white supremacist was to suggest it might have been a conspiracy to make Trump and the Republicans look bad, complain about her (and ally's) own victimization, and use the opportunity to promote her own political views:

To put this comment in perspective, I suggest readers
take look at this article
concerning homicides in Canada.
And despite her efforts to ingratiate herself to, among other communities, the Toronto Chinese-Canadian community, Goldy has once again started to express the ethnic nationalist views that have become her calling card since at least August 2017, echoing both the synagogue shooter and Trump in promoting dehumanization of migrants and refugees:

Finally she has started once again to promote overtly fascist political figures and "alt-right" AstroTurf efforts including the recent flyering campaign that took place in some Canadian cities:

So as Goldy attempts to reassert her white nationalist bona fides one has to wonder if she'll be accepted back into the fold. Time will tell I suppose.

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