Thursday, June 20, 2019

Rick Boswick and Derek Storie: More Fallout From Attack on LGBTQ Community By Far-Right

The days since Christian Taliban members, Yellow Vesters (as represented by Rick Boswick and Derek Storie among others), Canadian Nationalist Party members, and a Wolves of Odin have been interesting in that it tells us a great deal about the mindset and character of the people who attacked LGTBQ members and counter-protesters at a Hamilton Pride event.

The face of that violent encounter has become this guy:

Chris Vanderweide was caught on camera striking two individuals with the helmet he was wearing. Despite wearing faux body armor and said helmet, Vanderweide claims he and the other far right protesters were not there to start a fight which is a rather unbelievable claim given the footage.

Still, it hasn't stopped Boswick and Storie from trying to turn him into a hero for the far right akin to Kyle Chapman:

The edited video has been shared quite widely on YouTube and has attracted comments from the usua assortment of alt-right shut-ins:

For his part, Vanderweide has tried to monetize his new found infamy:

Not surprisingly, Go Fund Me removed this page:

Hey, grifters gotta grift, eh?

But despite what they seem to believe is a "slam dunk" which proves their claim to have been the victim of a violent attack by counter-protesters despite.... you know.... the actual video evidence they themselves have provided, Boswick and Storie have been frustrated that they haven't been able to control the narrative because normal people can actually see what happened.

As such, they are lashing out and urging their members to harass those who have either spoken out against them or provided coverage of the event that doesn't paint the far right as patriotic superheroes: 

I'm not sure if two unemployed drifters and members of hate groups
really constitutes what Canada is.

They reserve special ire for yours truly:

By the way, suggesting your side has "real hitmen" as an implicit threat doesn't help your claim of being non-violent:

"Lawrence" who also attended the protest and was taken into custody expresses his concern about moles in their movement providing us information:

First, duh!

Second, it really isn't that hard to figure out what you all are up to, so don't flatter yourselves that this is an Operation Overlord sort of thing.

However, even in their own circle, people aren't especially happy with the publicity Hamilton has garnered for their movement:

Even Leigh Stuart apparently isn't happy:

Are we instigating civil insurrection that will lead to conflict? Fundamentally yes.
That's quite the admission Rick despite saying this earlier in the evening:

Oh, I suppose I should have mentioned that I grabbed the videos Boswick and Storie posted a couple of nights ago?

They really, really, hate when I do that. ;)

I might take their claims about the importance of their Aboriginal heritage (if they are indeed FNMI) more seriously if THEY took it more seriously, but when we see things like this....


and especially this....

We sort of have to call you on your shit.

Boswick (who, by the way, has a court appearance on Monday) and Storie posted two videos on June 17. The first is a little over 11 minuted before cutting out. The second over an hour. Suffice it to say they both seem deep in their cups by the end of their evening.

They spend time bragging about how much coverage their videos have received, not distinguishing positive attention from negative attention:

They seem especially pleased that conspiracy nutbar Alex Jones' "InfoWars" shared the video:

Given what happened with Alex Jones earlier in the day, I'm not so sure I'd be as thrilled to be associated with anything he's involved with:

Despite being there clearly as participants, they try to claim they were there as "journalists":

Of course, they suggest harassing and suing actual journalists that don't buckle to their demands to view them as "patriots" and not as the unhinged wackadoodles that they are:

They further suggest harassing people at a Toronto-area university:

This all culminates in an unhinged and angry rant by Boswick in which he, again, threatens to harass journalists:

Yeah.... that's not normal.

It also contradicts what he said about 40 minutes before (and several beers) before:

Now one of the reasons why Boswick and Storie claim they should be believed is because they evidently called 911. They suggest that they would never call 911 unless there was a serious reason:

I mean, they would never exaggerate, would they?

Literally like Christchurch?

So a guy who apparently enjoys participating in American Civil War reenactments is literally the same as a man who walked into two mosques and murdered 51 Muslim worshipers?

They really seem fixated on this issue:

I mean.... the DO know that they don't use live ammunition during Civil War reenactments, right?

While also speaking about the dangers inherent to membership in historical reenactment societies, they justify the assault of a young woman at the event which puts a further bit of tarnish on their claim to be the victims:

And talking about a counter-protester protecting another counter-protester from further physical harm as if that were a bad thing doesn't help:

Neither do references to a "racial war":

Finally, they delve into conspiracy theory and QAnon quackery:

I can't imagine how they think these two videos help them in any way.

but what do I know?

In the meantime, readers should know that the same individuals plan on being in Toronto to participate in Pegida's latest effort:

I do hope that the fine people of Toronto will show up to tell them that their views aren't welcome.

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