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The Terrible Twos

Online for two years now. Given the events of the last month, we think it would be greedy to ask for yet another birthday gift. However, a dear friend sent us a picture that, given the police are still looking for McKee, is very appropriate:

And just for fun, we would like to leave our dear readers, especially those who have some historical background knowledge, the following question:

Isn't it just a bit ironic that RN is quoting text from, "The Catechism of a Revolutionary" written by Sergei Nechaev and Mikhail Bakunin?

Aryan Guard Collapse Fallout and Aftermath Part III: Backbiting and Threats

Earlier we mentioned how the Aryan Guard, which claimed to have disbanded in the middle of the week, has decided to ride out the storm. In reality, the old guard of the racist gang have likely moved on and it's the younger, more violent, less intelligent (if that is at all possible) members have taken over. What is most interesting is that at least some Aryan Guard members appear to be in contact with Kyle McKee, currently being sought on attempted murder charges. On his Facebook page, it looks like McKee has provided access information to an ally and is in communication with that person:

So, who is in contact with McKee? We're sure the police would be very interested, Natalie.

When it comes to the decision not to disband the Aryan Guard, Bill Noble has decided to address some questions, including suggestions that he take over leadership of the gang:

Noble is trying to sound conciliatory, however there is a great deal of animosity in the ranks of the former Aryan Guard. One young member and Marleau discuss the issue briefly on Facebook:

One of the people he's talking about, at least in part, is Noble:

However, that doesn't stop others from calling Marleau out, as evidenced by his further need to respond to accusations:

Marleau also addresses the issue of the "White Pride" march that he claims is still being planned and the issue of who is real and loyal:

But, just so our readers don't think that this is a squabble occurring only within the ranks of the broken Aryan Guard, we would point to the fact W.E.B. has decided to weigh in. Tyler Sturrup (one of the targets of the pipe bomb attack), using Robert Reitmeier's Stormfront account, posted the following statement:

We especially enjoy his statement that, "W.E.B word is law" considering the intellectual abilities of the W.E.B. brain trust. Case in point, Sturrup (pictured along with Reitmeier) spent months in jail, missing the March 21, 2009 White Pride fiasco. Why was he in jail? Because he stole a lobster from a Chinese grocer then pulled a box cutter on the person who stopped him. And why did he try to steal a lobster? He had stolen another earlier in the day and wanted to watch the two fight in his bath tub.

Genius, he ain't.

And if anyone thinks that the members of W.E.B. will be able to organize getting out of bed on time, never mind a march through the streets of Calgary, the former Aryan Guard don't have a hell of a lot of faith in them either to do something "useful" like "bomb a synagogue of muslim temple [sic]":

To which a nervous Marleau replies:

We're sure they do, but so do we, so we'll share your concerns with the our readership.

In all honesty, there is reason to be concerned. Back biting within the remnants of the Aryan Guard with the new "leadership" taking a decidedly violent and threatening tone, all the while in a conflict with the equally violent W.E.B. gang. Both groups claim they will take their, "activism" to the streets and off the Internet. Both groups have people who have been charged with and/or convicted of numerous crimes, including assault and attempted murder. Both groups have stated they will begin targeting minorities in the city of Calgary.

The police need to step up and deal with these people before someone is seriously injured or killed. McKee was building pipe bombs and amassing a supply of weapons. There's no reason to doubt that others in both gangs have done the same. And while their violence might take the form of targeting one another, we do fear for any innocents caught in the cross fire.

We had been warning people about the Aryan Guard (and the splinter gang, W.E.B. soon after we became aware of it) for years. We were right about them. Now, we're warning that the danger has not decreased and, in fact, may very well escalate.

Put these people away.

Paulie Feeling a Little Stress

This hasn't been a great couple of days for Paul Fromm. On Thursday of this past week while attending and "helping" with Terry Tremaine's defense in his hate crimes trial, he was taken out and questioned by the police regarding Kyle McKee and if he had any knowledge of his whereabouts. We've reported on that. However, on returning to the courtroom, he got an earful from the judge:

Former university lecturer in court to schedule date for hearing on charge of promoting hatred

By Leader-Post staff

November 27, 2009

REGINA — Former university lecturer Terrence Cecil Tremaine made a brief Regina Provincial Court appearance on Thursday to schedule a date for the completion of his preliminary hearing on a charge of promoting hatred.

The 61-year-old also learned Victoria lawyer Doug Christie — who told the court he has, to date, been paying out of his own pocket — will receive funding from the province as court-appointed counsel.

The hearing, which began in October and was adjourned to this week, will now continue on March 8. Four days are set aside that week in the hopes that the hearing will wrap up at that time.

Judge Bruce Henning will then have to decide whether the Crown has sufficient evidence to proceed to trial at Court of Queen's Bench.

Details from the preliminary hearing can't be reported because of a court-imposed publication ban.

On Thursday, far-right activist, Paul Fromm with the Canadian Association for Free Expression, drew criticism from Crown prosecutor John Stoesser for allegedly breaching conditions of that ban through an Internet posting. Fromm has been present in the courtroom gallery throughout much of the hearing.

Henning reminded Fromm about the publication ban. The judge said he'd leave it up to the Crown to decide whether to pursue contempt charges, and advised Fromm to speak to a lawyer if he has any questions or concerns.

Two years ago, Fromm made the news himself when he was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in damages for defamatory Internet postings against an Ottawa anti-racism campaigner.

Helping Christie? You mean like when he helped Bahr, Ouwendyk, Tremaine, Beaumont during his CHRT hearings, and a host of others. Down. In. Flames.

Paulie is also lamenting the problems of his friend, Holocaust denying, "historian" David Irving:

Historian David Irving's Tour Dogged by Thugs, Harassment and Sabotage

On Monday, November 23, historian David Irving, completed a six-week, multi-city speaking and book tour which took him across the U.S. and covered more than 15,000. The Chicago meeting was a near riot, as free speech fanatics who had dogged him in many cities, hacked his website, stole the names of some of his supporters, tried to storm into a restaurant assaulting supporters and trying to hurl paint on his books.

In Chicago, the quick thinking of his assistant and organizer Jaenelle Antas [to whom Irving isn't always very nice and pictured with Fromm on the left], saved the day. She detected several unsavoury types lurking around the venue. She called the police. In the meantime, about a dozen goons with faces covered with bandanas, tried unsuccessfully to storm the restaurant meeting room. She slammed and locked the door. Frustrated goons slugged a few of David Irving's supporters and then a half dozen of the book banners were arrested. The meeting went on without hitch.

The week of November 16, cyberterrorists hacked David Irving's website, crashed it and learned the venue of meetings in New Jersey and New York City,. Needless to say, threatening phone calls soon persuaded the hotel or hall owners to abandon the traditions of a land that once prided itself on freedom of speech, and cancel the meetings. Other venues were found. In New York City, a last minute change of venue cost Mr. Irving a number of attendees. Still masked thugs, variously identified as JDO (Jewis Defence Organization), One People's Project and ARA (Anti-Racist Action) tried to enter the meeting room until expelled by hotel security. They pepper sprayed Miss Antas and maced a lawyer who was attending Mr. Irving's meeting.

David Irving is the author of several dozen best selling books on World War II and is widely hated by the Holocaust Lobby for his probing questions about some of the dogmas of this new state religion. Zionist lobby efforts have had him banned from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Along the way, mass complaints got Mr,. Irving's American Express and PayPal accounts cancelled. If the slimy cowards harassing him would ever show their faces out of the ooze that surrounds them, they could be subject to a major lawsuit for conspiracy to deny Mr. Irving hia civil rights.-- Paul Fromm

Wait. Mr. Free Speech said this? speech fanatics who had dogged him in many cities, hacked his website, stole the names of some of his supporters...

Oh, we see. They're free speech fanatics when they do something he doesn't like. We get it now.

Of course, the threat of sanctions for talking about the Tremaine trail isn't about to stop Paulie. We don't know if this is actionable, and we suspect it isn't, but the boy just can't keep his pie hole shut:

Hey, under the picture of Doud Christie, is that Billy Roper? As in the founder of yet another violent racist gang, White Revolution? Why yes, it is! And what does Billy ask?

Of course one would hope that "cultural homogeneity" is pc code for GENETIC homogeneity, since a nation of mulattos who can quote Shakespeare and play the classical violin are still, at base, just mullatos.

Well, perhaps Mr. Christie will have the answer to Billy's question written down:

Er, you misspelled, "Afghan" Dougie.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aryan Guard Collapse Fallout and Aftermath Part II: Second Thoughts?

These boys are batty as hell and can't seem to make up their minds. A few days ago they said they were disbanding. Now they're claiming that they're sticking around after all:

Sounds like they aren't even bothering with the pretense of being non-violent now. Well, at least that's truth in advertising.

Bill Noble explains the change of heart in the Aryan Guard forum:

Color us suspicious, though we had recently heard rumblings that the Aryan Guard planned on continuing, albeit quietly and under the radar for a time.

And Noble saying that he was giving up control of the website and forum to the new leadership strikes us as interesting since he also says he's going to maintain it. And that he's the person who pays the bills.

Now, given the rather strident language of the retraction of the disbandment, we wonder how long this new incarnation of the Aryan Guard will last? We don't think it'll make it a year. And considering the name of the Aryan Guard is now synonymous with "pipe bombs" and "attempted murder" we wonder how much tolerance "good Calgarians" will have for the group now?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aryan Guard Collapse Fallout and Aftermath Part I

Sadly, we were premature when we reported that McKee may have been captured. However, it wont be long.

We are concerned however, that McKee might not plan on being arrested quietly. Bill Noble wrote the following status update on Facebook:

The friend with the big heart would likely be McKee (and who can think the dumb one is anyone other than Marleau). What concerns us is the part describing an, "impromptu ride to Valhalla." Does McKee, who's known to have guns, plan on going down in what only a bonehead would think an honorable way; a gun fight? Speculation, but to those who come across McKee, be they civilians or police, be careful.

Marleau seems to think he can pick up where he left off. He was back posting on Blood and Honour forums not long after he was released. He did mention the incident in a post and tried to pass himself off as someone who is blameless:

Bill Noble, however, seems to think there might be a reason why Marleau was released. Try to decipher the subtle visual hint that tells us that Noble believes Marleau may have sang to the police to save his own hide:

And it looks like Marleau's status as a proud member of Combat 18 might be on shaky ground:

Now, we've been receiving numerous comments of a threatening nature directed at Marleau. Most of them coming from his side of the ledger. We won't publish them, and believe us when we say they are pointed and specific in what the person leaving the comment would like to do to Marleau, for two main reasons:
  1. It's probably illegal.
  2. They're being posted by Nazis, so fuck 'em.
Oh, and as for Marleau being cleared and charged dropped, we have a sneaking suspicion, given that he's not allowed to leave the city despite his desperate efforts to do so, that Marleau is totally in the clear.

The Aryan Guard was not alone in the city and while it's destruction was inevitable, there is at least one more group, albeit small, that needs to be dealt with. W.E.B. is not poised to become the group that disaffected youths gravitate to, and they might actually be worse than the Aryan Guard. Robert Reitmeier, himself charged with attempted murder in 2006 (charges appear to have been stayed) and the victim of a shooting in what is believed to be a criminal business deal gone very badly, posts the following on Stormfront:

So on the downside, we have a group, more violent than the Aryan Guard, who plan on continuing the "White Pride" marches that have given the city of Calgary a bad name. On the plus side, the brain trust of W.E.B. make the members of the Aryan Guard look like Rhodes' Scholars. Tyler Sturrup is in and out of jail. The members of W.E.B. are viewed with even greater disdain by others in the White Power movement in Canada due their association with the drug trade and petty crime. And as for Reitmeier, well, why don't we remind you what this paragon of Aryan pride is all about:

And yes, those are tattoos on his face. You'd be forgiven if you thought that they were drawn on his face with a Sharpie marker shaky hand and that no human could be stupid enough to mutilate himself like this. Clearly, you don't know Robert Reitmeier.

We give them a year before they go the way of the Aryan Guard.

Finally, we had mentioned that Paul Fromm, by his encouragement and tacit support of the Aryan Guard and their activities, bore some responsibility for the damage done by this group and by the splinter group W.E.B. Many of the people involved in both groups are children and Fromm, a former teacher, had a moral responsibility as an adult and former teacher to say that their behavior was unacceptable. He didn't do that. Now, Paulie is faced with the consequences.

Paulie is in Regina right now for Terry Tremaine's trial. He posted the following on his Facebook page:

But in what is so typical of Paulie, when asked who McKee is, Paulie can't even be bothered to get McKee's name right:

Smooth Paulie, smooth.

Think Paulie will attend a W.E.B. organized "White Pride march? Stormfront moderator OdinPatrick certainly isn't deterred:

McKee in Custody?

Unconfirmed reports from a reliable source state that McKee has been taken into custody. We'll provide confirmation when or if it becomes available.

UPDATE: Looks like we might have jumped the gun. McKee is still being hunted.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aryan Guard: Who Is Responsible?

We're under no illusions that just because the Aryan Guard has disbanded that this will spell the end of the neo-Nazi threat in Calgary and the surrounding area. Individual members may have scattered, but they're still a problem. Bill Noble is still free. John Marleau, likely feeling like a walking target, is still on the streets. Members of W.E.B. still need to be dealt with. And the teenagers and other young people drawn into the Aryan Guard still have to be addressed.

However, at this point we would like to ask the question, "who is responsible?"

When we decide to apportion responsibility for the growth of the Aryan Guard and the poisonous influence that it has had on youth within Calgary and the surrounding area, we can point to a number of individuals; the "adults" within the Aryan Guard such as McKee, Noble, Price, Marleau and others certainly are at fault for warping the minds of the youth who came under their influence. However, we would also suggest another individual as being responsible. A man, viewed with respect in the Canadian White Power movement, who was once a teacher and in a position of authority over teens.

We believe that Paul Fromm (pictured on the left alongside former Klansman, Louisiana State senator, and convicted felon David Duke) has a great deal to answer for. While perhaps not criminally responsible, his encouragement of the Aryan Guard and their tactics regarding the recruitment of children into the gang's ranks certainly makes him morally responsible for much of the chaos that has resulted from the gang's three years of existence. Here are but a few of the encounters that Paulie had with the Aryan Guard over the past three years of the gang's existence. We would ask our readers to consider they would want a man such as this teaching their own children:

Maybe his friends in the speechie movement might want to question Paulie's judgment?

We won't hold out collective breath.

Paul Fromm, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Run Forest, Run! McKee Running Scared

It's only a matter of time that McKee will be brought into custody. And now they know how he's traveling:

Wanted skinhead gives Mounties the shake
Last Updated: 25th November 2009, 7:25pm

Kyle Robert McKee, a Neo-Nazi wanted for attempted murder in connection with a bombing, was stopped in Saskatchewan today but managed to escaped Mounties.

Police say McKee, 24, who is wanted on Canada-wide warrants for attempted murder, was parked in a truck with a 17-year-old on a gravel road south of Regina about 2 p.m. when RCMP conducting a traffic stop approached the vehicle.

He identified himself and showed his Alberta driver’s license.

But when the Mountie returned to his vehicle to run his name, McKee and the youth sped away.

They were last seen southbound on Hwy. 6.

McKee’s vehicle is a red 1996 Dodge Dakota with Alberta plate TEB 713 and had several items in the back that were covered by a blue tarp.

Luggage was seen in the cab of the truck and other personal items were behind the seat.

McKee, 24, faces two counts of attempted murder, possessing, making or controlling explosives, and possession of a weapon or imitation for a dangerous purpose in connection with a targeted bomb attack in northeast Calgary last Saturday.

RCMP in Portrage la Prairie, Man. arrested a 17-year-old who is also charged in the connection.

McKee is white, 5-foot-9 and 140 lb. with a slim build.

He has blue eyes and has a shaved head.

Anyone with information about McKee’s whereabouts is asked to call police at 911, 403-266-1234, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Sure, we're disappointed the police missed an opportunity, but we aren't going to do any hand wringing about it. It's now known basically where he is. It's known what he's driving. And it's not exactly as if a neo-Nazi will be able to blend in with prairie farmers all that easily.

McKee will be captured. It's only a matter of time.

We are interested in the 17 year old. When McKee started dating Natalie, we were surprised since, as someone who was 18, she was a little long in the tooth for Kyle who normally likes his ladies just out of Junior High. So we wonder if he's picked himself up a new little Frau for the road?

Anyways, everyone be patient. McKee isn't smart enough to keep hiding. They'll get him. If not within a few days, he'll be picked up sometime down the road.

Keep running little rabbit. The hounds are after you.

UPDATE: Looks like the 17 year old is another male. We believe that individual may be R. The 17 year old charged in connection to the attempted murder may be J.

In Non Aryan Guard Related News, Guille and the CHA Concede

Well, perhaps she didn't actually verbalize it, but given that Melissa Guille and the Canadian Heritage Alliance have dropped their constitutional challenge to section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, we think this constitutes a concession.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So, Does This Mean There's Not Going to Be a "White Pride" March This Spring

Interesting what a great deal of bad press will do.

We had heard that the Aryan Guard, despite their public bravado, were hurting badly. The bombing seems to have finally killed it. The following screen shot comes directly from their website:

The Aryan Guard: 2006 - 2009. It will not be missed, nor mourned.

Interesting how they throw Marleau under the bus. To be fair, he is the main cause for this whole thing even if he isn't charged. The decision to disband would have been Bill Noble's decision, as he ran the website.

Now, just because the Aryan Guard is no more, that doesn't mean we're done. We still have the individual members. McKee is still on the loose. Marleau is still dragging his fat ass around Calgary. There are the members of W.E.B. whom we'll now focus more on. And, of course, there's Bill Noble, a man who should be in prison for violating the terms of his parole the moment he was in a position to do so.

Still, we told you all the Aryan Guard would collapse.

And we were right. Again.

The Mainstream Media is Starting to Get It, But....

Looks like the mainstream media is trying to catch up to us now when discussing the threat posed by the Aryan Guard to Calgarians:

Neo-Nazis not so harmless
Calgary blast ignites concerns

The Calgary Sun

Scorched bricks and a parking lot full of pennies and bent nails.

If anything should serve as a wake-up call to the cancer in Calgary's midst, it's this: The remnants of two homemade pipe bombs that exploded harmlessly in a northeast parking lot.

Harmless -- that is, if you didn't own one of the cars peppered with shrapnel when the pipe bombs detonated just after dawn on Saturday, the blasts echoing through the sleepy townhouse complex on Rundlehorn Drive.

Those living in the Pineridge Greene Apartments were jolted awake, and so too should Calgary: The bombs, say police, were planted by members of a local neo-Nazi group, called the Aryan Guard.

Aryan Guard founder Kyle "Pitbull" McKee and a 17-year-old rookie member of the white-power group are facing charges of attempted murder.

And so, a group that once seemed more silly than sinister is now linked to sophisticated weapons, which could have easily killed, if a male resident of the target townhouse hadn't hurled the bombs into the parking lot.

If there is a bright side to this queasy turn of events, it's that the attack wasn't racially motivated -- it was either an internal Aryan Guard squabble or a romance turned sour, depending on who you ask.

The 29-year-old woman living in the townhouse says she has nothing to do with the neo-Nazis, and was targeted because she spurned the advances of a senior Aryan Guard member, who is "best friends" with the accused.

"He's stalking me," said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous.

But police investigators issued a statement stating both the bombers and the victims are white supremacists: "The victims in this case know the offenders and share similar beliefs and values."

Either way, Calgary is lucky.

In Europe, neo-Nazis have killed people with similar devices, trying to further their demented cause.

No one was hurt in this attack, but if the police allegations against McKee and his junior sidekick are proven in court, it shows just how far radical members of Calgary's white-power brigade are willing to go.

Sources say police found enough evidence in the suspects' homes to convince them the bombs were not a one-off experiment either. And so, the question must be asked, who were they arming themselves against?

If you're a visible minority, or of a non-Christian religion, or just a Calgarian who believes in a world where all people are equal, the answer is chilling.

To read McKee's online chat with other neo-Nazis -- most recently where he makes jokes about the anti-Semitic graffiti spree in Calgary -- is to glimpse a twisted mind.

This is the same McKee interviewed by this writer back in 2005, when backlash over his display of a Nazi flag from a Kitchener, Ont., apartment balcony prompted him to say he was moving to Calgary.

That, in turn, prompted Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier to tell him to stay home.

"We don't welcome anti-Semitism and we don't welcome any group that intends to promote hatred against anyone," said Bronconnier. "Stay home."

Unfortunately, McKee didn't stay in Ontario, and while he failed to find the thriving Utopia of intolerance and racism he'd envisioned, he found a handful of equally narrow-minded souls.
They established the Aryan Guard.

Until this weekend's bombing, the Guard was more embarrassing to Calgary than truly scary, with an annual "white pride" march through downtown their main claim to fame.

But if the police charges are right, it's clear something more sinister has been taking place behind the scenes, hidden from public view.

Make no mistake, this isn't something clever or crafty -- any fool can go online and find detailed instructions on how build an effective pipe bomb.

But it takes a special kind of sick to actually construct such a device, and a murderous heart to leave it on the doorstep of a home, fuse burning.

McKee and his partner may end up in jail, if they're found guilty of attempted murder. But there are others who will take their place, if hate and racism are tolerated in Calgary.

The bombs were harmless this time -- but Calgary has had its warning shot.

We're happy that Mr. Platt (thank you for using ARC as a source for your article, by the way) and figures in the mainstream media are now going to take the Aryan Gauard, and we hope the splinter group W.E.B., seriously now and are encouraging the authorities to view the threat as seriously. However, we have to take issue with part of this article:

Until this weekend's bombing, the Guard was more embarrassing to Calgary than truly scary, with an annual "white pride" march through downtown their main claim to fame.

But if the police charges are right, it's clear something more sinister has been taking place behind the scenes, hidden from public view.

"Until this weekend's bombing"? So until this happened, the Aryan Guard were merely a quirky sub-culture on the streets of Calgary?

Tell that to the Japanese woman assaulted by a member of the Aryan Guard in August 2008.

Tell that to Bonnie and Jason Devine and their children who have been subjected to three attacks on their home and family: first a firebomb, next graffiti, and most recently a brick through a window and more graffiti.

Tell that to the other people who have been assaulted but who didn't file a report for fear of reprisal. And Tell that to the anti-racists who were assaulted during this past spring's "White Pride" march. Aryan Guard and W.E.B. members were photographed assaulting anti-racists. The police did nothing.

Tell that to the people who frequent the Jewish centre that was vandalized.

Tell that to the people of colour who were physically intimidated by members of the Aryan Guard on the C-Train.

Tell that to the people complaining about members of the Aryan Guard flagrantly violating the terms of their release (Bill Noble, for example) an the police doing nothing about it, thus emboldening Aryan Guard members who then escalate their criminal activities. Like, oh we don't know, creating bombs.

We've been TELLING people these truths for years. Now they finally appear to be listening.

Better late than never.

Now, once McKee and the "unnamed" minor are captured, will that be the end? Will the media and the police ignore the remainder of the Aryan Guard and W.E.B. members as they gear up for reprisal attacks?

We ask Calgarians, and all Canadians, to hold the police and the media to the fire. Don't let them become complacent again.

UPDATE 1: One captured. McKee is still being sought.

Neo-Nazi bombing suspect nabbed
Last Updated: 24th November 2009, 10:05am

One of two suspects wanted in connection with the detonation of homemade bombs at a northeast apartment complex has been arrested.

Mounties in Portage la Prairie, Man., have arrested a 17-year-old youth, on warrants for attempted murder, possessing, making or controlling explosives, and possession of a weapon or imitation for a dangerous purpose, say Calgary police.

The teen, who can't be named under provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was nabbed while getting off a bus in the Manitoba town last night at 6:15 p.m.

Saturday's detonation of two homemade bombs is thought to be linked to infighting between associates of a neo-Nazi group active in Calgary.

The founder of hate group Aryan Guard, 24-year-old Kyle Robert McKee, is the second suspect in the bombing and remains at large with warrants on the same charges.

He is described as 5-ft.-9, 140 lbs., with a slim build, blue eyes and shaved head.

Monday, November 23, 2009

We've Learned Who Was Targetted By the Aryan Guard

We once said that if you're a racist who is afraid that you'll be victimized by someone of a different ethnicity and you join a racist gang for support and protection, that you are far more likely to be victimized by the members of the racist gang than you are any member of a minority group you happen upon on the street.

This is a case in point.

Already the media has suggested that the target of the attack was someone known to the Aryan Guard members and shared their beliefs. Today, we learned who the male and female targets were. And while we will not share the name of the woman, we have no problem sharing the name of the male.

Tyler Sturrup (in the profile picture to the left of Robert Reitmeier) states that he was the one who was targeted on his Facebook profile.

What concerns us is the statement by the first person to comment who suggested that he take reprisals. That individual, Dustyn Johnson, was marching publicly with the Aryan Guard as recently as their unwelcome involvement in the pro-Gaza rally in January. He was also photographed sieg heiling with Kyle McKee on a number of occasions.

Sturrup, who marched along side the Aryan Guard on March 21, 2008, is a member of the Aryan Guard splinter group, W.E.B. Apparently the split occurred because some Aryan Guard members felt that not enough "proactive" (read: violent) actions were being taken. In most of the pictures of the last "White Pride" march from spring 2009 where racists were seen attacking people, the individuals committing the violent acts are members of W.E.B.

Well, it looks like the Aryan Guard has taken some direct action itself.

Sturrup himself is no stranger to law enforcement having been arrested on numerous occasions. In fact, and only as of a few months ago, Sturrup was serving a sentence for what we've been led to believe was B&E.

Now, the question is will the police nip what could be the beginnings of another gang war in Calgary?

Ironically, the person who Sturrup is photographed with in this article, Robert Reitmeier, was himself charged with attempted murder in 2006.

As of the publishing of this article. we don't yet know where McKee is and the police are still looking. We noticed that McKee's girlfriend, "Natalie Sonne" who had subscribed to our blog and was writing, poorly, a blog in opposition to our own has blocked her blog from being accessed by anyone other than invited guests (gee, we wonder why?). By the way Nat, we know your real name now. You might be getting a call from the Dean of Arts soon, but we don't want to ruin the surprise.

Sadly, we also suspect we know the name of the minor who is being sought in connection to the crime. We hope that it's not him, but regardless of who it is and as we discussed with another individual, whoever it is he made a really poor choice as a youth which may now follow him the rest of his life.

As people are currently searching for Kyle McKee, we'll post some images of him to help in that search:

Oh, and to our new friend Affliction D, thanks for the message. We really enjoyed it. ;)

Investigative Update:

Investigators are now able to release the following details
with regards to the IED incident over the weekend.

- the victims in this case know the offenders and share
similar beliefs and values.
- there is no indication this incident is a hate crime or
- McKee is known to the Calgary Police Service, however, no
further details will be released.