Saturday, August 31, 2013

Interesting Development Regarding Ally of Craig Cobb

The SPLC has run a story regarding Craig Cobb's efforts in North Dakota to take over a small hamlet and reshape as a "White Nationalist" haven. One of his biggest supporters is the founder of the relatively new White Nations web forum "Fred O'Malley" who was banned from VNN a while back (Cobb himself was banned shortly after). The SPLC has been able to identify "Fred" as Stanley Edward Diggs. And of course the recriminations and accusations of who is and who is not an informer, traitor, etc followed, something we plan on following up a little later.

One of the boneheads also managed to dig something up which, if true, is a story in and of itself.

More later.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Paul Fromm: Summer Instructor at Kamp Klan

Clockwise: Paul Fromm, Billy Roper,
Rachel Pendergraft, Thomas Robb
Some time ago we reported that Paulie, who lost his job as a teacher in 1997 and later had his certification stripped from him, would be in Arkansas in August 2013 to, in his words, teach a course to "students" attending a Ku Klux Klan seminar. Well, we suppose he didn't actually refer to it as a Klan seminar (the name given is the SOTC Training Institute), but given that it was organized and hosted by Thomas Robb, a man described as the national director of the KKK (at least the faction that David Duke organized in the 1970s who's leadership was followed by Don Black, a man with his own link to Canadian boneheads including Fromm) we think it's fair to refer to it as a Klan event. We actually like what others have described the event as though: Klan Kamp.

Paulie has been attending Klan events for a number of years now, though again he has always seemed to have been careful not to actually refer to these events as being hosted by the Klan. However since Paulie has become an active user of social media, that veil of respectability he has attempted to cultivate for himself since he became active in right-wing fringe politics in the late 1960s has crashed and burned, a fact that becomes readily apparent as one peruses the pages of this particular blog.

Regarding the Klan itself for example, Paulie has very nice things to say about the founder of the racist terrorist organization:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paulie Goes to Bat For Craig Cobb

So it seems the revelation that fugitive, neo-Nazi (er.... we mean Creator), bonehead, and all around douchebag Craig Cobb has his sights set on transforming a small North Dakota hamlet into his own little  Bergof isn't sitting well with the good folks of the state or his employer. Or, we should say ex-employer. Word is that Cobb has lost his job. Now given his tendency to shoot his mouth off, we suspect that his claims of being a model employee are a little self-serving. And despite his claim that he was fired for his political and/or religious beliefs, we also suspect that creating a hostile work environment for the non-white employes isn't necessarily a freedom of conscience issue.

Though that hasn't stopped Paulie from giving Cobb a platform:

So, referring to Craig Cobb, a man who wants to create a memorial park named after Hitler and install a Panzer tank in honor of the Nazi Wehrmacht AND who espouses an ideology of racial superiority and genocide that actually might be even more extreme than the actual Nazi Party as a neo-Nazi is a smear?

Paulie then proceeds to post an open letter written by Cobb urging supporters to action. It has been redacted for reasons that will be obvious:

Right. Because encouraging boneheads, some of whom will without a doubt threaten the former employer with some sort of physical retribution, is a great way to get your job back.

And asking a who's who of American boneheads, fascists, neo-Nazis, and.... well, suffice it to say one will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Well, perhaps Paulie is just protecting his investment? Cobb has offered him land in the future "Cobbville." Not sure if it is on Rudolf Hess Ave. or next to Matt Hale Park though.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Roméo Dallaire Not Speaking At Fatima Center Conference

BCL reported yesterday and it has been confirmed today that Roméo Dallaire will not be speaking at the Fatima Center in September. Apparently General Dallaire had no idea what kind of organization the Fatima Center was and when it was made clear that the organization was one of the largest antisemitic groups in North America he wanted no part of it.

Hey, even good people make mistakes.

But now, given his invitation to speak, we have to wonder if Roberto Fiore who has been convicted of offenses linked to terrorism will be allowed to enter Canada?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Craig Cobb's Big Plans

Hey, Tomasz. You should pay attention to this story.

You too Paulie. 

Cobb in Vancouver not long
after being deported from Estonia
We haven't written a lot about Craig Cobb since his arrest and his subsequent flight from Canada a few years ago, aside from his rather disconcerting effort to get him some lov'n. But Crusty the Cobb has been busy. For starters, he has re-established Podblanc. If our readers need a reminder, Podblanc is sort of the racist version of YouTube. Many of the videos Cobb created and posted to his site were those in which he presented himself as a reporter. He then proceeded to ask questions rife with racial epithets designed not to elicit thoughtful responses but anger from the target (for example, as Rosa Parks' body was lying in state in Washington D.C., Cobb informed visitors waiting in line to pay their respects that she was a, "shitskinned communist" and that he was celebrating Parks death). In fact, Cobb often makes nasty little comments about the appearance of his targets, which makes it rather ironic that he seems so thin-skinned when the roles are reversed:

But that's not all. Cobb has decided to fulfill the wishes of many "White Nationalists" including our own Tomasz Winnicki by attempting to create a bonehead utopia, Turns out a little over a year ago Cobb started buying property in a little North Dakota hamlet:

Paulie? Hmmmm, interesting. Then again it's not as if Paulie and Cobb don't have a history together:

Our readers might have noted that Cobb is banned on VNN. More on that in a future article that we're sure is bound to come up sooner rather than later. 

Today, the msm caught wind of the story:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ron Paul, a Neo-Fascist, and The Birchers Are Coming to Canada

A while back we began wondering where Andrew Benson ended up.

Our readers remember who Andrew Benson is, right?

Whenever one of the folks we've paid attention to in the past falls off our radar, we become a little curious to see where they've ended up. Sometimes they are in prison. Other times they've rejected racism and have tried to make themselves useful human beings. And in the case of Andrew Benson, a man who before he identified with racist boneheads had tried to ingratiate himself to radical Marxists, he tries to reinvent himself again.

So the one time communist, then fascist, is now a libertarian:

Request for information

Someone left a message to inform us that we were to be sent something. Nothing has arrived so we would ask that person to please try again.

UPDATE: Got it. Thanks for that.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don Andrews: Nothing If Not Persistent

Summertime and the livin' is easy!

We have to admit that the blog has not be a primary focus for our members. Life has gotten in the way in the best possible way and we've been just having way too much fun. As such we really haven't been interested in allowing the miserable excuses for humanity that we cover here to harsh our mellow.

Then, this evening, one of our members doing a pretty routine check of bonehead websites noticed this on the Nationalist Party of Canada's website:

And, as is clear by the following article, we weren't the first to catch this brainfart by the city of Regina:
Regina duped by white supremacy group 
The city agreed to a request by the Nationalist Party of Canada to proclaim a week in Oct. "European Heritage Week"CBC News  Posted: Aug 20, 2013 6:47 PM CST 
The mayor of Regina has cancelled a proclamation to declare a week in October "European Heritage Week" after he says he was fooled by a white supremacy group. 
The group called Nationalist Party of Canada put in a request in July.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Responding to Hate Speech With More Hate Speech? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

Yesterday we received a tip about someone we had never heard of. As we were busy with another project we didn't get to it in a timely manner. Seems we should have paid more attention.

Meet Wendy Sullivan. Warren Kinsella knows more about her than we do, but suffice it to say she isn't a very pleasant person.

The reason why we are paying attention now is as a result of this recent tweet:

Nice, eh? Actually her tweet may be in response to this particular story which, as BCL and other sources not is being rightfully being investigated as a hate crime (truth be told, we dropped the ball here by not covering this story, something we plan on rectifying).

That is the proper way to handle hate speech. What is not a proper way to handle this is calling for the murder of Muslims.

Bernie Farber called her out on this tweet and eventually Ms. Sullivan heeded his council and sent it down the memory hole:

While it's good that she saw the wisdom of removing the offending tweet, it's not as if whimsically advocating the killing of Muslims is a new thing. We decided to take a look at some of her previous tweets covering about a week, starting on August 7.

Here is a sample:

Sigh. So much dumb.

This is of course this irony. IF Ms. Sullivan's missive directed at Muslims was a result of Elias Hazineh's hate speech, then she might be interested to know that Hazineh is, in fact, a Christian.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

REAL Women of Canada Support Russian and Ugandan Anti-Homosexual Laws

Imagine if you will ladies and gentlemen a country where a law was recently passed making it illegal for Christians to proselytize. More than that, the law made it illegal for Christians to speak favourably about their views. Any outward expression of their religious views, such as wearing a crucifix, was also illegal and subject to heavy fines and a prison sentence if convicted (and be sure there would be a conviction). Hell, you could be arrested and upon conviction be sentenced to years in prison even if you were not a Christian simply for voicing your support for the right of Christians to practice their faith.

Such places, such as Saudi Arabia, do exist. These countries are rightly condemned by human rights organizations for the gross and systematic violations of human rights (not just of Christians, by the way, but other religions as well as the Shia branch of Islam if we're going to continue to use Saudi Arabia as an example). Conservative evangelicals, people we here rarely agree with on this blog, also rightfully condemn the treatment of Christian minorities in these countries. So you could imagine our shock and surprise when REAL Women of Canada, a Christian evangelical and anti-feminist group, chastised the Canadian government for taking a stand supporting human rights and basic human decency:
"According to the culture and the religion of, you know, Uganda it's not a human rights issue. You can't imply that every country has to take our human rights issues and plunk it down in another country. And particularly when you're spending all that taxpayers' money to implement a standard which is not that of that country," [Gwendolyn Landolt] said.
What surprises us most is the moral relativism of the above statement, a philosophical point-of-view anathema to conservative Christians. That she would leave Christians in Uganda twisting in the....

Wait. Uganda?

Uhm, perhaps we should read the next paragraph?
When asked about reports that Uganda has considered the death penalty as punishment for having homosexual relations, Landolt said, "It may be unwise by Western standards, but who are we to interfere in a sovereign country?"

So the story isn't about the persecution of Christians in the Arab world, something that Ms. Landolt and REAL Women would undoubtedly be concerned about. It's about the persecution of homosexuals in Russia and Uganda by by Christians (Orthodox in Russia and primarily evangelical in Uganda) for which REAL Women are A-OK with.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

McCorkell and Love Update

A week ago we published an article noting the link between Malcolm Ross and the late Robert McCorkell (McCorkill), at least regarding the estate. The main focus of the article was the injunction obtained by Isabelle McCorkill (Robert's surviving sister) which has temporarily blocked the distribution of the estate outside New Brunswick; the sister is challenging the bequest, which extends until the trial, on policy grounds. It seems likely that other interested parties will intervene in support of Ms. McCorkill's efforts. Below is a copy of the injunction:

Also, a few days ago Brad Love's bail was revoked and as a result was sent back to jail. Paulie's take on the matter seems a bit melodramatic:

Malevolent State Revokes Brad Love's Bail -- Letter Writing Political Prisoner Heads Back to Prison

So what's the deal?

Earlier this week, inveterate letter writing Brad Love flew back to Ontario to turn himself in -- on Thursday. His bail has been summarily revoked after the death of his mother, who was his surety.

Mr. Love is appealing his conviction last year and 18-month sentence for "breach of probation." The lengthy probation gag resulted from his 2003 conviction under Canada's notorious "hate law", Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code. At the culmination of a series of escalating conditions, Mr. Justice Hogg (no kidding) forbad him to write to anybody, without their consent. In 2009, Mr. Love sent four packages of writings and clippings to a number of Toronto Jewish groups, having phoned and obtained their consent. This was not good enough, Last year for Ontario Court Justice Kelly Wright who said that their had not been informed consent convicted Mr. Love and sentenced him to a further 18 months in prison.

We should note that this issue appears to be separate from his more recent legal problems in Fort McMurray.

The rest of Paule's missive contains the usual rhetoric, including the claim that the letters were not of a violent nature and that Love is a political prisoner.

Given what we've learned about the letters Love has sent, Paulie and we have very different understandings about what, "not violent" means.