Thursday, August 28, 2014

Immigration Watch Canada Benign Name, Malignant Views

Meet Dan Murray, founder of Immigration Watch Canada:

This past April we posted a story concerning the efforts of Immigration Watch Canada to draw attention to what they claim as a "broken" immigration system. They did so in an especially dishonest way:

As we noted in our previous article, the bottom photo doesn't feature Brampton area Sikhs, nor does it depict Sikhs even living in Canada:
It might be important to note that Immigration Watch Canada couldn't even be bothered to include a picture of the Sikh community in Brampton that they are attacking. The photo, featuring Babu Singh Dukhiya, are of Indian nationals in India. None of them, so far as we can tell, are Canadian citiizens. Actual depictions of Sikh Canadians who have seamlessly integrated into Canadian society, such as the man in the photograph below donating blood at a Canadian Blood Service clinic and the the city councillor attending the opening of a new hospital, sort of doesn't fit with the nightmarish dystopian future they want people to envision as a result of immigration.
The phrase, "mainstream Canadians" is found on the poster and is echoed in the first paragraph of IWC website, though the word "population" replaces "Canadians" in this case:
Immigration Watch Canada is an organization of Canadians who believe that immigration has to serve the interests of its own citizens. It cannot be turned into a social assistance / job-finding program for people from other countries. It should never be a social engineering experiment that is conducted on Canada’s mainstream population in order to make it a minority.
Though they are attempting to present themselves as a group of citizens concerned about the levels of immigration to Canada, they reveal their cards pretty early in that "mainstream Canadian" = white/European Canadian.

This past Monday, IWC held a protest in front of  the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander's constituency office in Ajax, Ontario. The numbers were small and the message rather convoluted:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part IX (Aftermath)

It really is funny how things can turn on a dime. As early as August 18, Brodie Walsh was a member in good standing of the Southern Ontario "Skinheads," posing with his fellow boneheads as they model their latest t-shirts:

How come so many bonehead think that vacantly staring at
a camera is intimidating?
Oh, those were among the salad days of the SOS, a time when they were hopeful, naive, and ready to change the world. Or get drunk and beat up random people of color and excuse it as revolutionary activism. Either way, right?

But only two days later, things went a bit south. Very, very, south.

The reality is the SOS were, and still are, comprised of a bunch of ex cons and general fuck-ups so it isn't exactly a surprise that they would continue to fuck up. We have, however, been enjoying the very public nature of the implosion.

Our readers will have noticed that Max "Come At Me Bro!" Hynes posted the following two comments under the article in question:

brodie is out of the S.O.S, i fucking hate race traitors. i can deal with prior drug convictions but this is way over the line. That fucking piece of trash is out! He talked so much shit about how he was done with that life but i guess you can only go so far. that fucking goof is outof S.O.S!!!! 

brodie walsh is so stripped its not even funny!!

No Max, it is actually very funny.

The action wasn't confined to our little corner of the Interweb however. Walsh posted a comment on Facebook complaining about the article which he soon removed for what we think our readers will determine is an understandable reason:

Friday, August 22, 2014

Max and the SOS Don't Seem Happy

While we will provide a much more detailed article regarding the Southern Ontario "Skinhead" backlash to our previous post on Brodie Walsh's.... uhm.... indiscretion, we thought that for now this clip from the classic movie, "Airplane!" should suffice as a teaser since it best captures the subtle nuances of their reaction:

More to come later, though we would like to teach "pure German" Jeremy Crawford a new word first.

Schadenfreude: (noun) Pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part VIII (Nail in the Coffin)

Members of the Southern Ontario "Skinheads" keep giving us gold. It's as if they can't help making fools of themselves.

The latest entry in our "Stooges" series is once again Brodie Walsh:

See the really poorly executed "WaL$H" tattoo on Brodie's forearm? Remember it because you'l be seeing it again very shortly.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An SOS Bombshell?

Okay, that might be selling it a little too much. They are, after all, boneheads.

Be that as it may, we recently received some interesting photos taken in a public place of one Southern Ontario "Skinhead" member in what would constitute an awkward situation. Well, awkward if you're a bonehead.

We have to confirm things, but if it is who we are 99.99% certain that it is, take a look at our update tomorrow.

Lucy will have some 'spainin to do.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Jeff Goodall Withdraws Candidacy in Oshawa

A few days ago we published an article regarding former Edmund Burke Society member Jeff Goodall and his efforts to win a council seat in the upcoming Oshawa civic election. Former Nazi leader John Beattie, who is running for the position of deputy reeve in Minden, ON, really couldn't contain his glee. Aside from the fact that he continues to believe we are the ARA, Beattie doesn't seem to think that our coverage will result in an increase in Goodall's overall vote. While we sincerely doubt that to be the case, we're sure that our focus on Goodall did result in at least one Oshawa resident taking notice:

Hey, if you are comfortable with an endorsement from the Goudreau, have at 'er.

But it seems that Beattie might have counted his chickens a little bit. Not long after we published our Goodall article, Beattie posted a link to it on his Facebook profile giddy with excitement. That post in no longer found anywhere on his profile.

We think this might be why:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Ford Fest Fallout: Ron Banerjee Focus Of Criminal Complaint

Late last month we posted an article on an apparent assault during Ford Fest. Ron Banerjee, who has been featured on this blog as a result of his virulent Islamaphobia, is seen in a video with his hands around the throat of a protester at the event. Prior to this incident, Banerjee was caught on camera shouting at a group of LBGTQ protesters:

Go home faggots! Go fuck your…. Go suck a dick faggots!

Banergee can be heard saying the above homophobic slur in this video at 5:17.

Given the language used and the fact the protester Banerjee physically accosted was wearing a rainbow flag as a cape (though he himself was not gay), the incident could be reasonably viewed as being motivated by hatred towards LBGTQ people.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part VII

It would appear that McKee's Blood & Honour and Hynes' Southern Ontario "Skinheads" have decided to continue their little spat on our blog. Truth be told, we are more than pleased to facilitate their intellectual jousting, though referring to the bluff and bluster as "intellectual" might be to stretch the meaning of the word:

Ah, Max's "crew." On that note, it seems that our previous article in the "stooges" series featuring one of the latest recruits to Max's "crew" has turned out to be quite popular. And one of those who has taken notice is our superfan Tomasz "Still Lives in Mommy's Basement" Winnicki.

Winnicki and Hynes in fact know each other. Both were in attendance at a Pauli anti-immigrant protest back in 2010....

....and Winnicki attended the ill-fated White Pride march organized by Hynes back in 2012. So one might think that because of their ideological views and the fact they both live in the same city that perhaps Hynes and Winnicki support each other.

Well, that may not be the case.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another White Nationalist Running For Public Office: Jeff Goodall in Oshawa

We've gotten a lot of positive feedback regarding our SOS Stooges series. However, we have discovered that not all of our readers are fans:

We first wrote about Goodall when BCL noted that Ontario MPP Randy Hillier posted a link to an article on Goodall's blog. BCL further observed that Goodall had made some rather bigoted comments about African-Canadians while we couldn't help notice his shout-out to Kyle McKee's Blood & Honour out of Calgary suggesting they were classier than the Calgary Police.

Oddly, Goodall didn't seem to appreciate our observations.

An examination of Goodall's blog quickly indicates the sort of person he is. Anti-immigrant, anti-Jew, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Black.

And now he wants to be an Oshawa city councilor:

Friday, August 08, 2014

Guest Blogger: Why Racism and Misogyny Go Hand-in-Hand

While many well-intentioned people are concerned about both racism and misogyny, not all are aware that the two are frequently connected. It’s noteworthy that many racists, particularly white supremacists such as Ontario’s shame, Tomasz Winnicki, also display misogynistic traits. As documented previously, Winnicki’s comments about women’s “place” in the world are as disturbing as his white supremacist screeds. It’s not just Winnicki, of course. Despite two centuries of real progress, both racism and misogyny still weave an ugly thread throughout all aspects of modern life. Though arguably under control in the workplace, at least in developed nations such as Canada and the U.S., misogyny and racism pop up in sometimes shocking, newsworthy ways in politics, education, the entertainment world, and of course sports.

In the U.S. in spring of 2014, for instance, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was taken to task for a blatantly racist remark he made to his (now-ex) girlfriend. But as one observer pointed out on the site, the event was not unique in the sports world, and racism wasn’t the only issue. Wrote Travis Waldron in April 2014, “That’s not to say the racism present in Sterling’s words and history should take a backseat to the sexism that’s there too. But both issues need to be addressed, because the structural problems that allowed Racist Donald Sterling to remain in power aren’t much different from the forces that helped Sexist Donald Sterling stay there too…” Of course Canadian sports are not immune to sexism either, as the Don Cherry incident showed in 2013.

It could be argued that these incidents are mild compared to the vitriol regularly spewed by Winnicki and his ilk. Moreover, whether all instances of sexism can rightfully be called misogyny is a matter for debate, though it is reasonable to say that in a society that embraces egalitarian ideals, sexism at best is a mild form of misogyny. In any case, misogyny and racism are often intimately related. (For example, Elliot Rodger, the infamous Santa Barbara, California shooter, had a history of posting both racist and misogynist screeds on online forums.) Here are three factors that link racism and misogyny and may help shed some light on why so many racists are also misogynists.

1.     An exaggerated fear of “the other.” In her classic book The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir framed sexism as men’s objectification of women, their definition of women as “the other.” She argued that the very concept of “woman” is a male construct: “woman is always ‘other’ because the male is the ‘seer’: he is the subject and she the object.” In other words, men are the default gender – “the” sex – and women are “the other” sex. Racism works in much the same way; in the eyes of racists, everyone who doesn’t belong to their race is “the other.” To some extent all humans have a fear or mistrust of those who are “different” in some way. In racist/sexists, however, the fear is greatly exaggerated for a variety of reasons, some of which have to do with innate personality traits (see next item) and some of which are related to family, religious, cultural, or historical influences.
2.     Belief in authoritarianism and hierarchies. According to a 2011 study at the University of the Basque Country in Spain that found a personality link between sexism and racism, sexist/racist people are those who are more likely than most people to approve of strict hierarchies. Study researcher and psychologist Maite Garaigordobil said, “Sexism is linked to authoritarianism and a leaning towards social dominance. In other words, sexist people accept hierarchies and social inequality…they believe that different social groups have a status that they deserve, and they feel that the social class to which they belong is the best.”
3.     Distorted self-image. One might be tempted to assume that racists/sexists display obvious signs of low self-esteem, since low-self esteem can cause people to act more aggressively and to attempt or at least desire dominance. But the Spanish study cited above found almost no relationship between obvious low self-esteem and anti-egalitarian attitudes. Even so, their type of sexism did influence how the sexist people saw themselves, the researchers reported. Study researcher Garaigordobil said, “Men with higher levels of hostile sexism describe themselves using adjectives associated with masculinity, i.e. physically strong, brave, sure of themselves, determined, admirable, etc. Women who display hostile sexism described themselves using characteristics that go against femininity, such as not very cooperative, not very tolerant, not very compassionate and not very sensitive or sentimental.” For the purpose of the study, “hostile sexism” was defined as a dislike of women, whereas benevolent sexism described the view that women are weak and in need of male protection. Study subjects of both genders who scored highly in benevolent sexism described themselves using adjectives associated with femininity, such as “warm” or “friendly.” The point is that even though the misogynists of both genders (and yes, there are female misogynists) didn’t seem – at least on the surface – to have low self-esteem, nevertheless they almost certainly harbored a distorted self-image. One has to wonder how these sexist subjects’ friends and colleagues viewed them, but apparently that wasn’t part of the Spanish study.

If racists are often sexists, conversely many (though not all) people who have historically fought against racism have also been feminists. The abolitionist movement of the nineteenth century gave rise to the first wave of feminism, which focused on basic issues such as women’s right to vote. And in the mid twentieth century the civil rights movement helped spawn the so-called second wave of feminism, which fostered major progress in gender equality.

Unfortunately there will probably always be individuals and organized groups who harbor an irrational hatred for a given group of people – non-whites, women, LGBT people, or people of a given religious faith. But as long as there are those who battle such hatred, there is hope for human progress.


Daphne Holmes contributed this guest post. She is a writer from and you can reach her at

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Beattie and Brosky Endorsed by Andrews and Bob Smith

Ugh. We should have known that Bob Smith, another of Don Andrews' Android followers and a perennial candidate himself, would be running in the Toronto municipal election. Smith is running on Ward 31 on an explicitly racist platform which, no doubt, will be wildly successful in a multiethnic and relatively progressive city like Toronto. But being the selfless fella that he is, he also gives a shout-out to his fellow racist candidates:


Normally, one would think such a characterization as a "racist candidate" would be a label that said candidate would vigorously reject. It's sort of the kiss of death in electoral politics.

But then there's John Beattie who apparently believes that any publicity (including that provided by us) is good publicity:

Come this September, he might not feel the same way.

We leave our readers to ponder this last statement while looking at photos of John Beattie leading members of the Canadian Nazi Party in a march in Allen Gardens, an organization he now claims never existed.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part VI (Greatest Email Exchange Ever!!!)

You know, there are times when we have to wonder what good karma we have amassed for fortune to fall into our laps.

Ladies and gentlemen, might we introduce you to the newest member of the Southern Ontario "Skinheads", Jeremy Crawford:

We should at this point provide a little background. Crawford actually contacted us in May thinking that either we were the SOS or that we could hook him up with the SOS:
my name is jeremy crawford when u here the name u say skinhead thats feared and well respected im friends with brodie walsh anyways i lead small skinhead groups in london and sarnia ive been through thick and thin being a skinhead but i always come out on top because were more intelligent than the others [emphasis ours] i want in im 32 and i want in i want a group to call my family that i can trust with my life im 220 pds and covered in white power tattooes covered. im the poster child for skinheads im purebred german blonde hair blue eyes etc please get back to me. WPWW
Jeremy Crawford 32 220 pds pure german and life long skinhead i want in i have ran little clicks and iam well respected i want in the southren ont skins get back to me at ************ or ************ get ahold of me please i would be an incredible asset to the group and i know brodie walsh
This in and of itself wasn't actually a surprise. It actually isn't all that uncommon for ARC to receive messages from boneheads who are either functionally illiterate or who neglect to actually read our stories (or the rather large Anti-Racist Canada banner) and who believe we are a racist group. So it was with Jeremy Crawford. As he also provided his email, we decided that we would get in touch with him to see if we could extend this little dialogue. However, we didn't hear back from Crawford so we published an article making fun of him for contacting an anti-racist organization to request membership in a racist organization.

We knew this would likely result in the SOS reaching out to Crawford, an assumption that soon proved correct:

Later, on June 28, Walsh posted a follow-up on his wall:

That, we figured, would be the nail in the coffin. No chance that Crawford would reply to our email.

Then, on July 4 (which ironically turned out to be Crawford's birthday) we received this: