Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Run Forest, Run! McKee Running Scared

It's only a matter of time that McKee will be brought into custody. And now they know how he's traveling:

Wanted skinhead gives Mounties the shake
Last Updated: 25th November 2009, 7:25pm

Kyle Robert McKee, a Neo-Nazi wanted for attempted murder in connection with a bombing, was stopped in Saskatchewan today but managed to escaped Mounties.

Police say McKee, 24, who is wanted on Canada-wide warrants for attempted murder, was parked in a truck with a 17-year-old on a gravel road south of Regina about 2 p.m. when RCMP conducting a traffic stop approached the vehicle.

He identified himself and showed his Alberta driver’s license.

But when the Mountie returned to his vehicle to run his name, McKee and the youth sped away.

They were last seen southbound on Hwy. 6.

McKee’s vehicle is a red 1996 Dodge Dakota with Alberta plate TEB 713 and had several items in the back that were covered by a blue tarp.

Luggage was seen in the cab of the truck and other personal items were behind the seat.

McKee, 24, faces two counts of attempted murder, possessing, making or controlling explosives, and possession of a weapon or imitation for a dangerous purpose in connection with a targeted bomb attack in northeast Calgary last Saturday.

RCMP in Portrage la Prairie, Man. arrested a 17-year-old who is also charged in the connection.

McKee is white, 5-foot-9 and 140 lb. with a slim build.

He has blue eyes and has a shaved head.

Anyone with information about McKee’s whereabouts is asked to call police at 911, 403-266-1234, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Sure, we're disappointed the police missed an opportunity, but we aren't going to do any hand wringing about it. It's now known basically where he is. It's known what he's driving. And it's not exactly as if a neo-Nazi will be able to blend in with prairie farmers all that easily.

McKee will be captured. It's only a matter of time.

We are interested in the 17 year old. When McKee started dating Natalie, we were surprised since, as someone who was 18, she was a little long in the tooth for Kyle who normally likes his ladies just out of Junior High. So we wonder if he's picked himself up a new little Frau for the road?

Anyways, everyone be patient. McKee isn't smart enough to keep hiding. They'll get him. If not within a few days, he'll be picked up sometime down the road.

Keep running little rabbit. The hounds are after you.

UPDATE: Looks like the 17 year old is another male. We believe that individual may be R. The 17 year old charged in connection to the attempted murder may be J.


Anonymous said...

Damn! I had $5.00 on him being busted today somewhere in B.C. The little bugger slipped away in Saskatchewan, so my bet no longer counts. McKee, stopp screwing around. You're losing me money by the day!

Anonymous said...

Fret not anon. I give him 24 hours, max.

Interesting, though:
I'm no expert, but that looks suspiciously like a Dodge Dakota. Don't think it's a '96, definitely looks more like an '06, Worth a second look or maybe just a coincidence worthy of an ironic chuckle?

Kurt Phillips said...

It was a fair guess on our part that it was a girl based on McKee's track record.

As for who J and R are, we wish we could say but we can't violate the criminal code. Suffice it to say they are both pictured, albeit their identities protected, on the pagesof this blog.