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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Goldy's Gotta Goldy

So it has been a while since ARC checked up on failed mayoral candidate Faith Goldy since her.... well.... failed mayoral campaign. Last I checked she was calling for a boycott of Bell Canada which I'm sure was a totally principled stance and not at all self-serving:

I thought I'd take a look to see what she was up to lately and found that despite her very brief and transparent (and, I stress, failed) attempt to appeal to a diverse Toronto electorate, she has re-embraced ethnic nationalism. One of her most recent screeds was to complain about honoring Viola Desmond on the ten dollar bill:

Uhm, she ultimately DID fight it but her conviction was upheld based on a bit of a loophole. Also, Borden isn't on the $10 bill. He's on the 100% bill.

Goldy appears to be trying to get back into the good books of the "alt-right" identitarian crowd who she alienated during her campaign, retweeting a Students For Western Civilization post also complaining that about Viola Desmond and a Generation Identity tweet complaining about something else:

Because people who are black aren't REAL Canadians according to SFWC

Of course the question is will it work because the alt-right seemed pretty burned by her.

Goldy also appears to be trying to settle old scores. Last year she was set to speak at an even featuring Jordan Peterson. She was dis-invited not long before the event occurred and she still doesn't seem to be over it:

Imagine the mindset of a person who praises a rape apologist and a pedophilia apologist as moral voices in the wilderness for speaking out against the big meanie who wouldn't let you play with the other children.

In fact, Goldy has been disappointed a lot lately. On the one hand she was thrilled that the Ontario government might start attacking transgender children....

.... only to be disappointed when Ford (who I believe as far as I could throw him) said that they might not:

She and her fellow white supremacist travelers also had a bit of a freakout regarding news that the FBI has classified the Proud Boys as an extremist group and that their douchnozzle founder was resigning from the group:

She's also freaking out about Laura Loomer being Loomered, but I really can't be bothered posting the screen shots. Suffice it to say there is much crying and gnashing of teeth.

In other words, delightful.

I had thought about giving the wonderfully witty Tabitha Southey the last word:

However, I actually think this slightly out of context tweet by Goldy is even more appropriate:

Soooo, you're saying I WON'T go blind then?

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