26 November 2009

McKee in Custody?

Unconfirmed reports from a reliable source state that McKee has been taken into custody. We'll provide confirmation when or if it becomes available.

UPDATE: Looks like we might have jumped the gun. McKee is still being hunted.


Anonymous said...

No doubt that Kyle has this song on his iPod as he runs across the prairie provinces and back to Kitchener-Waterloo (where no shortage of folks are waiting to "welcome" him):


Anonymous said...

How about a rousing game of "Where's Wacko?" I can photoshop a stripey sweater on McKee in no time!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous2: ska's not Aryan enough for him.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it would be entertaining to have an online map that tracks his journey!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous4: How about this one?