Sunday, June 16, 2019

Soldiers of Odin Provide "Security" For Former PPC Candidate At Anti-Trans Rally and Update on Hamilton Assaults By Homophobes Harassing Pride Attendees

I'm going to provide an update on what occurred when members of a number of hate groups attacked participants at a Pride event in Hamilton momentarily, but I first need to discuss events that took place in Vancouver at an anti-SOGI rally:

Among those attending this event was former PPC candidate Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, a longtime anti-LTGBQ activist and who is associated with far-right evangelist Pat Robertson and "Rebel Media":

We can also add another group that she has willingly associated herself with:

This isn't the first time Tyler Thompson was found to be associating with the Nouns of Odin:

At the time Tyler Thompson denied knowing anything about the SoO while at the same time defending their right to attend the anti-LGBTQ event back in October 2018:

I'm not sure that Ms. Tyler Thompson  claim that she doesn't "know" the SoO any longer since it has been further claimed they were hired to provide "security" for the event yesterday.

Truth be told, there was quite a bit of trash attending the anti-SOGI:

UPDATE: Shoutout to Edmonton Against Fascism for figuring out who our red head friend is. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ian Kelly (who has two Facebook profiles):

Of COURSE Devon Mannix is a Facebook friend of Ian's....

Given Tyler Thompson was a PPC candidate and I understand will be again during the upcoming federal election, I think this is an appropriate segue into the update concerning the assaults that took place in Hamilton:

Yellow Vest (and former Canadian Combat Coalition) member Rick Boswick seen in the above Tweet greeting Max Bernier at the Ottawa Yellow Vests protest in Ottawa posted a video of less than two minutes that he seems to believe totally exonerated the homophobes and will result in a mass arrest of the counter-protesters opposing them:

As YVCE shows however, the opposite is true:

Behold the power of silly string! 

Now despite their claim to have been the victims, the reaction of Boswick's and Storie's supporters can see who the aggressors were and are supper happy about it all:

This is a leader in the Canadian Combat Coalition

YVCE exposed has other examples:

The one screenshot I find especially interesting is this one though:

"Might Guy" claims they were not there looking to fight.

Here is "Might Guy" wearing a helmet and body armor:

And her is a post celebrating his blindsiding counter-protesters with said helmet being used as a weapon:

Nope. Not looking for a fight at all.

They weren't done after they left the park. The following video was taken from from one of their Facebook profiles. It shows them continuing to harass and attack people they believe are participants in the Pride event:

But yeah, according to the Christian Taliban, Yellow Vesters, and their supporters, they were the victims.

Not surprisingly this event will be used to justify further acts of violence committed by these "victims" at future events:

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