Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aryan Guard Collapse Fallout and Aftermath Part I

Sadly, we were premature when we reported that McKee may have been captured. However, it wont be long.

We are concerned however, that McKee might not plan on being arrested quietly. Bill Noble wrote the following status update on Facebook:

The friend with the big heart would likely be McKee (and who can think the dumb one is anyone other than Marleau). What concerns us is the part describing an, "impromptu ride to Valhalla." Does McKee, who's known to have guns, plan on going down in what only a bonehead would think an honorable way; a gun fight? Speculation, but to those who come across McKee, be they civilians or police, be careful.

Marleau seems to think he can pick up where he left off. He was back posting on Blood and Honour forums not long after he was released. He did mention the incident in a post and tried to pass himself off as someone who is blameless:

Bill Noble, however, seems to think there might be a reason why Marleau was released. Try to decipher the subtle visual hint that tells us that Noble believes Marleau may have sang to the police to save his own hide:

And it looks like Marleau's status as a proud member of Combat 18 might be on shaky ground:

Now, we've been receiving numerous comments of a threatening nature directed at Marleau. Most of them coming from his side of the ledger. We won't publish them, and believe us when we say they are pointed and specific in what the person leaving the comment would like to do to Marleau, for two main reasons:
  1. It's probably illegal.
  2. They're being posted by Nazis, so fuck 'em.
Oh, and as for Marleau being cleared and charged dropped, we have a sneaking suspicion, given that he's not allowed to leave the city despite his desperate efforts to do so, that Marleau is totally in the clear.

The Aryan Guard was not alone in the city and while it's destruction was inevitable, there is at least one more group, albeit small, that needs to be dealt with. W.E.B. is not poised to become the group that disaffected youths gravitate to, and they might actually be worse than the Aryan Guard. Robert Reitmeier, himself charged with attempted murder in 2006 (charges appear to have been stayed) and the victim of a shooting in what is believed to be a criminal business deal gone very badly, posts the following on Stormfront:

So on the downside, we have a group, more violent than the Aryan Guard, who plan on continuing the "White Pride" marches that have given the city of Calgary a bad name. On the plus side, the brain trust of W.E.B. make the members of the Aryan Guard look like Rhodes' Scholars. Tyler Sturrup is in and out of jail. The members of W.E.B. are viewed with even greater disdain by others in the White Power movement in Canada due their association with the drug trade and petty crime. And as for Reitmeier, well, why don't we remind you what this paragon of Aryan pride is all about:

And yes, those are tattoos on his face. You'd be forgiven if you thought that they were drawn on his face with a Sharpie marker shaky hand and that no human could be stupid enough to mutilate himself like this. Clearly, you don't know Robert Reitmeier.

We give them a year before they go the way of the Aryan Guard.

Finally, we had mentioned that Paul Fromm, by his encouragement and tacit support of the Aryan Guard and their activities, bore some responsibility for the damage done by this group and by the splinter group W.E.B. Many of the people involved in both groups are children and Fromm, a former teacher, had a moral responsibility as an adult and former teacher to say that their behavior was unacceptable. He didn't do that. Now, Paulie is faced with the consequences.

Paulie is in Regina right now for Terry Tremaine's trial. He posted the following on his Facebook page:

But in what is so typical of Paulie, when asked who McKee is, Paulie can't even be bothered to get McKee's name right:

Smooth Paulie, smooth.

Think Paulie will attend a W.E.B. organized "White Pride march? Stormfront moderator OdinPatrick certainly isn't deterred:


Anonymous said...

Shit gets tough and John sings like a fuckin' canary. Suprising...not.
From what I can tell from the past Marleau has never been one for loyalty. Congrats John, because of your mouth you've gone from most of Calgary hating you to all of Calgary hating you. =)

Anonymous said...

There won't be a 'White Pride March' because WEB is a bunch of drug addicts who don't have two brain cells to rub together. If they do try, they will be arrested (if they aren't already back in jail to begin with)

Anonymous said...

I think your making yourselves look like fools by saying Paul pretended he didn't know kyle's name...As you can see he called him Lyle Mckee...the L is right next to K on the key board obviously he was typing too fast to notice the mistake...why play it off as otherwise?

Kurt Phillips said...

Actually we didn't imply that Paulie is pretending not to know McKee's name. We implied that he couldn't be bothered to remember. or that he couldn't be bothered to make sure he had the correct spelling.

Why would we "play if off" as we did? Because it fits the premise that Paulie is a doddering old fool.

More importantly, it was, and is, sort of funny.

There. And people claim we don't answer our critics. Bah!