Saturday, June 15, 2019

Hamilton Hate Groups Harass Pride Event Participants, Assault Counter-Protesters, Claim Victimhood

In the aftermath of the events earlier this month, hate groups in Hamilton have escalated their campaign of harassment and violence. Today the target was Pride celebrations in the city. A group of protesters including hate street preachers Philip Ness Thomas and John Mark Moretti, members of the overtly racist and antisemitic Canadian Nationalist Party, at least one individual appearing to be connected to the III% militia, Proud Boys, and Yellow Vests members including Rick Boswick and Derek Storie:

As a bit of an aside, it is rather rich of these people to be decrying the fictional implementation of Sharia law in Canada (not happening) while openly advocating for a theocratic Christian state.

As per the events of June 8, members of the hate groups attempted to antagonize and ultimately began assaulting counter-protesters who put themselves between the hate groups and those who were attending the Pride event:

Despite the evidence that they had started any violence that occurred, the hate groups claimed they were the victims:

While I don't know if Justin Long, one of the more highly visible members of the Yellow Vests movement in Hamilton was present, it might be instructive to see some of his more recent rantings:

More information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Boswick and Storie post an unhinged video regarding the event.

In the meantime there's the truth.

UPDATE 2: Some in the msm have started reporting on the event.

That said if this is to be believed (and I have no reason to doubt it given precedent), I'm not so certain how hard the Hamilton police will be working on this file:

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