Monday, March 21, 2016

Canadians United 4 Canada Founder Responds to ARC Articles

It was a matter of time:

Oh, where to begin?

Word of warning though. There might be a little bit of snark:

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Canadians United 4 Canada Founder and Paul Fromm Meet

Hot on the heels of our last story detailing Canadians United 4 Canada and their ties to Canadian neo-Nazis, we see have a related update further cementing the group in the "White Nationalist" camp.

Yesterday Ms. O'Farrell, founder of Canadians United 4 Canada, alluded to some meetings that were taking place soon:

And now thanks to Paulie, we know a little bit more about one of those meetings:

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Soldiers of Odin: Canadians United 4 Canada Ally With Overt Neo-Nazis

On March 7, the founder of the Facebook group Canadians United 4 Canada posted the following message in which she offered her unreserved support for the Soldiers of Odin (SoO).

The Soldiers of Odin (SoO) began in Finland as a vigilante group ostensibly formed to protect women from sexual harassment and assault from the country's immigrant and minority population (which leaves us wondering if they are as concerned about harassment and assaults against women by the majority native European population, but we digress). Though they claim not to be racist, the founder of the SoO has links to the far-right Finish Resistance movement as well as a conviction for a racially motivated assault (my Finish to English translation captures the spirit of the article):
....Soldiers of Odin leader Mika Beach was convicted of assaulting immigrants in 2005. Beach and his friends attacked two immigrants in a restaurant. They beat both victims and his hand was broken, Journal says. Beach was also sentenced for other offenses, including possession of a gun and blade chain in a public place. The offence was racially motivated....
It is noted in the article that another high profile SoO member has and extensive criminal history. Also, some of the membership aren't above lying about their efforts:
The whole story was invented by one man Looper. We are now accused of being liars and just about. We ask all what you humbly apologize that this did happen.
Somehow we have a feeling that they regret getting caught lying rather than the actual lie, but what do we know?

Canadians United 4 Canada don't appear all that concerned with how shady the original Finnish chapter of SoO seems to be in offering unconditional support to the Canadian chapters. The Quebec chapter of the SoO seem to appreciate Ms. O'Farrell's shout-out:

Ms. O'Farrell, founder of Canadians United 4 Canada, wishes to convince her members that the SoO are not racist skinheads and just want to protect Canada and all that we hold dear from the Jihadists at the gate (though she herself show poor judgement in who she adds as friends):

Why don't we test Ms. O'Farrell's claim?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Credulous Trump Supporters Report Hoax News Unquestioningly

Hey folks. Miss me?

Though we focus on Canadian content primarily, we can't help but be both fascinated and horrified by the Donald Trump phenomenon. We are witnessing political rhetoric that would have found a comfortable home in Italy during the 1920s. I had always believed that while demagogues such as Trump have always existed, they would be marginalized in nations with strong, long lasting, democratic institutions (despite the inherent flaws in those institutions).

Seems that's not the case as Trump is likely on his way to become the standard bearer of one of the two major American political parties by offering a steady stream of xenophobia, hatred, nativism, ultra-nationalism, and violence. The result of this could mean the end of the Republican Party or, if elected, far worse.

The media, as well as some in his own party, have finally started to call him on his continual incitement to violence. Trump deflects by claiming to oppose violence (though he has both wistfully advocated its use as well as justifying when it occurs) while blaming his opponents of initiating the violent encounters. And his supporters bleat their agreement, claiming that Trump, and themselves, are really the victims of a cabal including, George Soros, the other Republican presidential candidates, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Muslims, the media, Black Lives Matter, and the Black Panthers.

So when this "story" was published online yesterday, the Trump supporters were all over it like a fat kid on a smartie:

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 2016 Bits and Bites: PEGIDA/JDL Protest Bust, Your Ward News in Warman's Cross-hairs, and Free Dominion News

We'll be posting an article detailing Canadians United 4 Canada's links to racist boneheads and an article to be published soon, but in the meantime we thought we would provide our readers a little bit of irony today:

But we do digress.

When we reported that the JDL was holding an event featuring PEGIDA UK speaker Paul Weston, we noted that there were plans to protest outside the location where the presentation was taking place.

Ron Banerjee, noticing that we had provided details about the counterprotest, claimed that his one man organization Canadian Hindu Advocacy and his mostly one man organization Rise Canada would discuss providing security for the event.

The JDL's Meir Weinstein, a man who has helped to promote Banerjee in the past and who has also both justified and refused to condemn Banerjee's racist, misogynistic, anti-Sikh, Islamophobic, and now Christophobic rhetoric.... well.... he seemed rather unamused:

The event did take place though and Banerjee did attend, as did it seems at least a few members of PEGIDA Canada:

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Canadians United 4 Canada vs. Canadians United For Canada: Splitters!

If there's one thing we come to expect when monitoring far right groups is that they inevitably begin fighting amongst themselves. The latest example is a squabble between the administrator of the Islamaphobic and racist Canadians United 4 Canada which we've mentioned on the blog with a PEGIDA supporter from Ontario who evidently set up a rival Facebook group called Canadians United for Canada.

Really folks, we can't make this stuff up.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Three Canadian Racists Supporting Donald Trump: Sort of Funny

This past Saturday Republican primaries were held in Kentucky, Maine, Kansas, and Louisiana. Donald Trump managed to win both Kentucky and Louisiana by fairly comfortable margins. It was amusing then when we listened to the talking heads on MSNBC pontificate on whether or not the endorsement by David Duke would hurt Trump in Louisiana, a state where the former Klan leader was once elected to the state legislature and where he was the Republican nominee for governor.

Of course it wouldn't hurt Trump.

David Duke is only the most prominent American racist to come out in favor of Trump. Others include Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and  Matthew Heimbach who recently was caught on video assaulting a protester at a Trump rally. But Trump is also getting some love internationally from the far right including xenophobes in the UK, France, the Netherlands, and elsewhere.

Here in Canada, the folks with PEGIDA Canada and posters on the anti-Muslim/refugee/government sites we've started monitoring have come out strongly for Trump. So too have members of our racist movement including Paulie. From last month's London Forum where he was a featured speaker:

And a recent post:

On that note, we thought we would profile three other Canadians who support Donald Trump's race to the White House, though it could be easily argued that there influence in the Canadian movement, already on the fringes of society, is minimal to nonexistent.

We sometimes like to amuse ourselves.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Goat-Blood Drinking Senate Candidate Barred Entry Into Canada

Last Saturday we wrote about Augustus Invictus, a Libertarian candidate for the senate seat being vacated by Marco Rubio who was scheduled to speak in Vancouver yesterday. Owing to his support of eugenics, racism, and desire to precipitate a second Civil War, the location where he had been scheduled to speak decided that they really didn't want their business associated with the man and his ideology. Still determined to speak Augie said he would speak on the sidewalk outside the original venue because that will definitely show them!

When posting the original article, a friend sent the following which indicated that Augie had other future Canadian speaking engagements during the next few months:

So while he would have to brave the potential rain in Vancouver on March 4, he could look forward to a cozy venue in Toronto come September 8.

Except that he wasn't able to speak yesterday and presumably will not be able to speak in Toronto in September:

To be clear, this wasn't so much "allowing" Augie to withdraw his application as it was an invitation to "get out and don't let the door hit you in ass on your way out."

Lauren Southern of Ezra Levant's "The Rebel" has railed against this authoritarian decision, indicating that she doesn't necessarily understand the meaning of words which one would think would be an important skill for a journalist, but what to we know?

At least Paulie may now have someone to commiserate with.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Protest Organized in Response to JDL's PEGIDA UK Event in Toronto

On Saturday we posted an article which included information regarding a PEGIDA UK event organized by the JDL. At this event the leader of PEGIDA UK, Paul Weston, would be speaking.

Looks like there's another welcome committee being formed, though one decidedly not sanctioned by the JDL and unlikely to be particularly welcoming to Mr. Weston:

No fascists in Toronto. Shut down Paul Weston of anti-immigrant Pegida (UK)
Thursday, March 10 at 6 PM in EST
788 Marlee Avenue (one block west of Lawrence West subway station, just south of Lawrence)

On Thursday March 10, the extremist Jewish Defence League will be hosting British fascist Paul Weston at a meeting at 788 Marlee Avenue - around the corner from Lawrence West subway station. Weston will be attacking Syrian refugees as a "threat" and opposing immigration generally. Weston is a notorious fascist, and conspiracy theorist whose articles mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik cited in his manifesto. Weston is the former chairman of the British Freedom Party, a splinter group founded by former member of the neofascist British National Party and is active with the racist English Defence League.

Come out to protest this meeting and make it clear that fascists are not welcome in Toronto. Bring banners, signs, noisemakers, and friends. 788 Marlee Avenue is the Toronto Zionist Centre and is around the corner from Lawrence West subway station - when leaving the subway go one block west on Lawrence and then turn left on to Marlee.