Monday, September 30, 2019

September 2019 Bits and Bites: CNP and PPC Edition

It has now over a week since ARC published the list of Canadian Nationalist Party members which include such individuals as neo-Nazi Paul Fromm, neo-Nazi and former Moose Jaw Soldiers of Odin chapter leader Jody Issel, and Islamophobe and bigot Kevin Johnston. Due to the major national story that broke last week concerning Justin Trudeau the CNP list drop understandably didn't get a lot of coverage initially, however it seems that some journalists have taken another look at the story:

Earlier this week CNP founder and leader Travis Patron posted the list himself having lifted it directly from the ARC blog in an ill-advised display of bravado. That was probably a poor decision especially considering the fact that Patron's own dishonesty may very well get his party deregistered:

But ARC wasn't the only news source (and we are a news source) that posted a membership list:

At the same time ARC was working on our story concerning the CNP list, Andew Russell and Stewart Bell were working on their story concerning the PPC list. Among the members of the PPC were a neo-Nazi and a former chapter leader of the Soldiers of Odin:

I find this all very distressing since Bernier insists there are no racists in his party and that racists aren't accepted:

Oh.... right.... I forgot about all the racism.

I also can't help note that there is less than six degrees of separation between the PPC and the CNP:

But there was a third person found on the PPC list who has been someone we've been keeping track for a while though we never knew her real name.... until now:

Our readers knew her as "Jenny Hill" but Pegida Canada's founder's real name is Janice Bultje. The folks with The Scaffold did some incredible investigative journalism in tracking down the identity of Ms. Bultje:
“Month after month we’ve seen “Jenny Hill”, who we now know as Janice Bultje, organizing and headlining hate-rallies in Toronto. Many of these rallies have turned violent. Bultje has consistently engaged in the wilful promotion of hatred against Muslims in Canada and has brought a collection of far-right groups and individuals together for this purpose. It’s good to finally know more about the organizer behind these rallies” said an activist with a Toronto-based anti-racist group who spoke to The Scaffold on condition of anonymity. “She has invested a lot of effort in maintaining her anonymity. Even reporters like Sue Ann-Levy, writing for the Toronto Sun, have used her alias “Jenny Hill” when quoting her for publication.” 
Bultje was identified as a result of a major donation her husband Phil Bultje made on behalf of his Chatham-Kent construction company, Southwestern Construction Inc. to Eben-Ezer Chistian School, helping to pay in part for a $1.2 million gymnasium expansion, as reported by Chatham Daily News. A photo of Bultje was published online, alongside her husband in an article about the gymnasium’s completion. Phil Bultje is also the Chair of the Eben-Ezer school’s board of directors.
In fact not long before Bultje was identified as the leader of Pegida Canada, one of the hate group's supporters was convicted of an assault that took place during a Pegida rally. Since being identified Bultje is now claiming that she is being threatened and harassed which, in the parlance of the far right, likely means she has been denounced and criticized for her bigotry and while groups like Pegida like to dish it out they certainly can't take it themselves.

In other tangential PPC news, Ryan Dean and his goof troop has been an issue again:

These photos are from last November when Dean and co. attended a PPC event sponsored by Ezra Levant's Rebel Media (Dean was given press credentials).

Lately I've avoided writing about Dean since he's someone who does most of the things he does for attention because he wasn't hugged as a child. However recent events have caused me to grudgingly turn my attention back to him.

Earlier this month he began harassing Queerflex, a safe space for members of the LFBTQ community to work out. Dean who is also spectacularly homophobic had started accusing Queerflex of "associating with Antifa extremists" which in Dean's mind is essentially anyone he decides to beef with for any reason. Of course he can't actually back up this claim....

.... but then Dean has not been especially concerned for such trivialities as "proof" before.

Duncan Kinney of Progress Alberta discussed this and other Dean-related issues on The Progress Report podcast (giving a nice little shout-out to yours truly) with Katie Cutting, Bridget Stirling, and Mack Lamoureux. As of September 13 the police have been investigating Dean's blog posts targeting the gym. In the meantime however Queerflex has temporarily closed down, suspending classes and memberships and enacting greater security measures:

Dean and company also made news this past Sunday when he and his goof troop harassed participants of a climate crisis rally specifically targeting FNMI peoples:

Credit CBC Edmonton

At one point, CTV News Edmonton captured video of a man appearing to mock an Indigenous dance, while drummers and singers performed.
The same man was also heard yelling, “Make Canada great again,” during an Indigenous prayer. 
He later identified himself to CTV News Edmonton as Mike Kirk. 
“There’s a theory that Europeans stole this land. And I find that absolutely ridiculous,” said Kirk, who denied he was mocking the Indigenous dance, but acknowledged he shouted out during the prayer. 
“It got quiet and I got the idea,” he said.
Kirk has found his way onto the blog a number of times including when as a member of the SoO he attended a UCP event.

Now apparently Dean has gotten it into his head that threatening a LGBTQ friendly gym and harassing indigenous dancers makes him a journalist. As such this week he attempted to make some coin:

Hey, grifters got to grift amirite?

The fundraising effort didn't last more than 24 hours:

Dean responded with the grace and dignity that we've all come to expect from him:

Ryan Dean, putting the "ass" in "class" since.... well.... how old is he now?

And if none of this is enough for new readers to recognize Dean for what he is, this is what he's done to his dog:

Yeah, he's endangering his dog by implying it is a weapon:

Oh, and then there's his continued harassment of his children's elementary school from which he's currently not allowed to enter as he will be charged with trespassing.

It has been edited for obvious reasons:

Finally Chris Vanderweide continues to happily relive what is apparently the high point in his life when he (a) sucker punched and blind-sided (using a helmet as a weapon) counter-protesters who were protecting a Pride event in Hamilton from the hate groups (including CNP members) with whom he was associated with and (b) engaged in what appears to have been a premeditated attack on other counter-protesters at the Eaton's Centre after a Pegida rally. It is clear that he needs to be reminded of the narrative they are pushing that they were the victims given how happy he is remember bashing people with a helmet:

I would remind readers that he was arrested for the incident in Hamilton but not the incident in Toronto.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Hate March Targets Toronto Gay Village

To understand what happened in Toronto this Saturday one should be familiar with Skokie, Illinois. In both 1977 and 1978, the National Socialist Party of America attempted to march in Skokie which was the home of numerous Holocaust survivors. The village government refused to allow NSPA permission to march knowing that it was nothing more than a provocation wrapped up as free speech.

Hmmmm, Rick Boswick hates socialists, but demands socialism in his fast food chicken restaurants (and yes, that is noted Islamophobe, Homophobe, and ironically anti-Christian Ron Banerjee dancing in the background).

And when participants claiming to be Christian shout "degenerates" and "sodomites" at members of the LGBTQ community and others counter-protesting, referring this as a hate march is more than appropriate:

But let's start at the beginning.

Back in early June, David Lynn of Christ's Forgiveness Ministries was charged with causing a disturbance for preaching hateful and homophobic rhetoric in Gay Village - at the beginning of Pride. In video from that incident, Lynn is seeing approaching people on the street, microphone in hand, asking people whether they accept him. When people state they don't wish to talk to him, he calls them bigots.

To Lynn, "tolerance and acceptance" means having to listen to his hateful sermons without complaint. Anything less is "hate and bigotry."

Lynn at the hate march. Photo credit: @StedyPhoto 

Via CP24:
Video posted online shows pastor David Lynn speaking into a microphone at Church and Wellesley streets and saying that he is “coming out as a Christian.” Through nearly two hours of footage, Lynn is seen saying that he doesn’t hate anyone, that some people hate Christians and that some people want him to “stay in the closet” as a Christian. 
He begins approaching various people to ask if they would tolerate him. When one man asks him to go away, Lynn calls him a bigot. When others approach to tell Lynn that he is disturbing them, he calls them “hateful.” 
After more community members arrived, Lynn was seen arguing with them and his supporters, before police eventually arrested Lynn. 
As a result, Lynn made the far-right media circuit, appearing in interviews with Alex Jones, and D-grade "media" hatriots, like Wayne Whine Peters. Unsurprisingly, Lynn also received favourable coverage from The Rebel.

Prior to the march John Tory denounced the hate march which of course led Mutt and Jeff Derek Storie and Rick Boswick to engage in the over the top rhetoric we've come to expect from them. First Storie claimed that Tory's criticism of the marchers was incitement and an act of war (I kid you not, he actually wrote that):

Then Boswick just prior to AND during the hate march impotently threatened to have Tory arrested should he personally be harmed:

Boswick claims that Christians are not allowed to assemble and march which, by the very fact that these bigots are quite literally assembled and marching in his own video sort of puts the lie to his claim.

In case anyone has forgotten what Boswick thinks about the LGBTQ+ community, here's a refresher:

One thing is clear. The organizers of the hate march (a) expected a lot more people to show up than actually did and (b) they're well funded. 

Christ's Forgiveness Ministries, according to their website, is a registered non-profit which operates in Canada, the US, and the UK, with David Lynn as the director.

Figures from put their assets at just over $44,000 and their revenue at $112,228:

Now while not as many showed up as they expected, more showed up than we would have liked.

The march began after the usual misogynistic and homophobic speeches were given to rile up the crowd

They then began their march to the Gay Village, however they were stymied continuously along the way, as a strong counter was organized by the excellent people at The 519 and other community groups:

The police? Well, let's just say they weren't especially helpful:

But the folks counter-protesting didn't let up:

Boswick and Storie were a little upset:

We wonder if Boswick's unhinged ranting about masks should also be applied to his friend Lily:

Again, the police were not especially helpful:

Still, the counter-protesters peacefully stood their ground:

Finally, the hate marchers turned tail:

Counter-protesters holding the line. Credit: @StedyPhoto

Counter-protesters being pushed back. Credit: @StedyPhoto

Love and community will always win. A statement from The 519.

 Derek Storie, Rick Boswick, and Wayne Whine Peters all had live streams from the Christian hate march, and as you can guess, some of the comments were pretty disgusting.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Martin Brousseau - A History of Violence

For our Community Safety Alert on Martin Brousseau, including a printable flyer, click here.

CW: Depictions of domestic violence 

Martin Brousseau came onto our radar for alarming and aggressive behaviour as he traveled from Alberta to Ottawa for the Canadian Combat Coalition Rally in July. Brousseau exhibited escalating behaviours such as driving recklessly during a Facebook live video and driving his school bus onto the public sidewalk at a Yellow Vests Canada protest in Hamilton. We have covered Brousseau's actions previously here.

The "hate bus" in Hamilton

Brousseau with his dilapidated school bus

Brousseau has a violent past. According to court documents we have obtained, there is a history of domestic violence and assault. From a threat assessment included in the court documents: 
Martin does not take responsibility for his actions and is quick to blame others. Due to his mental health, Martin may actually perceive things exactly as he describes.
An archived article from the Athabasca Advocate's court briefings describes an incident where Brousseau attached his then wife from behind, striking her and pinning her face to a cupboard. The police arrived and arrested Brousseau.

From public records, we learned that Brousseau strangled his wife in 2012. He did this while his wife held their 10 month old child who had been rendered unconscious. 

In April 2015 Brousseau - against the orders established by the court - arrived at his estranged wife's home unannounced. He pushed his ex-wife to the ground and tried to pull his young daughter out from under a bed where she had been hiding by her legs. Brousseau's ex-wife's son, 18, attempted to intervene and suffered severe bruising to the neck. He was subsequently hospitalized. 

Brousseau then went to the kitchen, turned on the gas stove burners and tried to ignite the gas with a lighter. The police arrived and Brousseau was arrested. Despite his ex-wife's filing of an Emergency Protection Order, Brousseau continued to make contact on a few occasions despite court orders. 

In October 2015 Brousseau was discharged from the Canadian Armed Forces. 

Court records indicate a flag has been placed on Brousseau to alert authorities if he attempts to purchase firearms. It is unclear if this flag is ongoing, or was only for a determined period during his court proceedings. 

Take care if you are in an area Brousseau is known to be in. Stay in groups at demonstrations and do not engage Brousseau. He has been known to carry zip-ties with the intent of restraining and assaulting antifascist protesters. He has assaulted at least one antifascist protester. 

If you have knowledge of his whereabouts, contact us on Twitter at @VestsCanada and @ARCCollective or email us at or

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The CNP Eligible For Official Party Status Part III: The Response to the List Release

It hasn't yet been a week since ARC published the membership list for the increasingly overtly fascist Canadian Nationalist Party. Thus far the story has been picked up by Vice; journalist Mack Lamoureux interviewed members of ARC (which I'm pleased to write officially includes the incredible members of Yellow Vests Canada) prior to the release as well as after to gauge the reaction:

In what seems to be a case of bravado Travis Patron also released the names of the members.... by copying and pasting the list from the ARC article:

Personally I get a kick out of Patron throwing his own members under the bus:
Anyone can submit a declaration in support of registration directly to Elections Canada. Under the Canada Elections Act there exist no ability to deny someone from supporting the registration of a political party and therefore, a signed declaration does not imply endorsement of the signatories actions or beliefs.
In publishing the list himself (plagiarized though it might be), I'm not sure if Patron quite know what he's done and how bad it makes him appear though. 

I'll get back to this momentarily.

When it was suggested that the list of members would be revealed should the CNP become eligible for official party status after meeting Elections Canada requirements, Patron stoked fear that the members would be the targets of violent retribution and the participants in the form had a full on panic attack:

In fact they were so concerned that some of the forum members engaged in a letter writing campaign that included direct appeals to the Commissioner of Canada Elections. Indeed there were numerous separate forum discussions about the matter including the following:

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The CNP Eligible For Official Party Status Part II: The List

Anti-Racist Canada and Yellow Vests Canada Exposed are publishing over 250 names of members of newly registered Canadian Nationalist Party.

The Canadian Nationalist Party, a neo-Nazi party led by Travis Patron, became eligible to become a registered federal party on August 29th. Today, we’re publishing the names of over 250 confirmed party members.

Having learned their information would become accessible through public documents released by Elections Canada, some Canadian Nationalist Party supporters took the opportunity to learn more about Patron and renounce their support. Others reaffirmed their support, and will now face the social consequences of supporting a neo-Nazi party.

We are providing information about these Canadian Nationalist Party members to journalists across the country and encouraging them to write stories naming neo-Nazi party supporters in their communities. This information has been confirmed by Elections Canada as part of their process and we have rechecked it ourselves. Questionable data has been removed.

To be very clear: we are only encouraging a nonviolent social response and that’s why we are only publishing names and cities of residence. We trust that friends, families, employers, and other members of the community will make it clear that their support for the Canadian Nationalist Party is absolutely unacceptable.

This is NOT doxxing. Doxxing is making extensive private information public to encourage and enable threats and violence. What we are doing is journalism. We are publishing public information - and just names and cities - to hold these individuals socially accountable to their community. This information is available to any Canadian through Elections Canada just like regularly released information about political donors. Members of the Canadian Nationalist Party voluntarily disclosed this information, and will now face the social consequences.

Canadians have a right to know if there are neo-Nazis - because that’s what you call card carrying members of a neo-Nazi party - in their communities.

Travis Patron is under RCMP investigation for his video which references common antisemitic tropes, refers to Jewish people as “the parasitic tribe” and calls for them to be “removed once and for all” from Canada. He later explains that he was referring to the Zionist Occupied Government, a reference to the neo-Nazi conspiracy theory that Jews secretly control the government. On Facebook, Patron likes antisemitic quotes by George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party. He also refers to himself as a “historical revisionist,” which is what holocaust deniers prefer to call themselves.

The party also targets other communities, particularly the LGBTQ+ community, which was attacked during Hamilton Pride by a coalition of hate preachers, Yellow Vests, and Canadian Nationalist Party members in June.

William John Beattie, leader of the Canadian Nazi Party (1965-1978), also supports Patron and has encouraged him to post “It’s Okay To Be White” posters. Paul Fromm, the infamous Canadian neo-Nazi networker and supporter of Blood & Honour, a designated terrorist group, is a member.
Other notable members include KevinJohnston, Jody Issel, and Rev. Russell A. Haynes. 
Patron knew that this information would become public and threw his members under the bus. He used a fake address for himself, while exposing all of their information.
Travis Patron will say he isn’t a neo-Nazi and that his party isn’t a neo-Nazi party. He will say that we’re encouraging violence. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that neo-Nazis are liars.
Patron is running for election in the riding of Souris – Moose Mountain in Saskatchewan.

City, Province
Serena Maria Chapman
Airdrie, AB
Jeff Daniel Whiting
Airdrie, AB
Frederick C Bossley
Alix, AB
Louisa W F Bossley
Alix, AB
Stan Christopher Leonard
Bashaw, AB
Nancy Carr
Calgary, AB
Michael Hargrove
Calgary, AB
Jason Wright
Calgary, AB
Michael Gashyna
Cold Lake, AB
Timothy Grant Breitkreuz
Edmonton, AB
Mick Kohut
Edmonton, AB
Hanna Shiffer
Edmonton, AB
Helen Gail Prosser
Edson, AB
Robert Cory Essenburg
Leduc, AB
Glen Carmen Davidson
Lethbridge, AB
David D. Beatch
Medicine Hat, AB
David Battle
Red Deer, AB
David John Charnock
Sexsmith, AB
David Roger Baran
Sherwood Park, AB
Jean D Baran
Sherwood Park, AB
Dominic Kondratski
St. Albert, AB
Michael J Wood
Abbotsford, BC
Allison Julin Wankelshaw
Castlegar, BC
Korby Soobotin
Castlegar, BC
Neil Denevers
Chilliwack, BC
Brian Wallace Jackson
Chilliwack , BC
Robert Glenn Cruickshank
Kelowna, BC
Kelly Grant
Kelowna, BC
Hugh Thomas Ian MacLean
Langley, BC
Dale Regehr?
Langley, BC
Troy Polyak
Logan Lake, BC
Edward William Daniel Baran
Parksville, BC
Barbara Lowden
Parksville, BC
Franklin David Hilliard
Penticton, BC
Jake Anthony Jones
Port Alberni, BC
Ian McDonald Semple
Qualicum, BC
Kevin Koronko
Scotch Creek, BC
Livia Redecsi
Scotch Creek, BC
Darrin Glen Nielsen
Slocan, BC
Kathleen M. Hill
Surrey, BC
Oleg Spoyalo
Surrey, BC
Olena Spoyalo
Surrey, BC
Line Hache
Surrey , BC
Chad HachΓ©
Surrey , BC
Benny Hill
Surrey , BC
Jaime Lunan
Vancouver, BC
Jeffrey Lunan
Vancouver, BC
Adrian Castellanos
Victoria, BC
George De Lact
Victoria, BC
Sheryl De Lact
Victoria, BC
Lawrence Michael Forbes
Victoria, BC
Matthew Jackson
Chilliwack , BC
Bruce Danyluk
Oakbank, MB
Daniel Bauche
Winnipeg, MB
Kimberley Anne Janz
Winnipeg, MB
Joseph Coleman Janz
Winnipeg , MB
Benjamin Samual Scott Mckiver
Winnipegosis, MB
Lorilee Jolene Mckiver
Winnipegosis, MB
Alexander Douglas Manzer
Bains Corner, NB
Sean Hanson
Dieppe, NB
Claude Gagne
St. Basile , NB
Peter James Lombard
Digby, NS
Faye Irene Adams
Halifax, NS
Keith Joseph Adams
Halifax, NS
Albert McNeil
New Waterford, NS
Euphemina McNeil
New Waterford, NS
Michael McNeil
New Waterford, NS
Sally Anne Cunliffe
Sackville, NB
John Gillis
Sydney, NS
Evans Ferdinand
Thomson Station, NS
Robert Thoddens O'Connor
Truro, NS
Morgan Leland Wilson
Truro, NS
Marc Gregory Morrissey
Acton, ON
Adriano Pocobene
Ancaster, ON
Bradley John Wise
Aurora, ON
Patrick Edward Costello
Brampton , ON
Cesar Lopez
Brampton , ON
Denise Ann Stewart
Brantford, ON
Gordon F Stewart
Brantford, ON
Chantal Tryon
Brantford, ON
Robert Kleiner
Brantford , ON
Terry Everett Ross
Brockville, ON
Martin Slaman
Burford, ON
Brian Baxter
Burks Falls, ON
Johnathan Bishop
Campbellford, ON
Gregory Thomas Duncan
Campbellford, ON
Iona Jane Duncan
Campbellford, ON
Miroslav Markov
Dundalk, ON
Pavlina Markov
Dundalk, ON
Justin Alexander Iian Long
Etobicoke, ON
William Schleich
Grimsby, ON
Fadi Mikael
Guelph, ON
Lukas D Nicholson
Guelph, ON
Andrei Chelekhova
Hamilton, ON
Larissa Chelekhova
Hamilton, ON
Paul Fromm
Hamilton, ON
Robert Janosevic
Hamilton, ON
Anna Isabell Rochlitz
Hamilton, ON
Peter Hans Rochlitz
Hamilton, ON
Raychyl Whyte
Hamilton, ON
Jayson Elliot
Iroquois, ON
Stephen Nenadov
Keewatin, ON
Neil Cory Legere-Janeway
Keswick, ON
Adam Suhr
Keswick, ON
Kristin Suhr
Keswick, ON
Christopher James Branscombe
Kingston, ON
Alison Collins
Kitchener, ON
Michael Cassolato
London, ON
Robert Churilla
London, ON
Perry V. Daniello
London, ON
Daniel Lefcoe
London, ON
Marcus Lennox
London, ON
Christopher Morley
London, ON
Brian Keith Munday
London, ON
Spurgeon Norman Westhaver
London, ON
Douglas Richard Howey
Midhurst, ON
Terry KH Wood
Midland, ON
Kevin J Johnston
Mississauga, ON
Aaron Krentz
Newcastle , ON
Brian Farmer
Newmarket , ON
Louis Vailancourt
North York, ON
Shane Farrell Douglas O'Neill
Orillia, ON
Stephanie J Stuart
Orillia, ON
Patrick D.J. Cody
Ottawa , ON
Pierre Lamontagne
Ottawa , ON
Christopher Larson
Ottawa , ON
Michael Simon Pastien
Ottawa , ON
Domenic Shelley
Ottawa , ON
Richard Yeremyah Court
Owen Sound, ON
Jillian Kipp
Paris/Guelph, ON
Adam John Gordon Stead
Parry Sound, ON
James Thomas Tole
Parry Sound, ON
Peter Russell Palmer
Port Dover, ON
Jeannette Irene Therrien
Sarnia, ON
Richard Zombori
Sarnia, ON
Nicholas Montague
Sarnia, ON
Athanasios Stefanis
Scarborough, ON
Kostadinos Stefanis
Scarborough, ON
Marco Fernandez
Scarborough , ON
Cary Denise Krentz-Kerr
Scarborough , ON
Dustin Zachary Early
Shelburne, ON
Joshua Vanrooy
St Thomas, ON
Kelly Michael Kellestine
Strathroy, ON
Mitchell Griffi
Tavistock , ON
Cynthia Carol Mogk
Tavistock , ON
Christopher Jones
Timmins, ON
Jocelyne Catherine Demers
Toronto, ON
Gloria DePaiva
Toronto, ON
Victor DePaiva
Toronto, ON
Nadia Fleaca
Toronto, ON
Frank Granic
Toronto, ON
Mark Hartung
Toronto, ON
Rev. Russel A. Haynes
Toronto, ON
Christopher P. Kovarik
Toronto, ON
Ronald Barry Krentz
Toronto, ON
Victoria Krentz
Toronto, ON
Tatiana Maxina
Toronto, ON
Travis Patron
Toronto, ON
John Howitt Reynolds
Toronto, ON
Jeff D Roby
Toronto, ON
Tom Siaterlis
Toronto, ON
Adam Wallace
Toronto, ON
Sergei Zhukowsky
Toronto, ON
Joseph MacDonald
Toronto , ON
Terry A Wood
Utterson, ON
Rose Wood
Utterson, ON
Ryan TP Wood
Utterson, ON
Scott MT Wood
Utterson, ON
Jonathan Charles Ferguson
Vanier, ON
Faith Gauthier
Whitby, ON
Michael Gibbs
Whitby, ON
Johanna N. Gyorgyjakab
Whitby, ON
Robert Duperreault
Willow Bunch, ON
Stephanie Bauer
Windsor, ON
Jessica Bauer
Windsor, ON
Sandra Dubois
Windsor, ON
Robert Gervais
Windsor, ON
Christopher Patrick Rodd
Windsor, ON
John Romanelli
Woodbridge, ON
Robert Ostrowski
Woodville, ON
Ryan Ostrowski
Woodville, ON
Darik Horn
Brantford , ON
Joseph Lawson
Toronto, ON
Jeremie Leblanc
Levis , QC
Tommy McCann
Montreal, QC
Ansley Coelho
Pointe-Claire, QC
Ralston Coelho
Pointe-Claire, QC
Sonita Coelho D'Silva
Pointe-Claire, QC
Michel Legare
St-Prime, QC
Allen Bauche
Antler, SK
Harvey R Bauche
Antler, SK
Yvonne Bauche
Antler, SK
Christian Louis Col
Bellegarde, SK
Mervin Troy Baldwin
Bellevue, SK
Denis George Miller
Brownlee, SK
Eldon Allan Winter
Dilke, SK
Robert Frank Abbott
Englefeld, SK
John Tinney
Estevan, SK
Gene R Speare
Hudson Bay, SK
Amber Button
Kayville, SK
E. Colleen Reed
Kenosee Lake, SK
James Douglas Reed
Kenosee Lake, SK
Rodger Glenn Hofos
Kenosee Lake, SK
Tracy Hofos
Kenosee Lake, SK
Debra Kenneth Russell
Kenosee Lake, SK
Stewart T. Lawrence
Kenosee Lake, SK
Darrell Robins
Kenosee Lake, SK
Rosaline Robins
Kenosee Lake, SK
Jeff Russill
Kenosee Lake, SK
Jody Edward Issel
Moose Jaw, SK
Allan Wayne Lautamus
Moosomin, SK
Violet Linda Lautamus
Moosomin, SK
Gregory Lee Nosterad
Moosomin, SK
Heather V. Truman
Moosomin, SK
Richard Matthew Mackin
Porcupine Plain, SK
Wayne Belesky
Preeceville, SK
Tina Klassen
Preeceville, SK
Jonathon Vance
Prince Albert, SK
Tom Aime
Redvers, SK
Marceline Hardy
Redvers, SK
Raymond Hardy
Redvers, SK
Chelsey Marie Dawn James
Redvers, SK
Lucille Lemieux
Redvers, SK
Kari D Forseth
Redvers, SK
Bradley W Forseth
Redvers, SK
Marc Poirier
Redvers, SK
Roland Joseph Maurice Poirier
Redvers, SK
Susan Irene Poirier
Redvers, SK
Darren Kent Silvius
Redvers, SK
Carol Ann Sylvestre
Redvers, SK
Romeo R Sylvestre
Redvers, SK
Frank Bedecs
Redvers , SK
Mitchell Bouchard
Redvers , SK
Tyler Michael Dekeyser
Redvers , SK
Denis Frecon
Redvers , SK
Fabien Frecon
Redvers , SK
Kenneth John Blair Goforth
Redvers , SK
Irene Elaine Hortness
Redvers , SK
Lorne Melvin Hortness
Redvers , SK
Robert McWhirter
Redvers , SK
David Richard Metzger
Redvers , SK
Kristopher Troy Metzger
Redvers , SK
Suzanne Metzger
Redvers , SK
Kenton Miller
Redvers , SK
Gloria Maxine Patron
Redvers , SK
Rick Patron
Redvers , SK
Valerie Patron
Redvers , SK
Christopher Aubichon
Regina, SK
Edgar Llewellyn Bratt
Regina, SK
Charlotte Esopenko
Regina, SK
Amanda Kardynal
Regina, SK
Nathanael Kardynal
Regina, SK
Walter Edward Mackin
Regina, SK
Ronald George Mackin
Regina , SK
George Busser
Saskatoon, SK
Aaron Fairbrass
Saskatoon, SK
Beata Gay Van Berkom
Saskatoon, SK
Laura Bissonette
Storthoaks, SK
Robert Bissonette
Storthoaks, SK
Dennis Beauchesue
Wawota, SK
Cassidy Ann Burke
Weyburn, SK
Francesca Copeman
Wolseley, SK
Marion Hortness
Redvers , SK
Kenneth Howard Martel
Redvers , SK
Thomas B. Lacey
Whitehorse , YT

There will be a lot of names that readers won't recognize, but here are a few that are of special interest.

We've already mentioned these two neo-Nazis, long time white supremacist Paul Fromm who actively promoted and supported members of an now banned terrorist group and Jody Issel who was one time head of the Moose Jaw chapter of Soldiers of Odin as well as a participant in at least one Blood & Honour rally in Calgary:

Also on the list is Kevin J Johnston, a notorious Islamophobe charged and awaiting trail for violating Canadian hate crime laws and who was recently hit with a $2.5 million defamation judgement:

Another interesting figure is Darik Horn who worked on Faith Goldy's mayoral campaign and who has been seen working as security at a number of Max Bernier's PPC events:

Credit: PressProgress

Though he hasn't been mentioned on the blog, Reverend Russell Haynes has been a contributing writer for the virulently anti-immigrant Immigration Watch Canada as well as the Council of European Canadians founded by Ricardo Duchesne:

And we'll finish with Travis Patron himself. We're leaving his address because it isn't his home address but the registered address the CNP possessed at One Yonge St. until Telsec cancelled their service: